Ultimate Guide To Proper Womens Golf Attire Rules In 2023

Golf has been picking up in popularity post-pandemic, garnering the interest of people of all ages and genders. In particular, women have recently started taking an interest in golf and spend most of their time learning the aspects and techniques to hone their skills.

Golf requires keen observation, skills, proper equipment, and, above all, suitable clothing. Now, golf generally follows a standard set of attire rules for its players, including comfort and professionalism. 

Moreover, it would not surprise that women love to accessorize their clothing to match their vibes. However, it’s essential to follow specific rules regarding sports and other athletic activities. 

In this blog, we shall discuss all the primary rules and dress codes allowed for female players and other options they can explore to look presentable and serious on the golf course. 

What Are the Rules of Proper Women’s Golf Attire?

There are different restrictions at each golf club, and many, if not all, have dress requirements that you must follow. When you go up to play a round of golf in a tank top or denim shorts, the golf club may easily turn you away if you are not properly dressed.

Golf courses with greater prices and levels of exclusivity typically have tougher rules on what attire is acceptable. Some clubs even forbid wearing shorts. 

Playing on a community golf course is your top choice if you’re a novice golfer on a tight budget. Many have no dress code for golf, so they tend to be relaxed about what you wear.

If you’re still unsure of what constitutes a decent golf wardrobe, you should contact the golf course where you’re going to play. You should do this for two reasons: to avoid traveling 30 minutes to the course just to be turned away and to demonstrate your concern and adherence to their policies.

What Should Women Wear When Playing Golf?

Like men, women can also opt for an easy-going khaki look.  

A general rule for golf wear involves polo-style shirts, turtlenecks, and crew-neck tops. However, remember that T-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops, straps, and other garments of similar nature are not acceptable.

Additionally, please refrain from wearing short skirts that have the liberty to ride up with small movements. It not only violates the dress code, but it also is a huge distraction in between the games. We’re sure you don’t want to keep adjusting your clothes while someone else conquers the golf course. 

Here’s a list of clothing that’ll help you get the right idea. 

  • Bottoms 
women golf attire

Good bottoms are a necessary component of every woman’s golf outfit! Women who play golf wear skorts, shorts, or slacks.

The basic golf course dress code prohibits jeans, sweatpants, and sports pants for bottoms. Several fun bottom alternatives for every lady include denim shorts, capris, trousers, and culottes.

Consider the length if you wear a skirt or shorts; many golf clubs prefer them to hit at the knees. Even though I’ve worn skirts and dresses above the knee, it’s quite difficult for us women since we must adhere to certain golf fashion guidelines that must be reviewed and revised.

  • Dress 

I’ve recently observed some younger women wearing golf attire made by Nike and Adidas. Very adorable; however, depending on the length, it might not be acceptable to some golf courses (the one pictured above would be appropriate due to the length and coverage). 

Most golf courses allow women to wear these outfits because they are very popular golf apparel, making them a fantastic option for those seeking a sophisticated, more feminine image. However, most golf courses consider sundresses, miniskirts, and other similar types of dresses to be unsuitable and unacceptable.

  • Investing in footwear 

When choosing appropriate footwear for golf, women should follow the guidelines below. 

  • Invest in non-metal (or soft) spiked golf shoes because they are typically strictly prohibited on all golf courses. They’re necessary to look the part and give you a stable support when you swing.
  • Running shoes could be OK at casual clubs, but it’s ideal for wearing golf shoes to maintain traction on the golf course surface.
  • Choose golf socks designed for the sport to help you stay dry and comfortable throughout your entire game. Ideally, pick a pair that complements your slacks, shorts, skort, or golf dress. To receive the club’s approval seal, ensure they are low or don’t display.
  • Accessories for the final touch 

The most entertaining component of any woman’s clothing is her golf accessories. Regarding golf accessories, hats and visors come in several colors and prints, making it simple to select one that matches your style. 

You may add a splash of color to your golf attire in contrast to hats and visors with a pink Boonie hat, shoes, or belt! Most golf courses don’t look down on your accessories, and these practical accessories make it simple to put together a fashionable outfit.

What To Avoid In Womens Golf Attire Rules

Dressing up for golf is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. However, avoid messing up the look just for style or a few Instagram likes. Remember, the golf core is a professional place, not a place where you can strut like a runway model. 

Let’s look at what you shouldn’t be wearing now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of what you can wear on the golf course. While part of this is undoubtedly self-explanatory, many beginning female golfers are unaware of a few hard elements.

  • Denim/Any Kind Of Jeans 

On the course, it is not recommended to wear jeans or denim in general. Do not put them on. In fact, several golf courses forbid wearing pants inside the clubhouse while you’re dining. It would be wise to find something else that works for golf and save these for another occasion.

  • Athletic Attire 

Women golfers are not supposed to wear clothes that they would use to work out at the gym. Golf can be viewed as an athletic sport that needs strong physical condition, but athletic wear is not required.

This is something that won’t likely return to the golf course for a while. You must keep in mind that when the game originally began, people were almost always dressed in formal wear before going out to play golf.

  • Heels Or Formal Clothes 

Hence, never wear heels on the golf course. They will ruin the game for you, and you won’t be able to move around freely. Furthermore, no formal dresses are allowed; you cannot wear a sundress, mini skirts, gowns, etc. 

  • Leggings 

Right now, there is some debate regarding leggings. Some leggings resemble pants exactly, and they are cozy and allow for a lot of movement for female golfers. Leggings are not widely accepted on golf courses since they are more difficult to police than standard golf pants. Hence, it’s better to stay on the safe side when it comes to womens golf attire rules. 

