How Many Golf Balls Should I Bring For 18 Holes | Guide 2024

Running out of golf balls to hit on the course? No matter how many times you calculate the numbers you still end up losing golf balls? Well, not to worry my friend, if you’re wondering how many golf balls should I bring for 18 holes then you’re not alone. 

All the average golfers have one thing to worry about; losing their expensive golf balls on the course. Although it’s no hassle for a professional it’s essential to learn how many balls you need for a game to ensure you don’t end up hurting your finances by consistently buying golf balls repeatedly. 

How Many Golf Balls Should I Bring For a 18 Holes

How Many Golf Balls Should I Bring For 18 Holes?

For a round of eighteen holes, the majority of amateur golfers will be okay with carrying nine golf balls. It’s okay for some people to want to carry a dozen balls in their bag, but it’s rarely required. Bring extra golf balls if the course you are playing on has a lot of thick rough, narrow fairways, or water hazards all over the place.

Most golfers use an excess of golf balls inside their bags when they play games of golf. The overall weight of your bag can vary significantly depending on which of these golf balls are in play. Carrying all of this extra gear makes you less competitive if you are strolling the golf course.

Since they are aware that they rarely lose a ball when playing golf, some lower handicap players will probably just carry a small number of balls in their bag. 

Here are some additional things you should be aware of regarding what should go in your golf bag, the lifespan of a golf ball, and how to make sure you are ready for every game of golf you play.

How Many Golf Balls Do Professionals Carry? 

If you haven’t noticed before, pros carry around extremely large golf bags. These athletes are paid a lot of money to promote themselves, and they also own a lot of gear. Golfers typically like to carry between six and twelve golf balls in their bags.

While some golfers may regard it from a superstitious perspective, this is more a matter of personal preference, but for the majority of professional players, nine is quite typical. It is quite uncommon for a professional to lose a golf ball throughout a round.

But it goes beyond simply misplacing golf balls. Professional golfers swing their clubs at very fast speeds, so there’s a good chance the ball may chip or shatter and they’ll have to buy a new one.

Does every Recreational Golfer Need New Balls? 

You have likely seen numerous ads for reconditioned golf balls. Additional golfers probably discovered these balls, which were subsequently purchased by a company that would clean and resell them. 

You can occasionally purchase the golf balls by the dozen, and they will be provided at a very reasonable cost.

Any golf ball can be used by recreational players who are just starting or who only wish to play once a month. It makes sense to give something like a refurbished model, which is quick to launch and performs well a try.

When competing in a tournament or on the PGA tour, golfers need to be far more careful when choosing their golf balls. Mastering the art of hooking a golf ball? Check out our tips on how to hook a golf ball for a comprehensive approach to refining your swing technique.

Things To Consider Before Deciding The Numbers Of Your Golf Balls

When determining the quantity of golf balls to pack, keep the following points in mind.

  • Tournament/Casual Play: 

When participating in a tournament, golfers will usually be subject to the one-ball rule. The one-ball rule makes sure that players utilize the same golf ball the entire time they are playing.

A player is limited to using a single brand and model from the beginning of their round to the end while using the one-ball rule.

Occasionally a golf ball will get lost and need to be replaced; nevertheless, this occurs with the same kind of ball.

In essence, you will have fulfilled the one-ball rule in golf if you start the round with a Titleist Pro V1 and end it with one as well. This regulation was put in place to make sure that players weren’t using different technologies on different holes to gain an unfair advantage.

It’s critical to have the appropriate quantity and kind of golf balls in your bag when playing in a competition. The one-ball rule may be not applicable during casual play, therefore the player is free to utilize whichever equipment they are most comfortable with.

Keep in mind that you won’t need more than twelve golf balls for either casual play or a tournament.

  • Walking Or Riding: 

You have to be mindful of your golf bag’s weight when strolling about the course.

A heavier golf bag will be more difficult to handle and may wear out a golfer. While strolling around a golf course is an excellent kind of exercise, packing your golf bag full of balls needlessly adds to the strain on your body.

It may feel a little unusual to ride the course. You probably won’t have to worry too much about the bag’s weight because the cart makes moving around easier.

Furthermore, the 40 extra golf balls you possess are probably not worth it as you will still need to lift clubs into and out of your car. The majority of golfers carry too many balls, which causes problems that could have been avoided.

Whenever you decide how many golf balls to pack in your bag, always take your strategy for navigating the course into account.

Golf Course Difficulty: 

You will probably need to carry more golf balls in your bag on a more challenging course.

You are more likely to lose your golf ball on a course with a lot of water hazards or fairways that are bordered by trees. In this scenario, it might be a good idea to use eight or 10 of the golf balls in your bag.

Around five golf balls throughout your bag should be plenty if you are playing your usual home course and you haven’t even lost a ball in the few times you’ve gone out to play.

When a player is playing a game of golf for the first time, they typically lose balls more quickly.

There may be moments when you are unsure of the best direction to strike the ball, leaving a few extra balls in the trees.

Skill Level: 

You have to take into account not just the course’s difficulty but also your own playing ability. Your odds of playing the same ball the entire round are higher the more experienced you are as a golfer.

The majority of golfers with average or higher handicaps who lose balls do so because they can’t hit the ball straight. You will lose a good number of extra golf balls if you are unable to hit the ball straight.

Slicing the ball is usually a strategy used by players to lose a few balls every round. You need to carry fewer golf balls in your bag the lower your handicap is.

The skill level matters for higher handicappers, and some novices might discover that it’s not a terrible idea to bring a dozen golf balls with them when they hit the course.

Should I Take Out Old Golf Balls? 

After a round of golf, how often have you taken the ball and tossed it into the golf bag’s rear pocket?

Golfers usually do this, and the ball remains there for several weeks or even months.

