Top Reasons Why Golf is the Best Sport | 2023 Expert Opinion

For Top Golf Advisor, golf is more than a game; It’s the base of our actions, and we can’t help but feel proud of claiming it worldwidely as why Golf is the Best Sport?

However, we understand that nothing goes on top without facts and figures. Therefore, today we’ve come prepared with a list of reasons to change the mind of anyone who thinks otherwise and tell them why is golf so special?. 

We’ll list down all the reasons we believe golf should be considered the best sport in the world, and we welcome you all through the ride. It will be a fun, truth-based blog, so buckle up and start. 

Why Golf is the Best Sport

Why Golf is the Best Sport?

Every day, arguments over which sport is the best occur worldwide, with everyone believing their mark is the best. Finally, it comes down to personal preference. Moreover, It’s all about golf and the mental stimulation we get when playing after going for a good 2 hours. 

Far more than this, we’ve got an endless amount of jitters thanks to an outdoor breeze that (In many cases) helps swing the ball in our favor. However, real reasons stretch far out from nature’s boundaries. 

Reasons Why Golf is the Best Sport?

Discipline & Etiquettes

Golf is famous for its unwritten rules, such as a 

  • never cross your putting partners’ lines when you’re playing
  • Leaving each round with a handshake
  • how everyone in the group works together to find missing balls.

The sport promotes respect and decency, and as golfers, we should be very proud of this. More to it, we have an entire blog dedicated to only the golf etiquette part of the game that you should check out. 

Various Playing Formats to Try

Medal, Stableford, Texas scramble, foursomes, greensomes, and so on are all options. Because there are countless ways to score and enjoy golf, it never gets boring. 

Another significant aspect is if you master all types of golf formats, you can become one of the most prominent players on the course and leverage your chance at a professional career. 


In many parts of the world, people consider gambling a great sport. In such a comparison, our little passion quickly falls behind closed eyes. Golf is a versatile sport, and that’s why we enjoy it. You may play with up to three pals at once or four if you feel courageous. The happy mood, however, endures throughout all phases.

One can quickly eat Or Drink While Playing

It’s hard for us not to stress the overlapping benefits of our favorite sport, but we can’t help but gush over the fact that golfers are free to eat, chat, and drink around while they swing their hits or wait to try their putting. 

You can walk down the course eating anything from a banana to the leftovers from last night’s dinner in a Tupperware container. What other sport allows you to do this? Football? Nope, Cricket? Nope, Basketball? Not! Golf? Yesss! 

Why Golf is The Best Sport; Easy Transportation 

There are several methods for transporting your clubs. Most golfers carry their clubs but can also get transported on a GolfBoard. Moreover, most players (mainly the elderly) get the privilege of going from one spot to another through a golf cart. 

You can also read our blog on how to play 18 holes of golf with a cart to understand the importance of golf carts during the game. 

It’s highly Rewarding. 

Golf can be a gratifying sport. It’s also excruciatingly painful and unbearable, but that only adds to the satisfaction when everything works out, which it does eventually. 

The first time you surpass 90/80, or even 70, is a turning point that justifies all the work.

No Round of Golf is Ever the Same 

If you belong to a local golf club, you’ve probably been asked by non-golfers, If you’re tired of playing the same course repeatedly. The answer, of course, is always no. You can never count on the same weather, company, or golfing experience twice. Every round of golf is unique, so we enjoy and keep returning to it. Hence, proving why golf is the best sport.


While golf is not the most physically demanding sport, many people forget that an average 18-hole round requires golfers to walk over six miles. That includes going up and down hills, on the sand, thick rough, and through various terrains. We all sprinted back to the tee faster than Usain Bolt when we missed our tee shot. 


For those who don’t know, Tiger Woods began playing at two, while the world’s oldest golfer is 103. 

Every club has a senior section as well as a junior section. Golf get enjoyed by people of all ages, which is unheard of in most other sports.

Why Golf is the Best Sport During Covid-19? 

The chances of contracting the virus would be significantly lower if there were no physical contact with others. The game you play against the course is the ultimate battle in golf. Not your fellow passengers or friends. 

Nonetheless, you can golf alone if you prefer, but how enjoyable is that compared to playing with friends? The ability to socialize is what makes golf so appealing. 

Golf is popular among sociable people because of the banter and conversations you can have with your buddies.

Everyone Have Their Golf Equipment 

Contagious diseases are one of the most feared scenarios among people worldwide. Therefore, golf can be an ideal alternative because everyone has equipment and gloves. Hence, minimizing the aspect of physical touch to an extent. 

In addition, golf simulators make it simple for people to practise or play golf with friends and family in the comfort of their own homes. Read more about if golf stimulators are worth it to get a clear picture of why these devices are perfect for Covid-19. 


Nonetheless, sports is a preference, and we have our priorities straight. Although it has its drawbacks as well, the benefits outweigh any negativity. Still everyone wants to know  why golf is the best sport?

Better yet, we’ve been playing golf from the beginning, and only a true golfer can perfectly understand why golf is popular and the passion we share for the sport. 

Therefore, we encourage other beginners and non-golfers to give this game a chance and let themselves indulge in the experience of a lifetime.

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