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In the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, Square Two was a well-liked manufacturer of golf equipment, especially among female golfers. The business was well known for making top-notch golf clubs for female players. Now the primary question is, who makes square two golf clubs?

But Square Two is no longer in operation. Midway through the 2000s, the business filed for bankruptcy, and Tour Edge purchased its assets.

Tour Edge still manufactures golf clubs under the Bazooka and Hot Launch names in addition to its brand. Although Tour Edge no longer manufactures clubs under the Square Two brand, it still provides a vast selection of golf equipment made particularly for female players.

Therefore, this blog will review products ideal for women golfers and juniors to demonstrate their purpose and usage. 

Who Makes Square Two Golf Clubs 2023

Who makes Square two golf clubs & What Are They?

While no longer being produced, square two golf clubs are still new compared to other clubs. They can give a golfer their best performance as a result. Golf clubs made by Square Two feature an unusual square head shape that is believed to increase accuracy and distance. 

Compared to conventional round-headed clubs, they also offer a more prominent sweet spot, which is advantageous for beginning golfers still figuring out how to hit the ball correctly. The square head shape is also supposed to lessen hooks and cuts.

The square head shape is also supposed to lessen hooks and cuts. Square two golf clubs are still available on the secondary market despite no longer being produced. Additionally, they can still deliver exceptional performance to golfers because of their high quality.

Factors of Square two golf clubs

Here are some factors that make up the entire personality of the square two golf clubs. Make sure to note down the essential details, so you don’t leave anything out. 

Style & Quality

Some of the top golf club designs are created by Square Two. Their distinctive square two shapes are sleek and contemporary, and they are available in a range of designs, including one club, two clubs, profiles that resemble wood, and hybrids. Each design is offered in right-handed and left-handed versions so that you can select the ideal form for your game.

The one who makes Square Two Golf clubs are among the most attractive ones available. They have a sleek, futuristic look thanks to their black finish, white mesh shafts, and distinctive square two design. These irons are among the most attractive on the market and come in men’s and women’s sizes.

Who makes Square Two Golf Clubs Without Affordability?

A used Square Two golf clubs are available on eBay. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to check the costs and shipping options offered by the various merchants. 

Square Two golf clubs are no longer produced, as previously mentioned. These are still available, nevertheless, on the resale market. Furthermore, despite still being young, they may still deliver top-notch performances for golfers. 

The cost of these clubs varies depending on where you get them and how good of shape they are in. For instance, you might anticipate spending extra for a brand-new and pristine club. A well-used club, on the other hand, will be less expensive.

Women’s Golf Clubs

There is more than one size fits all when it comes to golf equipment. Women’s golf clubs are made to meet the needs of female players. For instance, women’s clubs tend to be lighter and shorter than men’s.

One of its most fascinating features is that square two golf clubs come in a women’s model. Women’s square two clubs were something I hadn’t seen before. 

However, after trying one out, we were hooked. After just one round of golf, they improve the strength and accuracy of the swing and make you feel like a professional on the course. 

Therefore, who makes Square Two golf clubs has the solution for women who enjoy playing at men’s clubs. They provide 100-square-foot women’s clubs created explicitly for short fingers and physiques to ensure optimal performance and make them available at women’s clubs.

Men’s Golf Club

Men’s golf clubs, like those for women, are created to meet the specific requirements of male players. Men’s square two clubs are often offered in sets like square two clubs for women. The set includes a driver, fairway woods, irons, a putter, and all the other equipment required for an entire game.

One of their best features is that square two golf clubs are built for optimal performance. How they felt and performed on the green impressed us. 

Why Do We, Love Square Two Golf Clubs?

We adore these clubs even though they are old and no longer made! They are expertly made and engineered to perform at their peak. The craftsmanship of  who makes square two golf clubs and how they feel on the hands pleased us. They offer various designs and styles, and their costs are affordable.

Anybody seeking a nice set of economical and stylish clubs should check out square two golf clubs.

Why Do We Love Square Two Golf Clubs

Easy Use 

One of the best qualities of those who makes square two golf clubs is their easy use. In that case, Square two golf club are one of the best we can recommend. Golfers using them can vouch for their performance and accuracy. Hence, making golfers confident on the green. 

Value for Money 

When you purchase Square Two clubs, you’ll significantly reduce your expenses compared to other brands. Although one of the highest quality models available, they will only pay you back as much money as other over-brands.


The golf clubs from Square Two are also very well-balanced and lightweight, which is a significant advantage if you want to play your best. Square Two’s equipment is designed to be balanced and straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about uneven or unbalanced shots.

On a side note, these qualities are rare in some of the most renowned companies in the golfing industry. 

Extensive range of Designs and Style

If you look online, you’ll discover who makes square two golf clubs offer a massive selection of styles and designs. They have an incredibly eye-catching square two design, and you’ll discover the ideal pair for your game there.

The best-looking irons on the market come in men’s and women’s sizes.

Who makes Square Two Golf Clubs Without Reliability?

Despite being older versions, these clubs are still among the most dependable and durable. We ever experienced any problems using our clubs and always had faith in their ability to deliver on the course.

Moreover, if you can’t rely on your clubs on the green, there’s no point in indulging your skills in the game. A golf club is no less than a companion; hence, investing in the right clubs gives golfers the assurance they need to perform well on the course. 

