Do You Have to Wear a Polo for Golf?

Do you need a polo for golf? One of the most commonly questioned affairs in the sports world is wearing the perfect golf attire to the course. Most beginners find themselves in the pinnacle of doubt about whether to attend fancy clubs only to avoid the hassle of getting the fitting polo for golf. So, do you have to wear a polo for golf?

Golf is one of the world’s most popular and widely played sports. It carries an aura of positivity and richness that is hard to experience in other sports. While other games entertain aggression and tough competition, golf represents calmness and a fun-loving time. 

However, the attire section is the only part of the game where you have to be careful about performance. Fully prepared before hitting the green is a requirement every golf man must fulfil. 

Some golf clubs have a strict rule about wearing collared shirts on the field and demand obligations from all their members. 

However, Top Golf Advisor is here to clear the air and answer the long-hanging question of whether you have to wear a polo for golf. Therefore, please read this article carefully for information regarding golf attire rules and whether it’s the same for both men and women. 

do you have to wear a polo for golf

Polo Shirt a Secret to Successful Golf Course Etiquettes

Why do you have to wear a polo for golf? Your dress compliments your profession and personality. Moreover, It also highlights the sense of respectability and strict manners. Furthermore, your aura must display professionalism and high standards when you walk into the golf course. 

It’s no surprise how crazy rich folks are for this game; for a beginner, do you have to wear a polo for golf, it’s easier to grasp the concept as a way to fit into the high-street club subtly. Therefore, dressing up is only a part that requires serious consideration. 

An ideal way to capture this is to adopt the habit of owning polo shirts. Wearing collared shirts aids golfers in presenting the right image among other players and, most importantly, potential socialites. 

By requiring players to wear appropriate attire and present themselves smartly, dress codes also help prevent distractions on the course.

Is It Essential To Follow The Dress Code?

As much as we love dismissing the issue, It seems out of hand. The dress code is there for a reason; therefore, ignoring or refusing to follow it would be a big mistake for a beginner.

We understand how crucial comfort is for novice and young golfers. Or better yet, being in control of your appearance is another subject close to beginners. 

Hence, accessorizing and adding a specific vibe to your attire is acceptable as long as it follows the code of ethics. If you’re a woman, we recommend getting a read of womens golf attire rules for a better understanding of accessorizing. 

Furthermore, following the dress code shows your peers and club management how serious you are about the sport. However, a clubhouse has more relaxed restrictions compared to a golf course. A collared shirt is a requirement, but you are still allowed to wear other clothing that feels okay on your part. 

So, it’s essential to follow the dress code even if you don’t want to, especially for beginners. 

Is A Golf Shirt And A Polo Shirt Different?

Do you have to wear a collared shirt for golf, You might wonder if polos make appropriate golf shirts since a collared shirt is typically required in most clubs. In terms of style, both are very similar. However, polo shirts are usually manufactured from thick cloth, whereas golf shirts are typically produced from a thinner material and are intended to be moisture-wicking.

Ask your neighbourhood golf professional for guidance if you’re unsure about what kind of shirt to wear on the course. They’ll be able to guide you on the right path and assist you in picking out an appropriate golf shirt.

Notable Polo Shirt Brands To Know About 

When searching for a golf polo, there are numerous brands to consider. One of our faves is Under Armour since they’re thin, incredibly breathable, and fashionable. Jordan Spieth is one of many professionals who favours Under Armour, so there’s no harm in adding it to your list of preferences. 

Galvin Green and Lyle & Scott are two other enduring golf brand names. Although they are both very pricey, you can be confident that the clothing you purchase from these labels will be of high quality because they both have a long history of producing Tour-level attire. 

Of course, other golf polo options from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma are available, so you may browse the market to discover a design, shade, and fit that’s right for you.

Our Guide On What To Wear To Look The Part 

Here’s a small guide to help aspiring golfers look at the part on their next golfing day. Make sure to read and understand the order carefully to get the perfect attire. 

Polo Shirts 

Polo shirts are the most popular option for collared shirts in men’s and women’s golf attire. A polo shirt has an open front with buttons down the middle for convenience and a collar that stands up around your neck.

Polos are ideal for informal and formal settings because they combine comfort with style and offer an easy way out. 

Both men’s and women’s golf shirts should be neat and wrinkle-free if you intend to play at an upscale club. It’s also vital to avoid flamboyant or revealing clothing; a basic white shirt and khaki pants should be acceptable! 

Golf Skorts or Shorts 

Most golf courses don’t mind if women wear shorts or skorts, but it’s always better to double-check. Make sure your golf shorts or skort are constructed of moisture-resistant material and a loose fit to stay relaxed and comfortable on the course. 


