How To Play Golf | Ultimate Guide For Beginners 2023

The game of golf can appear quite complex to beginners. There are so many regulations and clubs to choose from. The jargon includes terms like “birdies,” “bogey,” and “bump-and-runs.” 

Even though this is the terminology used daily when discussing the sport with professionals and long-term players, we are aware that it has the potential to deter newbie golfers before they even pick up a club. 

This is where this beginner’s guide on the web comes in. We intend to guide folks who are unfamiliar with golf to overcome their confusion. Which types of clubs do you require? How do you train? When do you feel ready to hit the golf course? 

All these questions are common among beginner golfers. However, we’re here to ensure you get the answers to all of them and the needed guidance everyone deserves. 


So, without any further ado, let’s dive into our guide on how to play golf. 

Know Your Equipment 

Coming off on a new sport may seem overwhelming, but knowing what equipment to use is the hidden trick to mastering the game. 

Golf is all about skills and swinging techniques. However, knowing which club to use for which shot is essential to maintaining your pace on the course. 

Therefore, we encourage beginner golfers to read how to choose the right equipment, mainly the type of clubs, to identify the variety of golf shots for an In-depth analysis and Information.

What do you know about golf clubs?

Choose a Few Clubs 

Starting off, only a few clubs are required for a beginner. Although you can carry up to 14 clubs in your bag, you won’t require quite that many when you start out. You can also check out 7 tips on choosing Golf Clubs for Beginners for a clear picture.


Instead, begin with a driver, putter, and sand wedge (the club with an “S” on the sole or a loft of 54 to 56 degrees) and add a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge, and a fairway wood or hybrid with 18 to 21 degrees of loft to those as needed. 

These clubs are the most accommodating and straightforward to launch. Although putters may be purchased for considerably less than online and used and new titanium drivers for as little as $75, the majority of larger golf and sporting goods stores also have racks of reduced and/or used clubs.

Although putters may be purchased considerably less than online and used and new titanium drivers for as little as $75, most larger golf and sporting goods stores also have racks of reduced and/or used clubs.

Take a few Hit Before Buying. 

Ask to try a 6-iron with a regular flex and a stiff-flex shaft at a major golf shop or driving range if you’re a complete beginner seeking to buy equipment.

It should be simpler to control one of the two. For all of your clubs, you should start with that shaft flex. A club fitting will allow you to get the most out of your equipment if you become serious about the sport and can make consistent contact. 

Wheel Towards Beginners Club (That’s Where the Advantage lies) 

Some club varieties are simpler to hit than others. One reason is that hybrids are preferable over 3-, 4-, and 5-irons. Additionally, irons with larger soles will lessen the likelihood that the club will stick in the ground when you hit too far behind the ball. 

Additionally, the iron’s center of gravity will be lower, with more weight concentrated in the sole, aiding shots to launch higher in the air. 

Learning How To Play Golf

The hardest part of being a beginner in any sport has the will to start. You won’t ever be able to grasp the game until or unless you’re willing to put in the work. 

Countless professional golfers worldwide have spent their entire life learning the game bit by bit. It helped them develop the right skills through practice. 

Therefore, beginners need to address the issues of fast learning and understand that investing time and money is an essential part of learning golf. 

Here are a few ways you can learn how to play golf

Start taking Lessons 

Nothing compares to getting things going in the right way. And don’t just look for guidance when you’re having trouble. 

Understanding what you’re doing properly and badly is equally vital. Your golf mates may occasionally have some helpful advice for you, but it’s best to seek out a PGA professional as they are qualified to instruct someone with your level of experience in the game.

Moreover, you can always opt for youtube videos and tutorials where experts guide you better than anyone on how to improve your swings and hits. 

Our personal suggestion includes spending some time on a golf stimulator or hanging out on the local golf course with your pops or an uncle that have been playing the sport for a long time. Learning from a close relative or friend helps you understand terms better than watching videos and tutorials. 

Furthermore, it also lends a hand in bonding and creates a comfortable space where you can learn and develop skills at your pace. 

Develop a Routine & Stick to It

When you visit the driving range, resist the urge to start ripping drives immediately. Everyone wants to see how far they can hit a golf ball. You might crank a few, but swinging for the greatest possible distance can quickly throw you out of sync.

Warm your golf muscles with half-swings before striking one of your wedges or short irons. After that, lengthen and quicken your strokes before switching to your middle irons. 

Work your way up to the driver, then switch back to a short iron or wedge after practicing it. You may control your tempo and tension level by doing this. Before you start playing, we suggest reading some warm tips from top golfers on how to play golf in the U.S. for a brief idea. 

Start By Mastering Short Shots and Swings 

Golf Shots And Swings

Approximately half of your shots are within 50 yards of the green. That means you should devote half of your practice time to your wedges and putter. This may appear tedious, but the good news is that you can practice your short game on a stimulator or a backyard, whatever is convenient. 

Set up some buckets at various distances in your yard and try to pitch balls into them. Just like on the course, tell yourself good and bad lies. 

Although you won’t be able to get the whole “Golf Course” feel, the tips of your furniture are no bad alternative. 

Stick With the Basics 

When starting out a new sport, novel terms and information can become mind-numbing and exhausting. Therefore, we advise our readers to stick with the basic information and cater to their golfing skills accordingly. 

Check your ball positioning and posture, keep your eyes on the target and make your hit. Overthinking can increase paranoia and hence throw you off guard. 

Moreover, golf basics are sometimes the best bet for playing golf. Apart from the basics, the practice helps enhance your craft over time. 

How To Play Golf With Your Mentor?

Finding a reliable instructor can significantly accelerate your progress. Of course, you want your teacher to be knowledgeable and committed to your success, but finding a good personality match is equally important. 

If you’re a laid-back person, you might prefer a teacher who takes a low-key approach. If you’re creative, you might prefer to work with someone who teaches with feelings and images rather than angles and positions. 

The point is that you want to be at ease and enjoy the experience. You’ll learn best if you’re not afraid to ask what you think are stupid questions and don’t mind falling down a few times.

Ready For The Golf Course?

After you’ve pitched down everything you know, from the basics and equipment, most new players will feel the need to jump on a real golf course. 

However, we suggest honing your skills before getting heads on with a pro. It may seem like you have all your skills and techniques intact, but the reality can be the opposite of what you perceive. 

Hence, we recommend booking a tee time at one of the local golf courses with your mentor, who can guide you around the course and explain real-time factors on the spot. 

Don’t sweat; learn and pick yourself up before you face the real judges on the course. There’s no need to rush into the sport.


How Do We Play Golf?

Golf is a long-distance sport in which players use a variety of clubs to hit a tiny ball into a sequence of holes on a course from a number of starting positions (teeing grounds). Whoever holes their ball in the fewest number of attempts wins.

What is the First Thing To Learn In Golf?

Warm up your golf muscles with half-swings before hitting one of your wedges or short irons. After that, lengthen and quicken your strokes before switching to your middle irons. Work your way up to the driver, then switch back to a short iron or wedge after you have practiced with it.

Why Is Golf So Hard For Beginners?

The fact that golf is rarely taught properly is a big factor in why it might be challenging to learn. People are typically taught from the perspective that they naturally desire to be excellent golfers, thus they are instructed on the ideal grip, posture, and alignment while also being demonstrated how to swing the club “correctly.”

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