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Golf involves learning new skill sets and trying out new clubs throughout your gameplay. You can find a variety of golf clubs in a collection ranging from fairway woods, drivers, putters, etc. However, have you ever wondered if Is there a 2 iron golf club? 

If yes, then it’s no surprise why golfers rarely use this club because it’s one of the most complex sticks in the bag to hit. Yet, it’s also the most versatile club that golfers can utilize in several ways to drive the ball in a clean sweep motion.

Moreover, if you’re new to the term and don’t know what a 2 iron golf club is, don’t sweat; we also have you covered. Keep reading to find out everything there is about the club. 

One defining quality of golf is that you can always find new and exciting facts, techniques, and equipment that piques the golfer’s attention. Here at Top Golf, we must ensure we bring you the latest trends, fashions, guides, and product reviews, so our readers can stay up-to-date with any changes and information that is necessary to know.  

With that in mind, let’s dive into today’s article about this club’s details and when you need to use it. 

2 Iron Golf Club

Is There a 2 Iron Golf Club? What is It and How To Use It?

Behind the 1-iron, 2 Iron is the second longest club in the bag. It’s pretty low-lofted and can also be an alternative to low-lofted hybrids. It’s also helpful in driving an iron from a tee to a fairway. It’s an excellent option for mid-low handicap players who want something a little different to enhance their long game and is typically carried in place of a 3 or 5 wood.

Moreover, golfers can use this club to punch out the ball from trouble effectively. The ball travels far on a long spin thanks to its low impact. 

Furthermore, seeing a 2 Iron golf club in a set that consists of 3-5 as the most extended sticks is uncanny. Therefore, purchasing the club online or from a local store is always an option. Although this club isn’t popular among golfers nowadays, there’s no harm in including it in yoru standard golf set. 

Is a 2 Iron Golf Club a Driving Iron?

Because it has been created to enhance distance and control off the tee, a two-iron is known as a driving iron. 

2 irons were crucial because they could provide a penetrating ball trajectory off the tee, necessary before utility clubs were a staple in every golfer’s bag.

Driving irons are short, lofted irons generally ranging in degrees from 17 to 19.

Also, they have a more significant back than regular irons, which adds weight to your swing and allows you to hit the ball farther. Hence, one cannot help, but question is there a 2 iron golf club

Golfers commonly carry utility or driving irons since they are more convenient to hit and are frequently utilized for the same purpose.

Switching to driving irons may help you increase your distance and precision off the tee if you’re having trouble hitting your woods or utilities.

What is the Distance of a 2-Iron Golf Club?

A 2 iron’s typical yardage ranges from 200 to 250 yards, depending on the player’s height and how powerfully lofted the club gets. For a medium-length hitter, the specific 2-iron distance will be around 225 yards.

In most cases, striking the ball from the tee will result in a farther shot than knocking it off the ground. Beginners frequently struggle to hit a 2-iron at its total distance because the club’s small sweet spot makes making contact challenging.

What club does a 2-Iron Replace?

Most golfers’ bags now contain a 2 iron instead of a 3 or 5 wood. The standard loft for a 3-wood is between 14 and 17 degrees, but the typical loft for a 5-wood is between 19 and 24 degrees. A 2 iron’s loft ranges from 17 to 19 degrees. 

Thus, there is little reason to carry one with a 3 or 5 wood.

Yet, it’s crucial to consider each club’s loft and how far you can smash it when changing the clubs in your golf bag.

A 2 iron may go between 180 and 250 yards when struck accurately, so if you plan to take one instead of your existing club, you need to consider which club in your bag can travel that far.

In the end, you should practice using a 2 iron on the range before determining whether Is there a 2 Iron golf club is worth a dime. 

This will give you a precise estimate of how far your 2-iron can consistently travel, allowing you to swap it out for the affiliated club you usually carry in your golf bag.

What is the Lie Angle for a 2-Iron Golf Club?

What is the Lie Angle for a 2 Iron Golf Club

The lying angle of most two irons is 60 degrees.

The angle between the floor and the shaft is known as the lie angle when the iron is measured in its usual position as if it were to be struck. The center of the sole will touch the floor line. It makes it easier to ensure that golfers properly strike the sweet spot rather than the toe or heel.

