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Top Golf Advisor spends considerate time making things easier for beginner golfers to understand. However, it’s time we pay attention to golfers ready to take the next step in their golfing journey and switch up their title to Intermediate player. 

It’s understandable how some beginner golfers would get tired of playing the same round of 100s. The real question is how to know when to take the plunge. Don’t sweat; we’ve got you covered. 

We have a complete guide on beginner’s guide to golf and In this article, we’ll share tips on how to improve golf skills from beginner to Intermediate. 

How To Improve Golf Skills From Beginner To Intermediate

Is Intermediate the Same Level as a Professional?

As much as we wish it were, Unfortunately, golf is a game of patience, and boy, do you have to wait to get on the top for a long time. 

Don’t get us wrong; you can be an outstanding new player and get your balls in the hole in any format.

However, In golf, you’re only considered a professional once you reach a certain age and reputation among your golfing peers till they praise newcomers on your pitches and swings. 

Moreover, an Intermediate level player is aware of all the basics and ready to get down into a more complex style of golf.

In layman’s words, someone who has been golfing for quite some time is familiar with all the primary forms of golf. 

So, how does a beginner identify when it’s time to shift to the upper class? Easy when your scores start improving, and essential golf tips don’t bring in your desired results anymore. 

Moreover, it makes the golfing experience much more enjoyable when you realize your skills are more polished. Hence, let’s look at some tips for jumping from one zone to another and how to improve golf skills from beginner to Intermediate.

Switch Up the Golf Equipment 

You will undoubtedly need to upgrade your equipment and perhaps even buy new clubs to see a change in your score. 

For instance, having accurate information about the distance to the hole, thanks to the use of tools like the finest golf rangefinders, would help you choose your club much better. 

You should now be able to identify the area of your game that requires the most improvement. 

Make an honest assessment of your game, and then consider purchasing some clubs to see if it will improve. For instance, investing in the perfect putter could help you cut a few strokes off your final score if your putting is holding you back.

Alternatively, your first shot off the tee is never as far or as accurate as you expect. 

A better, lighter driver could be the solution in this case. Begin with these modifications before you spend a lot of money upgrading your entire set. 

Or better yet, look at how much golf equipment costs and decide how you want to spend money on your new gear set. 

Learn to manage the Course 

A range finder is an essential tool in range management. It entails knowing how far you are from the hole, dog leg, or bunker so you can choose your club quickly and correctly.

Aside from distances and obstacles, it would help to understand the course conditions before taking your shot. 

Understand if the fairway is groomed and dry so you can get a few yards out of your ball. Because of the softness of the turf beneath the grass on a wet fairway, your ball will die quickly.

Finally, knowing your foul shots and where your lie will help you avoid making mistakes. For example, if you know you tend to slice the ball, your lie will make it impossible to stay out of the trees. As a result, you’ll need to change your strategy. 

In this case, a short shot straight into the fairway will help you avoid hitting out of the woods. 

How to Improve Golf Skills from Beginner to Intermediate; Pay Attention To your Short Game

Going to the driving range is enjoyable because you can see your shot’s power. On the other hand, the short game is where you will see the most improvement. 

Always practice putting and chipping, and make sure to arrive early for your tee time and hit the practice green. 

It will help you develop habits that will help you consistently improve your game.

What If You’re Not Good at Bunkers?

golf improvement

If you donated to learn how to play bunkers, you should visit a lot of driving ranges or courses with bunker practice areas.

As an intermediate player, you know the clubs you’re good at. It is your strong suit and will be highly effective if you hone it.

Concentrate on clubs that you enjoy and are comfortable with. More so, if you have a skill, such as an approach or the putter, you should practice it to gain confidence.

You can make up for those out of shape by playing golf with these strengths and only use a 3-dimensional putter for up to 36 putts.

Get In Touch With More Experienced Players; Golf Beginner to Intermediate

Players mature when they start competing with professional personas. However, most youngsters refrain from getting in direct contact with perpetual players. Due to their status of being a golf beginner to intermediate shifter.

However, there’s no better teacher than your competition. Nonetheless, when you golf with elders, there’s a fat chance that even if you lose, the knowledge you’ll gain by examining them will be more than enough to help you switch up your game. 

Enjoy Your Game, And let It Teach You in The Process. 

Above all, when we talk about golf, an intermediate level is one of the most fun and exciting phases of golf you’ll come across. 

How to Improve Golf Skills from Beginner to Intermediate (Conclusion)

Many people’s journeys come to an end here. It takes a lot of practice, rounds, and experience to become the advanced golfer and single golfer you’ve always wanted to be, but once you do, you’ll be the golfer everyone else aspires to be, so stick in there and give it your best shot (Literally).

Moreover, there’s everything from our side on how to improve golf skills from beginners to Intermediate. We hope you found everything you’re looking for and more.


What is considered an Intermediate golfer?

Unlike a beginner golfer, an advanced golfer or intermediate can usually score 95-115 in an 18-hole round and maintain a handicap index of 35 or better.

What is the most important thing to practice in golf?

It is tough to pinpoint which talent is the most crucial because playing good golf requires a variety of abilities. The most crucial skill to practice is having a PLAN due to the complexity of the game and all that is required to play properly.

What is the fastest way to get better at golf?

  • Make goals. Setting objectives for yourself, both short-term and long-term, is the first thing you should do if you want to improve your golf game.
  • Get fitted, experiment with your swing, and get fitted.
  • Swing more often.
  • Concentrate on fitness.
  • Establish a routine.
  • Hold your position after each shot.
  • Make more practice iterations.

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