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How Many Balls Are in a Box of Golf Balls?

Golf Balls are a necessity. Therefore, knowing how many balls in a box of golf balls is essential. 

We have to buy them to play the game, but keeping enough golf balls for a complete round can get very expensive.

A common question among players is how many balls are in a box and if there are enough to last the entire game of golf.

We provide all the information you require to decide how many golf balls to purchase and even offer advice on where to find the greatest prices.

How Many Balls Are In A Box Of Golf Balls
how many balls are in a box of golf balls

What Is A Sleeve For Golf Balls?

Since a sleeve is a tiny box of golf balls, it’s a great option for people who want to sample a certain brand without committing to a dozen purchases. Remember that you will spend more for a smaller amount of golf balls.

How Many Golf Balls Come In A Sleeve?

This question has multiple acceptable answers, making it difficult to answer. However, sleeves typically hold three golf balls.

Although some golf ball manufacturers still sell sleeves that hold four balls, those have become increasingly hard to find. Callaway even sold their Rule 35 golf balls in sets of five a number of years ago.

We recommend against using sleeves and purchasing golf balls by the box or the case to save money. Purchasing golf balls in large quantities can result in significant cost savings.

How Many Golf Balls Are In A Box?

A box usually holds twelve golf balls. As regards the sleeves, there are a few exceptions to this generalization. For instance, rather than being sold in a box of 12, Wilson Ultra 500 Straight golf balls are now packaged in 15.

The TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft golf balls are an additional illustration; they are also commonly offered in boxes of 15. Additionally, Pinnacle offers a good number of its designs in boxes of 15.

Most golf ball boxes have dimensions of 6 inches wide by 7 inches long by 2 inches deep. The box’s total shipping weight is around 1.5 pounds, assuming it holds the recommended 12 golf balls. 

Each box contains four golf ball sleeves, each accommodating three balls. Although this isn’t the only method golf balls are sold, it has been for a while.

It’s helpful to know how much golf balls cost and how many are typically included in a package, whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else.

Is It Necessary To Buy Golf Balls In A Box?

Not every set of golf balls comes in a box.

Many more choices are available for golf balls, despite the misconception held by most players that the only way to buy them is in a box of twelve.

Let’s examine a few of the methods available for buying golf balls. Other options may be available besides purchasing a box of 12 golf balls.

1. 12-PACK

  • The most common way to buy golf balls is in a 12-ball box.
  • These golf balls typically cost between $20 and $55 per dozen.
  • The most costly golf balls are the higher-quality four- and five-piece models.
  • Distance golf balls for beginners are less expensive, a dozen costing about $20.


  • There are four ball sleeves in every box of twelve golf balls.
  • There are three golf balls inside each of these sleeves.
  • You can buy a golf ball sleeve containing three balls from many golf shops, including some internet retailers.
  • A lot of players can complete a round using just one golf ball.
  • The sleeve is an excellent option if you play a lot of singles golf because you’ll have two extras if you lose your first or find a flaw in the ball.
  • The golf ball sleeve is very helpful when you’re looking to try out a new golf ball.

At least you won’t be left with 11 additional balls if you decide to buy a new one and don’t like how it feels or works right out of the box. To obtain a package of 12 golf balls with some performance variation, some golf shops let you mix and match the sleeves of balls that are priced similarly.

3.  15-PACK BOX

  • The 15-pack of golf balls may be offered by golf ball manufacturers that are attempting to market to players who frequently misplace their balls.
  • It’s one more sleeve of balls in the 15-pack.
  • This should be sufficient to last you through a good number of rounds of golf.
  • Most high-end golf balls available aren’t packaged in 15-packs because doing so would make them somewhat more costly and unlikely to be purchased by the typical golfer.

4. 20-PACK

  • Occasionally, a brand like Pinnacle or TopFlite may sell twenty packs.
  • Although it doesn’t happen often, the golf balls are usually priced reasonably.
  • Once more, you may buy value golf balls this way, ensuring you have enough supply if you misplace any while out on the course.
  • Beginners frequently purchase this kind of item to assist them in getting through the early stages when dropping golf balls is typical.
  • These aren’t premium balls with a ton of feel and spin on the greens.


  • You can buy a case of golf balls containing six dozen balls from certain golf manufacturers.
  • Usually, you do this when you buy golf balls imprinted with a unique logo or initials.
  • There are instances when buying a case of golf balls will result in a cheaper price per dozen.
  • These kinds of golf equipment cases will cost well over $100.