How Long Is a 2-iron Golf Club?

Whether the shaft is made of steel or graphite, the average length of a 2 iron can range from 39 to 40 inches. A steel shaft is approximately half an inch shorter than a lengthier graphite shaft. Typically, a men’s 2-iron is an inch taller than the equivalent item for women.

Moreover, they’re ideal for players above the 5”11 mark, providing the perfect length and grip to make it swing like butter on the course. 

Is there a 2 Iron Golf Club for a Beginner?

It might be prudent not to pack a 2-iron in the bag for golfers just starting. The 2 iron features a highly long shaft, a low loft, and a low launch angle, characteristic of several long irons.

It is exceedingly challenging to hit regularly because of its small sweet spot. Hitting it slim or fat will be pretty straightforward. Golfers commonly hook long irons. Going to a lower loft will be more challenging because many novices have trouble hitting a 4-iron and a 3-iron.

A 3 wood can be difficult to hit off the deck, and for players with severe handicaps, a 2 iron is even more difficult.

Do Any Professional Players Use the 2-Iron Golf Club?

The most well-known professional golfer to utilize a 2 iron is Tiger Woods. For most of his career, he has used a 2 iron. At the Memorial Tournament in 1999, Tiger hit a 2 iron 275 yards and got within a few feet of the pin, making it one of his most memorable shots.

Lanto Griffin, Matt Jones, and Aaron Wise are well-known professional players who carry a 2 iron. However, professional golfers typically prefer fairway woods and hybrids when hitting shots off the tee and from a range on the fairway.

Surprisingly, professionals don’t use 2 irons more often, given their talent and propensity for consistent shot control. Therefore, one might even wonder Is there a 2 Iron golf club for professionals. 

But, as was already noted, fairway woods and hybrids are significantly more common and are frequently the clubs of choice for the most well-known athletes in the game.

What Brands Make a 2-Iron Golf Club?

For starters, Callaway indeed makes a 2-Iron. If you want to add a driving iron to your bag, one of the most popular options is the X Forged Utility 2 Iron. One of the best driving irons currently on the market, it features a loft of 18 degrees and a lie of 59.5 degrees.

Besides Callaway, several other 2 irons of equal caliber are as follows:

  • Cobra Golf King Utility Black 2 Iron.
  • TaylorMade P790 UDI 2 Iron.
  • Titleist U-150 Utility 2 Iron.
  • PING G410 Crossover 2 Iron.

In essence, all of the major golf equipment producers make a 2 iron. You could still buy one, but it’s doubtful it will be included with a typical set of irons.

Most iron sets contain 4 through PW, so you must purchase a 2 iron separately.

Before spending a lot of money on a brand-new driving iron, if you’re unsure whether to use a 2 iron but want to try it, we suggest getting one from an online platform or another used market.

After all, they aren’t the simplest to hit, so you should give one a shot before committing.

Which is better? 2-Iron Or 3-Iron?

Choosing a 2 iron or 3 wood depends on personal preference. Some golfers can hit the ball farther and more accurately with each club. Here are some details about each club. 

  • Use the 2 iron if you have reasonable control over the small perfect spot and desire straighter shots.
  • Use the 3 wood if you have problems with long irons or require a more forgiving club.
  • Due to its lower loft, a 3 wood will provide a longer distance than a 2 iron. Depending on the attic, this may range from 20 to 40 yards.
  • If you have reasonable control over your 3 iron, getting a 2 iron rather than a 3 wood would be wise.

Is There a 2 Iron Golf Club Vs 3-Hybrid factor?

Here are some comparisons and circumstances between a 2 iron and a 3 hybrid in bullet form.

  • Three hybrids will provide a golfer with less distance since they have less loft than two irons.
  • Get a 3 hybrid if you want forgiveness and are willing to give up some yards.
  • A 3-hybrid will be more useful when removing water or knocking over a tree.
  • A 3-hybrid will fall softer and produce more spin upon that green than a 2-iron since the latter has less rollout.
  • A 2 iron is helpful if you enjoy hitting the ball low behind trees to escape danger and maximize distance.
  • A 3-hybrid will have less room for error on tighter fairways. If appropriately struck, a 2 iron will travel straighter more frequently.
  • A 2-iron can cut through the wind better than a 3-hybrid.

