What to wear golfing in Ireland?

Regardless of where you live, golf is a pleasure to play. The game itself is fun, calming, and offers a peace of mind. Golf is especially celebrated in Ireland because of its Scottish roots. Therefore, knowing what to wear golfing in Ireland is a big deal. 

How do you know If you look the part and have ticked all the boxes on the checklist? Or how to pack the right clothes for the trip? Well, don’t worry we have all the answers you need to easily plan the next trip and enjoy a fun game of your favourite sports without a worry in the world. 

Top Golf Advisor are always fetching new ideas to provide the best level of information to its reader. This blog focuses on the same aspect and promises to deliver the most authentic source. 

What To Wear Golfing In Ireland

Why does the Dresscode Matter?

The golf dresscode has always been a focus of priority for every player. Players must adhere to a dress code and etiquette when playing golf. To maintain the traditions of the game, both new and experienced golfers have followed this rule. Dress codes differ from course to course and from competition to competition.

However, the notion of professionalism and pleasant appearance is still a factor, regardless if you’re in New York or Ireland. Therefore, It’s vital you keep in mind the general idea of golfing attire to follow. 

Also, because golf originated from the Scottish roots, it’s essential to value and respect the rules of the game while you’re in the land. 

 What to wear golfing in Ireland?

First thing to always remember is to check the rule book. Whether you’re in America or Ireland, the essential part is to check the golf course rules and dress code and then plan your golfing attire accordingly. 

Golfing in Ireland can be a dream, thanks to their natural and gorgeous views of landscapes and oceans. Therefore, here’s our take on what to wear for an enjoyable golf experience in Europe. 

  • Shirts 

A golf shirt is an ideal option. A pullover shirt with a collar and short sleeves—you know the type. Golf shirts typically have a greater length than a regular polo shirt to aid in keeping them tucked in even after several swings at the ball. 

Stay away from busy, noisy patterns. Keeping your appearance simple will keep the attention on you rather than your attire.

  • Pants/Trousers/Skorts 

Whatever the weather, linen, khaki, cotton, or wool pants will always look great. Avoid wearing jeans unless you’re sure they’re appropriate. For women, capri pants, a skirt, a skort, or culottes also look great. A skort is a pair of shorts with a panel along the front and back.

  • Shorts 

Nowadays, especially in warm weather, Bermuda-length shorts are suitable almost anywhere. Hence, avoid wearing cutoffs, short shorts, or gym shorts to the course as it displays a bad image and an unserious attitude. 

  • Golf Shoes 

If you have golf shoes, then you’re halfway done. Your best option is to invest in a nice pair of soft-spike golf shoes, since you won’t have any issues wherever you play. 


An excellent pair of sneakers will work in a pinch if you don’t have golf shoes. Wearing heels on your street shoes is not recommended since they might leave a mark on the green and cause a putt to go off-line.

  • Clothes for a Cool Weather 

The weather in Ireland can become a dazzy in a second. Therefore, It’s essential to pack away something that is perfect for all kinds of seasons. Teh options can include a variety of things such as jackets, sweaters, windbreakers, fleecevest, or a scarf. It’ll be a great help when it comes to unpleasant weather conditions in Europe. 

  • Rainy Weather Options 

While a heavy downpour may distract and get you going from the course, there’s no harm in keeping a bunch of handy rainy weather clothes at your disposal. You can get yourself a golf attire that is water resistant and damp-free. Although, the dress code is strict with personality and properness, you need to be able to breathe and comfortably swing the golf club around. 

  • Golf Hat Or Accessories 

Another Impressive addition to the complete attire is the accessorizing aspect. Golfers are allowed to wear accessories that match the dress code ethics. For example a hat is acceptable to complete the look as it showcases sportsmanship. You can also spice up the look with a watch, whatever works best for you. 

Pay Attention to the Clubhouse 

Golfing In Ireland

How you look on the golf course is one thing and how you show up in the club is another. 

Every clubhouse has a different set of rules, and Ireland is no exception. Hence, when in the area, pay attention to their rules and how they carry their names and members, so you don’t end up offending or messing up your look. 

Golf is one fo the only sports that prioritises your appearance. Because more than the game, it focuses on expanding and diluting your social circle and networking ability. 

Hence, looking the part is the key to an impressive first impression. 

How Popular Is Golf In Ireland 

The sport originated from this land and has accumulated massive attention and popularity on a global scale. It’s also one of the most played sports in the country. Some of the best players in the world comes from the land of Ireland. 