  • Also, golfers can occasionally discover golf balls in a sizable bag or crate.
  • These are typically reconditioned or used golf balls that someone found and is offering to you at a lower price.
  • These golf balls aren’t in their original packaging because they were discovered on the course.
  • This type of golf ball might affect the overall distance or spin you get from your shots, and you normally won’t know what you are receiving when you buy it.
  • Remember that if you want to get the most out of your performance.
  • The additional cash used on golf balls might have been a wise investment.
Is It Necessary To Buy Golf Balls In A Box Look For Numbers
is it necessary to buy golf balls in a box look for numbers

How Many Golf Balls In A Case?

Although most golfers purchase their balls by the box, purchasing a full case could result in even greater savings. The majority of cases contain six boxes, each holding twelve balls. A quick calculation indicates that a case contains 72 golf balls.

In November and December, most golf ball manufacturers offer some really good bulk discounts to entice customers to stock up on golf balls for use as Christmas presents. Some websites offer Callaway Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X golf balls at a discounted price in May.

That’s a fantastic way to save money and stock up for the remainder of the season!

What Is A One-Ball Box?

Sometimes a box of golf balls with one ball inside is sold. Although it’s not as prevalent, It’s ideal for marketing. 

Golf balls are a common giveaway or marketing tool used by businesses. Packing each golf ball separately is one of the most economical ways to accomplish this.

Once this is finished, a logo or tagline supporting the company’s representation can be added to the golf ball and box. It’s difficult to obtain a single golf ball like this for purchase.

Nevertheless, you might see this as one of the handouts or prizes the next time you attend a golf trip.

How Much Do Golf Balls Cost?

The price of golf balls varies, like with other things. Golf balls cost anywhere from $1 to $5 per ball. Numerous variables affect the total cost, including brand, quality, and quantity.

If you’re just starting and need an inexpensive long-distance golf ball, the Nitro Crossfires are available for about $0.56 per piece when purchased in bulk. However, more experienced players could find investing in a high-end ball like the $4.16 Titleist Pro V1 advantageous. There is a significant pricing disparity.

Why does the Titleist ProV1 have a price tag that is much more than the Crossfire?

To begin with, Titleists can charge extra for their products because it is the most well-known brand among PGA Tour players. Nitro can’t charge more for their items because they aren’t nearly as well-known. Furthermore, Titleist needs to recover the enormous expenditures it incurs every year for pricey advertisements.

Let’s now talk about the general composition of every golf ball. The Titleist Pro V1 comprises three components, whereas the Nitro Crossfire is mainly made up of two. To maintain a sufficient profit margin, Titleist must raise its prices and spend more on raw materials.

Lastly, the Titleist ProV1 costs extra as it’s a better golf ball. Because it provides great greenside control, experts and single-digit handicappers find it quite appealing. Few golfers have ever voiced dissatisfaction regarding the quality of a ProV1.

Are Recycled Golf Balls Worth Buying? 

This is another difficult topic to answer since it depends on whom you ask and their experience with old and/or reconditioned golf balls. Some people will vouch that they cannot distinguish between a brand-new and refurbished golf ball. Some golfers will only ever use brand-new balls in their game.

If you do want to utilize used golf balls, attempt to limit your selection to those with an A (Mint) or AAAA (Near Mint) quality. Only a small quantity of utilization is indicated by these two ratings. Some people are also concerned about the colors of golf balls in playing. Check out our article on What Color Golf Ball Is Easiest To See for more information.

Final Thoughts 

Well, there you have the answer to how many balls in a box of golf balls. Hopefully, you can see that although a box of golf balls usually contains 12, this quantity can vary based on how you buy the balls.

Ensure you are informed of your options if you plan to buy golf balls soon, as there are alternatives to the 12-ball package.

To get the best value on golf balls that will best suit your game, keep an open mind and your options open.


How many balls in a Titleist box?

Twelve golf balls

Each comes in a retail-style box with 12 golf balls inside and the logo printed. Many players consider Titleist golf balls to be of the highest quality and are a popular choice among them.

How many golf balls fit in a basket?

Choose your preferred size and start practicing with this tried-and-true style and functionality! Driving range baskets can accommodate roughly: Calculated Ball Quantity: X-Large: 150-200 balls, Utility: 300-400 balls, Small: 40-45 balls, Medium: 70-75 balls, and X-Small: 25-30 balls.

How many golf balls fit in an airplane?

The volume of a golf ball is 2.5 inches cubed. A 747’s typical site volume is 63,160,000 cubic inches. With abundant time on your hands and an impeccable packing job, the plane could hold 46,738,400 cubic inches or 18,695,360 golf balls.

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