How Much Does Golf Equipment Cost | 2023 Beginners Guide

Golf clubs are pricey and can be a significant barrier for people who want to start playing the game. Particularly in the last 30 years, golf equipment has seen significant technological advancements.

Everything has changed in recent years, from grips to shafts to club heads, as golf makers have tried to use technology to provide players with equipment to help them get better.

We have information on how much does golf equipment cost for beginner golfers who are unsure how much to invest in a new set of clubs. Moreover, make sure to check out our beginner’s guide to golf to understand the basics better.

The Growing Advancement In Golf Finance 

Today, there are many options because practically every component of a golf club can get a modification to meet a particular golfer’s needs.

As a result, it is now much harder to define the “average” golf club, making it more difficult to compare the “average” cost of clubs.

Each golfer will undoubtedly have the clubs that they believe will best suit their game if you compare the clubs in the bags of any group of regular players on a course today.

Considering that the fundamental categories of clubs—drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges, putters, etc.—remain as they always have, we’ve examined each individually to understand how much money you may have and should spend on clubs.

How Much Does Golf Equipment Cost For beginners?

A set of golf clubs should cost between 0 and,000 for beginners.

Spending more money will improve your technology and simplify your journey to becoming a great player.

It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on your golf equipment, though, if you are unsure if golf will be your sport of choice.

However, complete sets of clubs are usually intended for golfers who are just starting out or have just picked up the sport.

Golfers who have been playing for some time or who have made the decision to stick with the sport will probably “build” their own set over time by selecting various clubs, such as drivers, hybrids, and wedges, as opposed to purchasing a “full” set all at once.

How Much Does a Complete Golf Club Set Cost?

For the ordinary golfer, whole sets or packages of clubs can cost anything from less than $100 to $1,200 (less than $100 to approximately $1,000).

When you looked at the average price of a whole set of clubs, it was also fascinating to note that it was frequently the same, if not less expensive, than the average price of the individual components of sets, such as drivers.

how much does golf equipment cost

For instance, the average cost of a complete set of golf clubs for right-handed male golfers was $355 ($284), while the average price of a group of irons was $886 ($709), more than twice as much.

It may seem strange given that a set of irons is only one part of a complete set; therefore, they should typically cost less than a complete set.

The Costs of Drivers & Fairway Woods (How much does Golf Equipment Cost?)

The improvement in driving distance along with golf technology innovation is one of its excellent side effects. The average male golfer drives the ball 11 more yards today than in 1996. 

In today’s golfing market, spending close to $1,000 on a driver is not unheard of either, and the Honma S-06 4-Star Driver will cost you an excellent $1,699.99 ($1,325).

However, the following are some instances of well-liked drivers we discovered in the significantly more reasonable price range of $200 to $300 ($150 – $220):

How Much Is a Golf Membership?

Golf membership is a real struggle for a newbie golfer. Why? Because according to a study, the average annual dues for the clubs range from $6,245 to $520 per month. Furthermore, you may be already spending that much because some daily-fee courses charge $100 or more for a round. 

Private clubs will often give prospective members a detailed breakdown of fees, although it is essential to note that prices differ significantly. It’s a pretty exclusive step compared to knowing how much does golf equipment cost; a membership exceeds expectations par, especially for novices.

We discovered isolated, small clubs with monthly fees of no more than $200 to $300. We are also aware of clubs that charge far more and add costs for the range, hole-in-one insurance, tournaments, and holiday gifts. These might total an extra $1,000 every year. Hence, making everyone question if these golf memberships are worth it or not.

How to Start Golf for Cheap?

Golf Equipments

Nothing in this world is truly out of reach. Especially if you have an eye for fetching out promising alternatives, in such areas, Google can be your knight in shining armor.

Search all the nearest and cheaper options around you, or better yet, get in touch with an old golfer. It can help you in multiple ways. To begin with, a professional golfer will have an extensive collection of golf clubs and other equipment that may be perfect for beginners. 

Moreover, beginners can also get golf types of equipment for rent. Which we believe is an ideal option for people who are tight on cash and looking for alternatives that are affordable and easy to proceed with. 

As far as golf courses are concerned, one can quickly leave it up to a local golf course, or you can start by practicing in a backyard or with a golf stimulator to get in shape before facing the pros. 

How much should a beginner practice before joining a golf course?

Unexpectedly many candidates don’t decide how much they like the course until late in the application process. Play a few rounds at various times of the year to see how the course’s condition fluctuates.

The first time you play a course, it may seem unique and enjoyable, but after your third or fourth round, it may look very different. Furthermore, it’s essential to practice before you get into worry about how much does golf equipment cost?

Does the price of golf equipment vary worldwide?


It may come as a surprise, but numerous golf facilities globally vary broadly in regions and states. Due to the changing economic affairs, sportswear and other equipment prices can tend to fluctuate. Therefore, something that may be pricey here in the U.S. can be pretty cheap somewhere in Europe or Asia. 

Although golf is considered a rich man game on a global level, the finance department in this niche is pretty Impressive for both locals and rich kids.

Above all, we hope this blog was helpful in answering the most asked question about how much does golf equipment cost? and everything related to it.

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