How To Find Golf Partners to Play With | 2023 Detailed Guide

There’s no surprise how millions of people around the globe play golf as a leisure game. It happens to be one of the best time-passes, especially for the rich. However, a small drawback to playing the luxury sport is how to find golf partners to play with. 

Moreover, it’s also a consistent struggle among beginner golfers, as it’s common to end up alone on the course. However, it’s not rocket science to make golf buddies when you’re new to a sport, mainly because whoever you meet will share the same interest in playing golf as you. 

Furthermore, playing golf with a buddy can enhance your golfing experience tenfold as you learn new tips and tricks while keeping your gameplay along the check lines. The last drink after the nineteenth hole is a “chef’s kiss.” 

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the best tips and methods to ensure you have more than one golf partner to get the full golfing experience. 

How To Find Golf Partners to Play With 2023 Detailed Guide

How To Find Golf Partners To Play With?

Golf is a sport that some individuals enjoy playing alone, while others choose to play with a companion. You can find a golf companion in many locations, including your family, acquaintances, coworkers, and social media.

  • Family and friends – Consider both your immediate family and your current social group. Do you know someone who plays golf? Even if you’re not very close to someone, getting together to play golf can improve your bond and build your relationship.
  • Colleagues at work: If you know of any avid golfers, ask them if they’d be interested in accompanying you this weekend. If they already have a partner for the game, they might even request you to join their group.
  • Golf clubs – When you sign up to join a golf club, you can immediately start playing with other members. Participate in club competitions and team up with other players.
  • Social Media- Another great platform to etch out golfing buddies is social media. If you have an account, it means you’re already pretty well-rounded in the social circle. All you have to do is post a story about golf and ask your networks to join in on the fun, and you never know how many people might show up. 

It is apparent that there are many ways to find golfing partners; you just need to be a little creative. If no one is available immediately, schedule a tee appointment, and attend the club at the appointed hour.

If you’re a single golfer, you might discover that the beginning or course marshal puts you with certain other players anyway.

Is there an app to find golfers?

App to find golfer

TeeUp is one of the greatest apps for finding golf companions. The app was developed to allow casual golfers to play with other golfers of similar skill levels, which lowers the chances that you’ll be paired up with someone at the course who isn’t up to your level of proficiency.

Likewise, you can also find similar apps ideal for beginner golfers struggling with a golf partner. Some of our picks from the internet are: 

  • Deemples 
  • Golf Partners App
  • Ready to Play Golf 
  • Golfing Friends 


One of the most popular and user-friendly apps on the market. Deemples has helped millions of golfers find their perfect gaming match. You can meet and explore new people from all walks of life, share your interest, and even arrange golfing dates. 

Moreover, it’s free and reliable for beginners new to the circle and who wish to mingle with other golfers on the block. You never know; maybe you’ll stumble upon a familiar face on the course from the app. 

Golf Partners App

The Golf Partners app, in particular, intends to bring together golfers from all over the world so that they may chat, share photos, look at member profiles, and make friends. Also, app users can add, review, and read user reviews of golf courses, clinics, and ranges worldwide. More than 20,000 courses are available now, and the company keeps adding more.

Ready to Play Golf 

Get Set to Play golf is like a forum where you can join groups like courses. You can select to receive notifications for new postings and replies to existing posts at specific times if you’re looking to play if you join all the courses you regularly play or want to play. 

Important to note this is not an app but a website where you can create an account and then proceed to find and connect with fellow golfers, find a game, set up matches, etc. 

It’s fun, interactive, and reliable for all users! 

Golfing Friends 

Your ability to be matched with several other golfers in your particular region who want to play more golf depends on the details you include in your profile, such as your handicap band, age group, and days you are available.

Via The Golfer’s Friend, you may contact those users and use the network to look for nearby golf courses to play. If you don’t already know, you can search by geographic distance from a specific spot to see all the courses nearby to get their contact information. 

If you meet someone you want to play with, you can look on the map for courses that are, say, halfway between you. Finding golfing partners has never been easier. 

As the name suggests, you can always find a golfing buddy on this site. However, one notable feature on this site is their collaboration with almost every golf course in the USA that is willing to invite you and your group for a game. Hence, it’s one of those websites that are the perfect answer for how to find golf partners to play with. 

Moreover, you’ll find various like-minded people who are as passionate about golf as you. While also offering golfing events where you guys can meet up and have a drink before the start. 

How do I get more people to play golf?

Step aside, introverts, this one might sting! 

We believe the best way to make people more aware of the game is to bring them with you to the course. Let them examine the atmosphere, gaming techniques, and a brief overall experience to ensure whether or not they would like to step inside the circle. 

Golf isn’t football or basketball, which would require a lot o jumping and running; therefore, we think people may wheel towards golf with an easy-to-learn approach. 

However, if you don’t think this method works, we suggest building up the courage to go and talk to other golfers as a way of bonding and socializing. It may come as a surprise how quickly golfers will welcome you into their group or agree to play with you to build a healthier gaming environment. 

Apart from this, you can always try taking the help of social media and uploading fun and engaging golfing reels that will pull a large sum of audience and potential golfers to your profile. 

Is golf a good way to meet new people? 

Golf is an excellent way to meet new people regardless of how veteran or new you are to the course. It’s the game of socialites, opening a substantial window for anyone who requires a friend or gossip. 

Golfers come from all walks of life, so there’s never a dull moment in the group. You can be a 19-year-old, and your best buddy in the golf club can be a 60 years old man retired man. The only thing binding the two personalities is their love for golf and the contentment it brings. 

Therefore, if you’re a newbie golfer, saddle up to interact and meet with many new people who may have nothing in common except golf! 