Junior Golf Clubs Vs. Ladies Clubs 

The fact that practically everyone can play golf, regardless of ability level, is one of its best features. 

Although the majority of golf clubs are made with adult male golfers in mind, many businesses also produce clubs expressly for use by women or young golfers. 

Remember several significant distinctions between the two when looking for juniors’ or ladies’ clubs.


Golf clubs for women and children can be made of titanium, steel, or graphite. For both women’s and junior clubs, hybrid variants are also available. These models incorporate features of both irons and woods. 

Graphite is more frequently used for junior clubs due to its lesser weight, allowing golfers with slower swing rates to add distance to their strokes.


The length is the main distinction between ladies’ clubs and junior clubs. Golf clubs for women are often made to be around an inch shorter than the matching men’s club. 

As per Pine Meadow Golf, the average length of a woman’s club is 44 inches for a driver and 33 inches for a putter. Junior clubs are often produced based on height and age, which makes them significantly shorter. 

Junior golf clubs typically have lengths between 20.5 and 41 inches for putters and drivers, respectively.


The only component of the club that your hands make contact with is the grip, which differs somewhat in size between ladies’ and kids’ clubs. The grips of women’s golf clubs are typically composed of leather or rubber. 

To account for a woman’s smaller hand size, ladies’ grips are also marginally smaller than men’s. Junior grips are typically constructed from a velvet substance and are smaller and thinner than female grips.


Depending on swing speed, the manufacturing flexibility of standard golf clubs makes a considerable impact.  Women’s flex golf clubs are often made for golfers who swing the slowest—typically less than 60 mph. There isn’t a specific flex grade for junior golf clubs, and most are made with variable degrees of flexibility to consider the different swing speeds of younger players.

Custom Fitting 

It’s crucial to pick clubs that are the proper length for your height when buying a set of ladies’ clubs or juniors’ clubs for your kids, siblings, or students. 

We advise custom fitting for ladies’ clubs to guarantee that your clubs have the proper length, weight, and flex to match your swing speed. Golf Digest advises fitting your youngster for junior clubs every six months to maintain proportionality with his height.

Are Square Drivers Easier to Hit?

A square is more straightforward to match to a goal than an oval, according to Geometry 101. According to golfers, the most significant advantage of square drivers is their increased accuracy and security at the address location.

The outstanding MOI of square drives increases the fly distance of off-centre hits. Square drivers also make a more audible distinction between centred hits and off-centred ones, providing helpful feedback on what transpired at impact.

What is the Alternative for Square Two Golf Clubs?

There are several alternatives to who makes Square Two Golf clubs that you can take into account:

  • Callaway Golf: Callaway provides a broad selection of golf clubs, such as hybrids, irons, and drivers, for women. They offer a range of solutions for those with various preferences and ability levels.
  • Taylormade: It is one of the best female golf equipment manufacturers in the Industry and offers clubs including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. They are known for creating top-notch clubs well-liked by novice and experienced golfers.
  • Titleist: Titleist offers drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons for female golfers. They are renowned for their excellent performance and craftsmanship.
  • Cobra: Golf clubs for ladies are available from Cobra, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. They are renowned for their cutting-edge technologies and designs.
  • Ping Golf: Ping offers drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons for female golfers. Golfers can find the ideal clubs for their game thanks to their renowned bespoke fitting options.

The ideal substitute for Square Two Golf clubs will ultimately depend on your requirements and preferences. To identify the clubs that are most effective for you, it is crucial to investigate and test out a variety of clubs.

Final Verdict 

Although out of date, who makes Square Two golf clubs are nonetheless of high quality. These are inexpensively available online. Square Two Golf Clubs are an excellent option if you’re searching for a pair of clubs that are both inexpensive and dependable.

Moreover, if you loved this blog, read some of our other golf-related blogs, such as what is the best golf ball for the average golfer? 

We guarantee you’ll learn tons of new facts and figures and have a fun time getting familiar with the golfing world in general. 


Who Made Square Two Golf Clubs?

As mentioned above, it was an old company that manufactured golf clubs in the early 2000s. However, it stopped production entirely because of bankruptcy and got turned over to Tour Edge. Who now operates on its behalf and offers premium quality golf equipment. 

Are square two golf clubs any good?

Although outdated, they are still young models of excellent quality. These are reasonably priced and are available online from secondhand marketplaces.

Who Can Use Square Two Golf Clubs?

Currently, amateur golfers or those who like a more traditional style of play are the primary users of square two golf clubs. Square two golf clubs remain a fun and challenging way to play the game, even though they might differ from the experts’ preferred option.

What type of Square two golf clubs do you recommend?

The world’s greatest square two golf hybrids and square two golf drivers are available at Square Two Golf Club. Everyone should try those. My favourite clubs are those. I adore them both.

How do you hit a 2 hybrid Square two golf club? 

That is the best club to possess, as we have already stated. You would use any other 2 iron to strike it. Besides being more vigorous, the square two golf hybrid is identical to a 2 iron. The most crucial club in the bag is the square two golf driver.

It can cause the ball to fly far and high. Because it enabled us to make a hole-in-one, we know its significance. The best club we have ever used is the classic Square Two golf hybrid!

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