A quality pair of pants is the next item on our list of essentials. Due to their comfort and freedom of mobility, dress pants are ideal for golf. Additionally, they feature a classy appearance that will make you blend in at a posh golf course.

Always choose a slim or tailored fit when purchasing formal pants. Doing this may prevent them from being excessively baggy or loose, which could cause distractions on the course. Additionally, it would help if you searched for pants made of moisture-wicking material, which will keep you dry and cool in the scorching sun.


No attire is ever complete without the perfect assortment of shoes, and golf is no exception. Golf shoes require a unique design to incorporate stability and traction on the green. The shoes also need a waterproof membrane to help keep feet dry in unpleasant weather. 

What Not To Wear At The Golf Course?

polo for golf

When deciding what to wear on a golf course, the most important factor to consider is whether or not you appear presentable and moderately sophisticated.

If you follow these tips, it’s probable that you won’t make any major mistakes, but because golf has a reputation for being a bit of an antiquated sport, individuals who are new to the game may feel a little intimidated while figuring out what to wear and what not to wear when playing the game.

Additionally, it can frequently feel like there are just as many regulations governing golf attire as there are for actually playing the sport.

The following list is a decent guide to what men shouldn’t wear while playing golf, so follow it to avoid being asked to stop playing due of your attire!

  • T-shirts, athletic jerseys, or tops for tracksuits
  • Tracksuit bottoms, three-quarter length shorts, and gym shorts
  • Your socks are tucked into your pants.
  • Sandals, thongs, or flip-flops, as well as high-heeled work shoes
  • Avoid wearing sombreros, big hats, and flashy jewellery.

Keep in mind that both of these lists were created with the premise that you are playing on a golf course.

If you are simply going to a public driving range to whack some balls, the rules regarding golf attire do not apply.

Within the limits of decorum, It’s okay to wear whatever you want there!

The Dos & Don’ts Of Golf Attire For Men 

Let’s start off with men and see what they can wear and cannot wear out on the field in Ireland. 

Do’s for Men 

  • Upperbody ( 1. Long or short sleeved, collared polo shirts, turtlenecks. And tucking it in is polite. 2. If more layers are required, further possibilities include a wind shirt, vest, sweater, light jacket, or coat) 
  • LowerBody ( smart long pants or slacks with belt loops, like khakis or chino pants. Although it’s not required, wearing a belt usually makes you appear more sophisticated. You can also opt for a pair of shorts that reaches your knees.) 
  • Footwear (Pants and socks – Almost any type of common sock will do. Don’t tuck your socks inside your pants because you don’t want people to see them. 2. When wearing shorts, wear low or no-show socks, which are often white and go just below the ankle. Some courses (thankfully few), beware! shorts must be worn with long, knee-high socks. 3. Footwear – The ideal golf shoes have soft spikes or no spikes. A stylish pair of sneakers or trainers will do if you don’t have golf shoes, but first, confirm with the course) 
  • Headwear (All types of headgear are permissible, including visors, cowboy hats, and even baseball caps) 
  • Extra Accessories (1. Golf gloves are not necessary, although some players find that they improve their grip on the club. Left-handed athletes wear gloves on their right hand, while right-handed athletes wear them on their left. 2. Wear jewellery that is more snugly fitting, comfortable, and long-lasting. You can wear bracelets, necklaces, or watches, but you should avoid pricey pieces because they could get broken as you play. 3. A golf bag is the very last item. You probably won’t be allowed to carry a few clubs around a golf course) 

Don’ts For Men In Golf 

  • Upperbody ( No T-shirts or jerseys from teams, no tops in tracksuits, no large banners or offensive words at the front or back, no sweaters or denim jackets.)
  • Lower Body ( Avoid wearing jeans unless you are certain that they are appropriate for the location where you are playing. Moreover, no tracksuit bottoms. No shorts shorter than three quarters. Too long is deemed sloppy when wearing shorts. No soccer or running shorts with drawstrings. Cut-offs, cargo shorts, short shorts, and gym shorts should be avoided.
  • Footwear ( No sandals, flip-flops, or thongs allowed.Skip the golf shoes with steel spikes. They can hurt your feet after a lot of walking, thus it’s unlikely that many golf courses will allow them because of the harm they cause to greens.Avoid wearing heels with your work shoes since they can leave marks on the green and cause a putt to go off-line.
  • Headwear ( No caps in reverse. Avoid wearing big hats or sombreros. They won’t improve your swing at all!
  • Extra Accessories ( Avoid wearing jewellery that is big and obvious. Avoid wearing bulky necklace chains outside of polo shirts, for instance. If you do, you won’t be able to swing very effectively to begin with!