What is the easiest way to find a golfer?

There’s never an “easy way” for anything. Certain deeds need consideration and not mentioned efforts. Hence, with that clarity, it’s not always the easiest to be the bigger person and start a conversation. 

Therefore, utilizing your social media or going through an app might work wonders for you. These platforms allow you to break the ice before meeting each other and making it awkward. 

Before fixing a match date, you can chat, connect, and explore your interests, so there’s no weirdness on the course. Moreover, if this doesn’t work out, you can always ask the club’s management to fix you up with another individual on the course and start socializing with them on the spot. 

Can You Make Friends at Golf?

No rule denies the possibility of making friends at golf. Rather these are the people you’ll find more attracted to in the initial stage. Some of the most influential people on the planet play golf. 

Hence, you can always expect beneficial advice from them, making them perfect friends to hang out with outside the course. Many clubs also hold several unofficial “roll-ups” during the week in addition to the “official” tournament schedule, and these may be fantastic opportunities to meet new people.

Moreover, it’s also essential to note personal space and preference before you move. Some golfers prefer their bubbles and wish to stay inside them. So your intruding on their space may come off as rude. Therefore, studying the room and analyzing the person before getting cozy is crucial. 

How Do You Start a Golf Group?

There are many ways to start a golf organization, and anyone can do it. Who you want to bring into your group should be your first consideration. Start with those you already know because doing so will allow the group to expand.

The next step is to start a Page on Facebook and invite friends to join. It could take some time for people to locate you, but it’s a terrific method to expand your circle genuinely. You may invite friends, coworkers, and strangers to the group, and you can watch it expand.

Do You Need a Partner to Play Golf?

Do You Need a Partner to Play Golf

You don’t need a partner to play golf; it is one of the few outdoor activities you can engage in alone. Playing with others is a terrific way to pass the time because you can connect over the activity and participate in friendly competition.

Golf buddies are frequently so close and friendly to one another since you’re out on a golf course over many hours, giving you plenty of opportunity to get to know your playing partners.

You’ll need to locate a golf companion if you want to play in club events and aim to obtain a handicap. To ensure you don’t mess up the game for either of you. 

Thankfully, club members have it easy to buddying up with other golfers. Then, this person can stamp your card and assist you in receiving a handicap.

How Can I Become a Good Golf Partner?

Being a great golf partner is about learning the etiquette of golf. You must adhere to the game’s regulations and be cordial and respectful to others. Also, you should be encouraging and supportive, especially if your playing partner is inexperienced.

Your playing speed is something else to consider. Slow play is a problem in many golf clubs nationwide, and if you play too slowly, you’ll almost surely irritate your playing companion. This includes the length of time you address the ball and the speed at which you fire off your shots.

You’re much more likely to discover partners ready to stay and play with you several times if you engage in the activity at a good pace.

Helping their friends seek their balls if they become lost is another thing that good golf partners do. Whether you join your companion in the trees or the thick rough, they will greatly value your effort to help them recover their golf ball.

Being a decent parent makes for a good golf companion, but playing well and understanding the game’s laws go a long way.

Is It Weird To Play Golf Alone?

Although it might seem odd to participate in a sport by yourself, millions worldwide play golf alone, so it’s not odd. Being by yourself while on the course is a terrific way to unwind and practice your swing.

Few things are as nice as heading out to the course alone and processing your thoughts, whether taking a little break from the children or using a solo round to let off some steam.

To quicken the pace of play, lone golfers are frequently paired with other groups at golf courses. If this occurs to you, it’s a wonderful chance to meet new people, and they will probably be thrilled to share the tee with you.

How to Find Golf Partners To Play With? Try Dressing for the Occasion.

Everywhere you turn, there are golfers. So how can you subtly indicate that you belong to the tribe? Sure, surround oneself with golf-related items. Golfers who recognize one another’s regalia will undoubtedly seek to meet up at parks, bars, children’s birthday parties, and other public places. Examples include:

  • Wearing logoed polos and hats.
  • Wearing golf gloves.
  • Practicing a swing while holding a carrot by the snack tray. 

These suggestions may sound dumb, but no harm came from trying them (Ahem, guilty). The goal is to hint at your existence subtly and how you fancy yourself a game of golf now and then. It can be your clothes that give you away, your equipment, or maybe a golf cart. The primary concern is how to find golf partners to play with. 

Parting Words! 

To sum up, finding golfing partners may be rewarding and enjoyable. You can widen your social circle and play golf with like-minded people by implementing the advice provided in this blog, such as joining golf clubs, using online resources, and asking friends or family members. 

Always be respectful and transparent in communicating with potential golf partners, and have an open mind regarding scheduling and playing preferences. 

You may discover the ideal golf companions to work with and form enduring friendships on and off the course with a little time and patience. Nonetheless, if you find this blog helpful and up to your standards, leave a little love in the comments below or tell us about your golf buddy journey. 

You can also find other golf blogs on our website discussing golf equipment, golf clubs, carts, and apparel. Our beginner’s guide to golf has everything you need to know as a newbie golfer, so don’t forget to read that.


Can you play golf with friends with random people?

Only if you’re playing online Hot Seat, in which case you all need to be in the same room as everyone takes turns playing on the same machine; each player must have a copy of the game to participate. 

Also, if you are in a public lobby, anyone can join you, and you can play with random individuals.

Can non-members play golf?

Private golf clubs may be attractive, but that is the sole factor drawing people to join them. You may undoubtedly play golf at the exclusive club without having a membership if you properly follow their rules and regulations. 

Do you always get paired up in golf?

Golf courses must pair players to maintain a constant tempo of play and to allow the greatest number of golfers to utilize the course at any given time.

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