Do I Need Tall Golf Clubs For The Best Performance In 2023

Golf is a sport that calls for agility and accuracy, as well as the appropriate tools. The length of the golf clubs is a crucial component of golf equipment. Particularly tall golfers might ask if do I need tall golf clubs for the best performance or if they can help them become better players. 

Moreover, This blog post will examine the variables, such as a golfer’s height, swing mechanics, and personal preferences, that affect whether a golfer needs tall golf clubs. 

We’ll review the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing tall golf clubs and substitutions for players who don’t need them. Readers will have a better idea of whether they need tall sports equipment to enhance their game and how at the end of this article.

Do I Need Tall Golf Clubs? How To Find Out?

Consider your height before purchasing a new batch of club-size sheets. Moreover, several factors must be considered before deciding on the final verdict. However, not everyone knows the right way to figure out their match. Therefore, we have a small list to help you determine the right way. 

Do I Need Tall Golf Clubs For The Best Performance 2023


The simplest explanation for wanting longer golf clubs is that you are taller than average. You will probably require slightly longer clubs if you are taller than 6’0″.

The average golf clubs the manufacturer sells are usually made to assist golfers between 5’7″ and 6’0″. You can almost certainly count on needing longer golf clubs if you are 6’4″ or taller.

The longest clubs available won’t always be the ideal fit for you because, most of the time, you’ll need to get fitted for golf clubs and have them custom-lengthened. Adding an inch or even a half inch is the standard, depending on the player’s height.

It’s crucial to remember that the golf clubs in your bag come in various lengths. Each golf club in your set will be a bit longer or shorter than the one before unless they are all the same length. It makes it easier for players to change the distance of their shots.

As a result, you might discover that while your nine-iron feels far too short, a club like your six-iron or five-iron feels like a decent fit.

In general, it’s crucial to comprehend how golf club makers construct their products and what they do in terms of length. If you do this, you can only ensure you use the right one for your game.

Too Bent Over Stance

Golfers should pay close attention to their posture. Adopting the correct posture ensures you are stable, balanced, and in the appropriate position to begin your golf swing. Without proper posture, it’s common to end up thinking Do I need Tall Golf Clubs. 

If your posture is poor, you’ll undoubtedly have trouble with your golf strokes’ direction and distance. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of playing golf, and if you don’t have it down to perfection, that’s definitely where you’re lacking. 

Golfers who require longer clubs frequently stoop too far at the waist and feel like they must reach the ground to reach the ball.

The size of the clubs prevents the ideal setup position, which is why this occurs. Therefore, it’s essential to take every precaution to avoid doing this.

While you are getting ready to hit, if you start hunching over excessively, you can compensate in other ways. Your swing may travel off-plane due to the issue, which may also result in other problems with the plane and impact angles.

In general, having a position that is too hunched over is unquestionably an issue that has to be addressed. Occasionally, purchasing correctly fitted golf clubs is the best course of action.

Do I Need Tall Golf Clubs for My Short Arms 

A golfer could need longer arms to match the club’s length if their arms are shorter. For a player with long arms, the same rule applies. Long-armed golfers often struggle with excessively tall clubs.

A golfer could be 6’3″ with extremely long arms and play just fine with standard-length clubs, which is occasionally amusing. To assist golfers in learning what length clubs they ought to use, Ping has developed a method.

The technique takes into account a golfer’s height as well as their wrist-to-floor distance. Players can determine what they should do regarding golf club length using these numbers.

According to your height, the Ping golf fitting chart will also indicate whether you need the club to be more upright or flat.

Golfers should be aware that other fitting parameters can be incorrect, leading you to hit certain shots you would like not to hit. One of these is the length of the club.

Ultimately, your short arms will undoubtedly influence the clubs that will work for your game and the fitting you get. While selecting your clubs, be sure to take this into account concerning your height.

Losing Distance 

You can lose distance if your golf clubs are too short. Taller golfers typically have easier driving the ball farther, and there is a scientific basis for this.

A taller golfer can produce a broader arc and increase club head speed and distance as a result. That might have something to do with your equipment if you are taller than your buddies and feel like they can hit the ball farther than you.

You may be losing speed due to other swing problems, but it’s also plausible that it’s just the length of the clubs. By comparing yourself to other players in your group, you must be fully aware of how bad it is to lose distance. 

For instance, there might be a reason if everyone can hit 150 yards on their seven iron, but you can only get to 135 yards.

You should give the possibility that your distance loss is linked to the length of your golf clubs even more thought if you are taller than the other group members. Moreover, Asking a taller friend if you could use their clubs for a few strokes might be a wonderful moment. Hence, giving you a rough idea about Do I need tall golf clubs or not. 

How Do I Get My Golf Clubs Lengthened?

How Do I Get My Golf Clubs Lengthened

It may be time to have your golf club lengthened if you’ve discovered that many of these factors sound like they might affect your game.

There’s always the option to go out and buy a brand-new set of golf clubs, but it’s not always required. If your community has a club repair shop, there are methods you can use to avoid this.

All that needs to be done is to remove the club’s grip so that an extension may be attached. All of these problems will be resolved by the expansion at the club’s base, which helps ensure that the club is the correct length for your game.

While you can learn how to accomplish this at home, we do advise consulting a qualified professional equipment fitter to get their advice.

The rationale is that the club fitter can inform you whether the lengthening has had any effect on the heft or feel of the club. There are currently available counterbalanced golf clubs, and if you alter the length of the club, the total performance will change.

Choose a golf club fitter who is familiar with the game and has the right equipment to ensure that the job is done correctly to avoid this.


In conclusion, Do I need Tall Golf Clubs for the best performance depends mainly on height and certain swing traits. Use tall golf clubs if you are taller than 6 feet or have a wider wingspan than usual. With the aid of these clubs, you may take on a more relaxed and natural posture, which can enhance your swing mechanics and ball-striking skills. 

On the other hand, standard-length golf clubs can be better for you if you are medium height or have a shorter wingspan. In the end, getting fitted by a qualified club fitter is the best method to determine if you require tall golf clubs. They can evaluate your swing and suggest the optimum club specifications for your body type and swing characteristics.


Is it better to be tall or short for golf?

For every inch of height gain, a taller golfer typically drives the ball roughly 1.5 yards farther. In that regard, taller guys have an advantage, but not all are as it seems. Short guys with the right equipment are a force to be reckoned with. 

How tall should your golf clubs be?

The typical length of golf clubs ranges between 34 and 35.5 inches according to the median wrist-to-floor measurement and total height.

Do professionals use shorter golf clubs?

Several PGA professionals use shorter drivers than the norm to achieve that sweet spot. It is a lengthy process to get that level of control and swing sense, though.

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