What To Wear to Golf For Women 

The fundamental guidelines are essentially the same for female golfers, and as with males, as long as you dress well, you should be fine.

To help, here is a sample list of what ladies can wear to play golf. There are some distinctions based on the additional clothing options available to female golfers.

  • Blouses or a polo shirt with a collar. If necessary, wear a sweater or raincoat.
  • Shorts or skirts that aren’t too short, capri pants, skorts, long pants, etc.
  • No-show or low-cut socks
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes, spikeless shoes, or trainers with durable sole treads.
  • Visors or baseball caps are acceptable.
  • Tighter-fitting, comfortable jewellery.

Again, this is not a comprehensive list of what ladies can wear while playing golf, but it should give you a general notion of what will probably be acceptable the first time you venture out to the course. 

What Not To Wear 

As for the girls, here’s a small list of clothing they need to avoid when visiting a golf course. 

  • Tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, or sports jerseys
  • Sweaters or jackets made of denim
  • Avoid wearing jeans and leggings and opt for sundresses, sweatpants, and miniskirts.
  • Sandals, high heels, flip flops, or thongs
  • Massive hats
  • Jewellery that stands out or costs a lot.

Again, the focus of these lists is on what women and girls should and should not wear when playing golf on a course as opposed to a public driving range where the dress code is much more lax. 

Dos & Don’ts of Golf Attire for Women 

Let’s dive into the women section and see what we can find to do and not to do when it comes to golf attire

Dos Of Golf wear for Women 

  • Upperbody ( 1. Blouses with sleeves or without sleeves and collars. 2. A turtleneck or long or short sleeved polo shirt with a collar. 3.  If you need more layers, you can also wear a wind shirt, vest, sweater, light jacket, or coat.)
  • Lower Body (1. You can wear culottes, skorts (a skirt and shorts combo), or capri pants. 2. Skirts with hemlines that don’t extend excessively above the knee. 3. Classy long pants or slacks with belt loops, like khakis or chinos. 4. Another pair of knee-length shorts)
  • Footwear ( 1. Socks – Low (or no-show) socks are the most popular whether worn with shorts, skirts, capri pants, or skorts. 2. Socks with pants: Almost any type of conventional sock is suitable. 3. Footwear – The ideal golf shoes have soft spikes or no spikes. A stylish pair of sneakers or trainers will do if you don’t have golf shoes, but first, confirm with the course.)
  • Headwear ( Hats, visors, and baseball caps are all suitable headgear.)
  • Accessories ( 1. Golf gloves are not necessary, although some players find that they improve their grip on the club. Left-handed athletes wear gloves on their right hand, while right-handed athletes wear them on their left. Wear jewellery that is more snugly fitting, comfortable, and long-lasting. You can wear necklaces, bracelets, or watches. A golf bag comes last but not least. You probably won’t be allowed to carry a few clubs around a golf course.

Don’ts Of Golf Wear for Women 

  • Upperbody (No sports jerseys, halter tops, tank tops, or T-shirts. No tops in tracksuits.No large banners or offensive words at the front or back. No sweaters or denim jackets.)
  • Lower Body ( No sweatpants, tracksuit bottoms, or sundresses. No miniskirts. Avoid wearing jeans unless you are certain that they are appropriate for the location where you are playing. Cut-offs, cargo shorts, short shorts, and gym shorts should be avoided. No soccer or running shorts with drawstrings. No leggings.
  • Footwear ( No sandals, flip-flops, or thongs allowed. Skip the golf shoes with steel spikes. Due to the harm they cause to golf greens, it is unlikely that many golfers will accept them, but they can also hurt your feet after a long day of walking. Avoid wearing heels with your work shoes since they can leave a mark on the green and cause a putt to go off-line.)
  • Headwear ( No caps in reverse Don’t wear big hats. They won’t improve your swing at all!
  • Accessories ( Avoid wearing big, flashy, expensive jewellery since it may interfere with your swing or cause damage while you’re playing.

At some golf clubs, there may be exceptions to these fundamental dos and don’ts. 

Is a Polo Shirt a Requirement For Every Golf Club?

Although not always the case, a polo is often required at most golf courses. Check the dress code to avoid any uncomfortable surprises, such as being reprimanded for wearing jeans. 

What Is The History Of The Golf Dress Code?