To name a few, we have Rory Mcllroy, Padraig Harrington, Graham Mcdowell, Darren Clarke, and the list continues to grow by the minute. We can almost imagine Ireland producing a line of next best golfer as we speak. 

What’s more? Ireland has over 400 golf clubs all over the island. One of them including Ballybunion that Golf Digest ranked as the best golf club in the world. Therefore, you can imagine the pressure of looking the part when you step into a land that started it all.  

What To Pack In Your Golf Bag For the Trip?

The easy list of goods you must include in your golf bag is provided below. Not everything needs to be packed!

  • Of course, bringing all 14 of your golf clubs would be ideal. But leave your 3 or 4 irons at home if you don’t play with them.
  • Rain Gear (jacket and pants).
  • 2 golf balls (at least).
  • For ball markers, a few packs of tees, a few pitch fixes, and coins will do.
  • Pack rain gloves and a thick hat for Ireland or Scotland at any time of year.
  • For all the sunburns and windburns, use aloe vera gel, lip balm, sunscreen, and aftersun.
  • You never know when you might need to carry your own bag, so switch to a lightweight golf bag.
  • Everyone needs a rangefinder to determine how far they should play.

Packing Tips for What to Wear Golfing In Ireland 

I’ve discovered that it’s simple to use zip-bag clothing planners and pack your things into those bags. The zip-bags are a good size for carrying golf shirts and formal shirts, making it simple to organise your clothing in your suitcase. 

Consequently, it is simple to fit the zip bags into your primary travel bag. The packs are also easy to pack into your golf carry on bag for extra clothing and are simple to organise. Golf tour to Scotland and Ireland.

Two pairs of waterproof golf shoes, one rain suit, one or two pairs of golf gloves, and just one pair of rain gloves should be packed in particular. Bring a baseball cap, a bucket hat for the sun, and a rain hat. In order to prevent windburn, it is important to use sunscreen on your face, nose, and any exposed skin. 

It’s not necessary to pack for every situation. Keep your bag light, and ask yourself, “Do I need to take this?” before packing. Before you leave, take sure to empty out your golf bag. 

In particular, you can discover a tonne of items that you don’t need to carry. Examples include having an excessive number of golf tees, divot tools, extra balls, bag tags dangling from the golf bag, etc. Trip to Ireland and Scotland for golf.

Don’t forget additional golf balls, and shop at your neighbourhood golf shop to save money! Finally, invest in a Swiss army knife and keep it in your golf bag. There are countless uses for one. Additionally, if your tour company is any decent, they will provide you a dozen golf balls.

Where can I find Proper Golfing attire?

We all find ourselves in a pickle over certain things one of them can include not having the right golfing clothes or not having the clothes to begin with. In such ordeals, we’ve managed to find authentic sources that offer the best value for money. 

Some of our top pick are:

  • Peter Miller 
  • Holderness & Bourne 
  • Galving Green 
  • Lyle & Scott (Scottish Brand) 
  • Greyson Clothier 

Peter Miller 

Peter Millar, situated in North Carolina, seems to exist forever even though it was only established in 2001. They are now recognised as the leading golf apparel brand, particularly at the pro shops of exclusive clubs and opulent resorts, thanks to their well-made items, stylish aesthetics, and extensive selection.

Holderness & Bourne 

Their product lines are infused with reverence for Golden Age golf courses, and their selection of polo shirts includes designs with names like (Perry) Maxwell ($98) and (C.B.) Macdonald ($98).

Galving Green 

Galvin Green is well-known in Europe for its pricey but virtually indestructible rain gear. They have made significant progress in the U.S. in recent years and have discovered that golfers on this side of the Atlantic are especially great fans of their polos, as seen by a 220% increase in sales in the category in the previous year.

Lyle & Scott (Scottish Brand) 

The most significant golf gear company you’ve never heard of is likely Lyle & Scott. Many of the top golfers in the world were dressed by L&S, which was established in Hawick, Scotland, in 1874. 

the 1970s through the 1990s, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman both wore L&S clothing when competing in major championships. However, as time went on, the brand’s emphasis shifted away from golf and toward becoming a more all-around high-fashion favourite.

Greyson Clothier 

Young golfers like Erik Van Rooyen and Justin Thomas, among others, sport the wolf emblem of this popular New York company on their shirts. 

Superfans can join the pack at various membership levels, which offers unique benefits and the chance to purchase stuff available to members exclusively.

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