How To Hit Golf Ball Higher | Best 6 Techniques 2024

You can reach new levels in your game by paying close attention to your stance, grip, club choice, and launch angle. We will also discuss how important it is to practice with various trajectories, effectively transfer your weight, and incorporate a sweeping motion.

Increasing your flexibility and fitness, learning to swing steadily, and getting expert advice are all essential to achieving your objective. These pointers and techniques will therefore give you the advantage to hit the ball higher and play your most fantastic game ever, regardless of your level of expertise or skill level.

Now let’s get going!

How To Hit a Golf Ball Higher

The Importance of Proper Stance and Grip

You must perfect your stance and grip to hit the golf ball farther. Even though it might seem obvious, your posture and grip when holding the club can significantly impact your trajectory.

Now let’s discuss how important it is to adopt the correct stance and grip.

Let’s discuss your stance first. You must modify how your body is positioned to hit the ball higher. To create a more sturdy basis, begin by slightly expanding your stance. Next, ensure that both of your feet are bearing weight equally. This will assist you in keeping your equilibrium as you swing. Lastly, slant your spine slightly away from the object of interest. By doing this, the clubface’s loft will rise, enabling a higher ball flight.

Let’s now discuss the grip. Having the proper grip is essential for producing force and control. Use a slightly firmer grip on the club to hit the ball higher. For right-handed golfers, this entails slightly rotating both hands to the right. Using a more rigid grip, you can square the clubface at impact and launch higher.

Recall that practice makes perfect. Take time to practice different grips and stances on the driving range until you discover what feels most comfortable. If you adopt the proper stance and grip, you may quickly send the golf ball skyrocketing through the air.

Tips On How To Hit Golf Ball Higher For Golfers

These are some pointers on how to hit golf ball higher.

1. Correct alignment of the posture

Bending forward from the hips so that the palms of your hands can hang below your head and your chest is over your toes is a critical component of proper golf posture, especially for ladies. In order to counteract our centers of gravity, this posture centers your weight toward your toes. You should be able to verify that your weight is forward enough for the club to touch the ground by tapping your heels.

2. A straight trail arm

During a proper backswing, your trailing elbow will fold to generate and conserve power. This trail elbow has to extend and extend downward as though you were tossing a ball to the ground. This elongation and straightening will enable the club to reach the turn. Even though it can feel challenging at times, it is essential.

3. Position your lofted clubs in the center of your bag.

You will be able to choose between hybrids, more lofted fairway woods, and lower-numbered irons in the middle of your bag. Instead of using a 5 iron or 5 hybrids, consider adding an 11 wood if you have trouble hitting the ball high enough. Or go with a 9 wood rather than a 4 hybrid. These clubs may be out of the ordinary, but they will improve your game if you have trouble hitting the ball high.

4. Lofted clubs will appear unlocked.

Because of their architecture, these loftier club options could appear more open to those who are not accustomed to them. There are markings on the grip of your golf clubs that indicate when the club is appropriately resting on its bottom. This is the club’s actual loft, even though it can appear different at the address. It will aid in producing high-lofted shots.

5. Position of the forward ball

This is a proper setup when the ball is in front, in step with the lead foot, and the shoulders are slanted away from the target. Better square contact and a higher launch will result from this upward tilt in the shoulders while making direct contact with the ball’s back.

6. Obtain a fitting

An appropriately fitted driver with sufficient loft to launch the ball can make all the difference in the world. Since we mistakenly believed that a ball with a lower flight would roll more and travel farther, we have come a long way. A high-trajectory driver is what I prefer to use for launches in most situations.

Practice these techniques and learn how to hit golf ball higher.

Tips On How To Hit Golf Ball Higher For Golfers

How Improving Your Fitness and Flexibility Can Help Performance 

Your results on the golf course can be significantly improved by increasing your flexibility and level of fitness. Concentrating on these areas can get more power, control, and consistency in your play.

Whenever it involves hitting the ball higher, flexibility is essential. A complete and fluent swing results in increased distance and improved ball flight; this is made possible by having a good range of motion in your shoulders, hips, and spine. Shoulder and hip rotations are two stretching exercises you may include in your practice to assist in boosting your flexibility and swing speed.

Increasing your strength is also necessary to get the ball to fly higher. Frequent strength training activities can help you become more powerful and stable on the course. Examples of these exercises are lunges, squats, and core workouts. Remember that you may exert greater force through the ball the more robust your muscles are.

Your golf game can benefit from increased cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength. A robust cardiovascular system helps you stay focused and sustain your energy levels during the round, improving your ability to make shots and decisions.

Enhance your knowledge on compression by learning how to compress the golf ball. Complementing your skills to hit the ball higher, understanding compression can take your golf game to the next level.

Overall, investing time and effort into improving your fitness and flexibility will pay off on the golf course. Not only will you see an improvement in your ball flight and distance, but you will also enhance your overall performance and enjoyment of the game. So, get moving and start working on your fitness and flexibility today!

Seeking Professional Guidance and Feedback

If you want to learn how to hit golf ball higher, consider getting expert advice and criticism to improve your skills and acquire insightful knowledge on the golf course.

Engaging with a golf professional can offer you specialized training and knowledgeable guidance for your requirements. They may assist you with pinpointing your areas of weakness and creating a personalized strategy to raise your golf ball striking.

A qualified golfer can evaluate your swing mechanics and offer you insightful critiques on your style. To find out what needs to be adjusted, they might examine your clubface position, angle of attack, and swing speed. Additionally, they might assist you in honing a steady swing that produces more significant lift and power.

An expert in golf swing analysis can also advise on equipment choices. They can suggest clubs that maximize your ball flight by having the proper shaft flex and loft. They can also assist you in realizing the significance of grip size and club fitting to guarantee that you have the equipment necessary for success.

Building confidence and motivation is as important as instruction when working with a golf professional. They might offer you support and encouragement as you strive for your objectives. They can also assist you in creating a practice schedule and establishing reasonable goals for your advancement.


In conclusion, following these tips and techniques can improve your ability on how to hit golf ball higher.

To produce power and control, remember that your posture and grip are essential.

You can attain the appropriate height by modifying your chosen clubs and becoming proficient with the launch angle.

You can improve your skills by adding a sweeping motion, correctly transferring your weight, and practicing with various trajectories.

Remember to increase your flexibility and fitness as well as your swing tempo.

And lastly, getting expert advice and criticism can guarantee that you keep improving and accomplishing your objectives on the golf course.


How do I improve my golf swing technique?

Focus on your grip, stance, and weight transfer to improve your golf swing technique. Practice proper body rotation and swing tempo. Work on your timing and follow-through. Consistent practice and professional instruction can help you achieve better results.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when How To Hit Golf Ball Higher?

To hit the golf ball higher, avoid common mistakes like trying to scoop the ball into the air, using a closed clubface, and not generating enough clubhead speed. Focus on a solid ball contact and a proper swing plane.

How can I increase my clubhead speed?

To increase your clubhead speed, focus on your swing mechanics and building strength and flexibility in your body. Work on your timing, rotation, and wrist hinge, and incorporate exercises that target your core, legs, and arms.

Are there any specific drills or exercises I can do to improve my golf ball trajectory?

To improve your golf ball trajectory, try practicing the “tee drill” where you hit balls off a high tee. Additionally, focus on your swing speed and angle of attack to generate more lift and distance.

What are some tips for improving my overall golf fitness and flexibility?

To improve your overall golf fitness and flexibility, focus on exercises that target your core muscles, such as planks and rotational movements. Incorporate stretching routines to increase your flexibility, especially in your hips and shoulders.

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