Is Womens Golf Attire Getting More Progressive?

women golf attire getting progressive

We have to admit that times have progressed and, with them, our style. Not to mention, a wardrobe is everything when it comes to women. Although one cannot deny that countless women opt for short skirts and shorts, we need to be respectful towards the game itself. 

Although the strictness can vary between different clubs, it’s essential to follow a proper dress code, so other players on the course know how seriously you take the game. 

Regardless of the odds, progressive or not, women are free to accessorize their looks accordingly and have no pressure to break a dress code from the club authorities. 

Moreover, females can dress however they please on private grounds or in the comfort of their homes, where no other players can comment on or report the executives. 

How to Choose the Right Women’s Golf Attire

When selecting your golf equipment, you can consider two key options. The sort of golf course you are playing on and the weather are the two most crucial factors.

There are a lot of courses with highly rigid dress codes. The courses mandate that participants wear shorts of a specified length, and they may even demand to wear shirts tucked inside. 

Another tip is to check the dress code before golfing at a private club. So you don’t end up paying for the wrong attire altogether. Below are some factors you need to consider before buying any sportswear. 

  1. Budget 
right womens golf attire rules

Golfers must spend as little as possible on their golf wear alongside equipment, club fees, and mentoring classes. We don’t mean to spend any money but to live off a budget. Look for tops, bottoms, and footwear that are affordable yet of good quality.

You can purchase an entire set or get separates, whatever works better for you in terms of cash. You can easily find polo shirts, bottoms, and footwear under $100-150, nothing major. Moreover, your game is what matters. There is no need to go overboard. 

  1. Comfort 

As much as we love to boast about rules and regulations, one cannot deny that comfort plays a vital role in choosing your look. You don’t need to buy clothes that make you feel and look uncomfortable. 

Golf is all about being free and one with nature. It’s also one of those games where players relax more than they sweat. Hence, people can’t do that unless they can move around and feel airy in their attire. 

Hence, when choosing your clothes, ensure the materials align with the season and weather in your region. Not many realize this, but the materials are essential, as they help you adjust according to the situation. 

  1. The Right Golf Course 

Golf course owners consistently display themselves as sophisticated, high-end clubs that follow the code of ethics. Due to the increased volume of well-off families contributing to the success of such clubs, they must maintain their reputation accordingly. 

Therefore, before purchasing your golf gear, you should get in touch with the club head and discuss their requirements beforehand. It can help save a lot of time, effort, and wrongdoing. 

  1. Stay Updated About the Weather 

As mentioned above, the weather is an essential aspect of golf. Rain and windy situations are a big no-no. However, sunny and cloudy weather are some of the best times to play golf. Therefore, your wardrobe should be according to the time of the day.

In case you mess up the attire irrelevant to the weather, there’s a high possibility that people may start taking a dig at your appearances, which is pretty frowned upon in the golfing community. 

Does the Female Golf Look Resemble The Same Worldwide?

Undeniably, golf has standard attire rules that are the same worldwide, except for the UAE countries. Although most females prefer the same polo shirt and bottom look, due to religious obligations, most women cover their heads with hijabs or prefer their clothes rather than following the schedule. 

Apart from this, females worldwide follow the same clothing patterns. Furthermore, how women dress in various parts of the world depends upon their designated club preferences. 

What If I Don’t Have The Right Golf Wear? What’s the Alternative?

If you’re going on an unplanned golfing excursion but haven’t had time to buy the appropriate attire, you can use the following items from your closet:

  • A collared polo shirt in any color or pattern serves as a top.
  • Bottoms: If all else fails, wear colored chinos, a tennis skirt that reaches your fingertips when you’re standing straight, Bermuda shorts, or, as a very last option, black exercise trousers.
  • A turtleneck sweater, a sweater vest, or a raincoat are examples of outerwear.
  • Running shoes and athletic socks that extend above the ankle.
  • A cap, a visor, a pair of useful sunglasses, or a sports watch are accessories.

If you don’t follow the golf club’s dress code, they have the right to send you home, so it’s crucial to dress as appropriately as you can for golf.

What Are The Best Female Golf Apparel Brands?

best female golf apparel brands

Finding well-fitting and fashionable golf apparel as a female golfer can seem impossible. Many women believe that golf wear is characterized by stiff collars, constrictive fabrics, and ugly cuts. Still, as the sport develops and becomes more modern, women now have more appealing clothing and accessory alternatives than ever. 

Shopping at companies run by women is always worthwhile. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some female-owned businesses that will help narrow down the search and help you find the perfect fit according to your body shape. 

  •  Foray Golf 
  • Addison Bay 
  • Mumford Golf 
  • Hedge 
  • Ame & Lulu 
  • JoFit 
  • SheWarrior 
  • Inside Story Golf 

How Much Does Good Attire Impact the Game?

We wish playing golf was that simple. But in reality, the game relies solely on your skills and techniques. Sportswear, on the other hand, is merely a uniform designed for the game, so it’s easier for everyone to identify your field of interest. 

Moreover, the role of women’s or men’s golf attire does contribute to confidence. You can enter the field knowing that you’re dressed for the job. It’s a psychological trait, but it works well in numerous situations. 

Furthermore, your game depends entirely on your swinging and putting skills. The clothes act as a bonus by adding a touch of professionalism. 

All in all, that’s all from our side, folks! 

I hope this blog was informative and beneficial in answering all your queries regarding women’s golf attire rules and everything you need to know about tackling them. 

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