Although golf dates back to the 1500s, it only really gained popularity in the UK in the 1800s. Golfers wore tweed from head to toe, including tweed knickerbockers and coats. 

Tweed was formerly the fabric of the commoner in Scotland, but today we think of it as a stuffy material for fancy clothing. The Crown objected to the sport because it was a popular leisure activity that would divert men from their duty to pay attention to their military training. 

However, King James IV took an interest in the sport and increased its popularity. The population made its way to the States of America and started grounding its roots in the sports world in the 20th century. However, the game’s connection to its Scottish seeds remains intact. 

In the early century, all the players wore pressed buttons-down, with single-breasted jackets, neckties, and long stockings with their pants. 

Eventually, the dress code relaxed with time, and the standards introduced polo or collared shirts. Moreover, the golf community has never allowed its player to sink beneath the semi-formal category. 

Hence, polo is the golf world’s pioneer on an international level. 

Do You Have To Wear A Polo To Golf?

Golf is strict with rules and regulations in terms of men; the women, however, get the space to wiggle. While the men juggle between collared and polo shirts, the women are free to wear sleeveless and full blouses with either skirts, shorts or trousers. Although, do remember the dress code demands cleanliness like no other. 

The concept revolves more around the dynamics than the actual game. Golf isn’t all about putting and high handicap shots, yet it exceeds the average competition level and involves a circle of reputation. 

You’ll find everything neatly organized and in order. There’s no speck of dust from the clubhouse to the course; the exact expectations are set for the members that use the system. It’s not just a leisure game but more a luxury setting. 

However, you’ll come across many settings where a polo shirt is not required. Although some people still prefer to wear them by choice or habit, because it’s such a tradition that it cannot be overlooked. 

Moreover, trust us when we say this If you wear anything other than a polo or collared shirt, you will get judgemental looks from everyone. 

Health Benefits of Wearing Polo Shirts 

However, polo shirts offer advantages beyond just a polished appearance. Sweating has been shown to have several positive health effects. 

Golfers should wear breathable polos to increase their sweating. Although cotton is pleasant and comforting to the touch and is used in many polos, it is not an exceptionally breathable fabric. 

Golf attire should be made of fabrics with wicking technology since they provide the most airflow.

Are Golf Polo Shirts Ideal For Business Casual?

The golf course is no short of a corporate environment. The golf course has seen more closed deals than an actual meeting room. 

So, given the ordeal, polo shirts are an epitome of an ideal business casual for men worldwide. They are the perfect option for a simple business affair because they are a step up in formality from a t-shirt but are not nearly as formal as dress shirts.

Another factor one should consider before opting for a polo shirt is the design and colour palette. A neutral, classy golf polo will be more suited than a flashy, bright green one with designs. 

Furthermore, if you’re a regular golfer, it’s only natural to store in numerous coloured polos to blend in and play around. 

What Is An Alternate Option For Polo in Golf?

Sadly, none! 

It’s either collared shirts or polo shirts for men in golf. However, if you need one that fits your taste, we suggest changing the club and opting for a more local option. 

In a local golf course, a variety of people are available to cover up your non-polo shirt fiasco. It may not be as welcoming and top-notch as private clubs, but the course is the least of your concern if you’re a sucker for golf play. 

Or better yet, ditch the course altogether and get yourself a golf simulator that you can set up in your garage or room and play in whatever clothes you prefer without any interference or judgy eyes. 

They are worth the hype and let you enjoy a good game from the comfort of your home. You can play solo, invite your friends for a friendly match, and get your scores displayed on the spot. 

Final Words 

“Golf is a luxury only the rich can afford.”

Don’t let this sentence get the best of you. Everyone has the right to enjoy the game in whatever clothes they prefer. However, bend down and accept a few rules regarding golf. One of them includes do you have to wear a Polo for golf?

Regardless of what brand you prefer, the main priority is to look presentable towards your co-players and display your seriousness for the game. So, enjoy the game and do not let the pressure of looking at the part get the best of you. 


Can I wear a Dress Shirt or Formal clothing to Play Golf?

We recommend not doing that, formal clothing is a straight-up no when it comes to any type of sports. Although golf may look pretty calm and easy to play, there’s the factor of respect and professionalism that players need to display. Moreover, formal clothing is not safe for outdoor sports as it can cause hindrance in performance and overall game.

What to wear golfing apart from a polo shirt?

A classic button-down (preferably with some stretch), a bomber jacket, windbreaker, or sport pullover, a light sweater, and a short sleeve or sleeveless collared shirt are all excellent non-golf options. Today, even a mandarin or ruffle collar might be appropriate.

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