Which Brand has the Easiest 2-Iron to Hit?

We chose the TaylorMade P790 UDI Utility Club as the 2 iron that is the simplest to hit. PGA experts provided input to TaylorMade when creating this club.

It features a slight offset and a straighter topline compared to earlier models. Speed Foam Technology is a super-lightweight polyurethane foam injected into the club head to improve the feel and speed up the face.

A small amount of tungsten weight is added, which lowers the ball’s center of gravity and improves its trajectory with a powerful upward launch. The club is forgiving and extends distance thanks to a thin forged hollow body, a 4140 forged face, and mild carbon steel.

TaylorMade renamed a speed pocket the company’s “most flexible speed pocket” after it was added. This quickens the ball while maintaining the beneficial characteristics of strokes hitting the face’s low section.

The head is predominantly chrome silver with a few black lines and embellishments. It is offered with a steel or graphite shaft.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips are the standard equipment on this club. It is available with a firm or extra rigid flex shaft.

Is there a 2 iron Golf Club worth Carrying?

A 2 iron is undoubtedly worth keeping in your bag, comparable to any other golf club. Moving to drive irons is an effective solution for golfers with trouble hitting their drives and woods reliably off the tee.

However, remember that you can only carry 14 clubs in your backpack at once. Thus, we wouldn’t advise bringing a 2 iron just for the show. Ensure you are confident in maintaining a 2 iron rather than a 3 or 5 wood.

You may constantly shift your 2-iron to your bag if you want to change things up since most golfers of all skill levels have a selection of clubs lined up in their garage or locker.

Why is A 2-Iron Hard to Hit?

2 irons are typically more challenging to hit as utility and fairway woods for players with mid-high handicaps. This results from the club’s low loft and lie, which make it harder to hit the ball squarely and perform a stroke with the required trajectory.

Every golfer is unique. You might find that moving to a 2 iron improves your long game if you have trouble with the big stick or fairway woods but hit your mid-long irons cleanly and consistently.

Hence, before dismissing your 2 iron as being too difficult to hit, we certainly advise playing with it on the practice green to get a sense for the club and determine whether or not it is.

For a Golfer, How Far Should a 2-Iron go?

If you hit accurately, the average speed of a 2-Iron can be anywhere between 180-250 yards. You can hit a 2 iron slightly farther if you use it as a driving iron off the tee rather than playing it off the fairway. 

A 2 iron will typically travel the same distance for most golfers as a 3 or 5 wood, although it’s difficult to generalize because every player is distinct.

For instance, Bryson DeChambeau could hit a 2 iron 275 yards or more when most amateur golfers would be content to see their 2 iron fly just a little past 200 yards.

As with any other club, head to the driving range to determine how far you can hit your 2 iron.

This is the most effective method of determining how far one can hit a driving iron, and it will guarantee that you get your yardage correct on the course.


Even though it’s not always the most spartan club to hit, the 2 iron can be very rewarding when used correctly. Because of its adaptability, it can be used wherever on the links. 

Moreover, we hope this blog helped answer your query about Is there a 2 Iron Golf Club and whether it’s useful for beginners and experienced golfers. Let us know in the comments down below. 

For more related articles, check out what clubs make a complete golf set with detailed information and facts. We hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as we did writing it; until next time! 


Is a 2-Iron golf club worth it?

For golfers with low handicaps who can consistently hit the ball on the screws, a 2-iron is worthwhile. Depending on a player’s swing speed, this club can be struck more than 200 yards off the tee or from the fairway quickly. Compared to a wood or low lofted hybrid, a 2-iron is simpler to shoot shape. A high handicapper may find it incredibly challenging to hit.

Is a 2 iron the same as a 5 wood?

Both a 2-iron and a 5-wood have an average loft of 18 degrees. They offer various performances, though. These clubs can replace your driver off the tee and are used in your long game. Moreover, they enable you to complete lengthier par 4s and par 5s in 2.

Is 2 iron easier to hit than a driver?

Driving irons are more oversized and more uncomplicated to hit than regular irons. You’ll obtain more elevation and distance on your tee shots if you use driving irons since they have more mass behind and beneath the sweet spot.

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