When a round is over, there are a few things to think about, including where to store your golf ball.

The initial thing to do is evaluate the golf ball’s condition and if it makes sense to use it again.

There are many of circumstances in which you can play four, five, or even six rounds of golf with the same golf ball.

Place the golf ball in the designated area of your bag where you store golf balls that can be recycled if it is still good enough to play.

A golf ball may occasionally sustain a cut, though, if it hits a sand trap or simply bounces along a cart road.

It isn’t appropriate to utilize the ball for another game of golf if this is the case.

It would be more sensible to practice with this golf ball instead. Next time you’re searching for something to do on the weekends around your house, set up a small space where you may practice chipping.

This can be accomplished in extremely small spaces with the many nets and mats available on the market. Using these old golf balls as practice balls in your yard is the best course of action.

It makes no sense to carry them around in the golf bag and accumulate a sizable collection of worn balls that will do nothing to improve your game.

What Is The One-Ball Rule & Why Do You Need It?

The one-ball rule, which stipulates that a player must use the same ball from the moment they tee off until the end of their round, is an optional requirement that the USGA may impose. You will, of course, occasionally lose golf balls during your round; however, you will always need to replace them with ones of the same kind.

Assume you use a Pro V1 golf ball when you tee off. If, during a round, you hit a ball beyond bounds and are unable to retrieve it, you must continue to use a Pro V1 as your temporary golf ball. Of course, this is crucial while competing in a tournament.

The majority of golf balls now have quite extreme technological distinctions, which is why the one-ball rule is in place. There are noticeable variations in spin and distance performance, and the typical player would benefit from being able to switch this technology from one hole to the next.

Rather, this rule ensures fairness, but it means you might need to carry a few extra balls than you previously anticipated.

How Long Does A Golf Ball Last?

Another problem that some golfers face is that they never know when to give up control of the ball. If you are a frequent loser when it comes to golf, you can have hundreds or even thousands of balls in your bag from just one round.

In essence, you can go at least 6 or 7 rounds with a single ball before having to replace it. While some players may find it more convenient, starting with a fresh ball is not one of the absurd rules. This considers that you won’t drop a single ball and that you haven’t struck any trees, cart paths, or other things on the previous hole that would have harmed the ball.

Depending on how many holes you played, you ought to go through your golf bag and thoroughly clean your ball supply once a month. You should clean your clubs, check your bag, check the outer layer of the golf ball you are carrying around for scratches, and prepare your bag for the upcoming month during this one time.

Your bag will likely include many more golf balls than nine, which will add unnecessary weight to your load. Remove the extras and offer them to your children to play a game of round one or use them as practice balls. Choosing the right golf balls is crucial. Explore what is a soft golf ball and its impact on your game. Soft golf balls can enhance your ability to control shots and achieve the desired results.

Additional Things You Need For 18 Holes

You might be wondering what else you need for an 18-hole round now that you’ve determined how many golf balls you should bring.

You likely have unnecessary extra equipment in your golf bag.

But there are also some essential add-ons and equipment that are difficult to live without.

Essentials for How Many Golf Balls Should I Bring For 18 Holes

These are the essentials that every golfer should pack for a round of 18 holes.


For a fantastic round of golf, most golfers need to carry between ten and fourteen clubs in their bag. To guarantee a range of golf strokes, the clubs should be a combination of irons and woods.

Although selecting the ideal set of golf clubs is not difficult, golfers should take their time and set it up. Loft gapping on contemporary sets requires some equipment knowledge.


For the whole 18 holes, golfers will need to carry a few tees. Tees are reusable and ought to be.

The majority of golfers carry two sets of tees, one for their driver and another for shorter holes when they hit an iron off the tee.


Golf clubs are intended to be shielded from potential harm on the course by headcovers. Your drivers, wood, and hybrid vehicles must have headcovers.

It makes sense to safeguard your expensive golf clubs if you invest in high-end technology and performance.


Even in ideal conditions, the towel is indispensable. One of the biggest advantages of the golf towel is its ability to keep your hands clean and dry along with your golf gear.

Microfiber or cotton-based golf towels tend to last longer.

Ball Marker: 

You can mark your ball on a putting green, pick it up, and put it back in the exact area with the help of a ball marker.

Usually thin and flat, golf ball markers are designed to avoid distracting other players.

Repair Tool: 

Players can repair their pitch marks on the green with a divot repair tool.

Players may swiftly correct divots and make sure there are no long-term problems on a putting green by using a divot repair tool.

A divot mark on the green will heal more quickly and improve the playing conditions for all players the sooner you fix it.

The assortment of gear you carry in your bag should improve your game and contribute to maintaining the top-notch state of the golf course.

Essentials for How Many Golf Balls Should I Bring For 18 Holes

Final Thoughts 

Well, there you have it a comprehensive guide on how many golf balls should I bring for 18 holes. We made sure to give you as much information we could get our hands on. 

By following the On-ball rule, you can get an idea about what to expect and how to calculate the total number of golf balls you need to have in your bag. 


How many golf balls does a golfer need?

However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s not the best idea to play a round with fewer than three golf balls. Indeed, there are going to be days when you hit every green and every fairway. However, occasionally carrying three to four extra balls in your bag acts as a subliminal safety net.

How many golf balls do you need for 9 holes?

For a 9-hole tournament, you should aim to carry between 9 and 12 balls in your bag. This gives you some additional balls in case you misplace any while playing the game. Having a few extra balls on hand is usually preferable to running out of them during the competition.

How many balls can you use in a round of golf?

As long as players follow the One Ball Rule—which stipulates that all balls in a bag must be from the same manufacturer and model—there is no upper limit to the number of balls they can carry in their bags. Every time he played a hole, Rich Beem would get a fresh ball. According to Ernie Els, each ball had just one birdie.

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