What is the Difference Between Golf and Polo?

Sports like golf and Polo have been around for a very long time. Polo, which had its beginnings in Persia and is now played all over the world, is one of the oldest sports, while the first records of golf date back to B.C. 

Both sports have a long history and are well-known throughout the world. However, some people mix these two sports, although they differ tremendously at their core. 

Top Golf Advisor is here to clarify the difference while celebrating the traditions these sports present. Read along as we unpack the depths of two of the oldest sports in the history of the world. Who knows, I’ll be inspired to try one of these out on your next weekend.


But first, let’s understand the two sports individually for a clearer picture. 

What Is Golf?

While playing countless similar sports as early as the first century B.C., golf originally came from Scotland. Moreover, there’s also a myth that Scottish people altered the original version into what we now call “gold.” 

Another mind-boggling fact is the government of Scotland banned this game in 1457, as they thought it interfered with archery practices. 

The Old Course at St. Andrews, regarded as the birthplace of golf, opened its doors in 1552. 

Another course with a history dating back to 1672 is Musselburgh Links, which is regarded as one of the oldest golf courses in the world. It makes golf one of the oldest sports with a lengthy history.

What is Polo 

Polo is an exciting sport that is played between two teams of riders. The game has been around for 2000 years since it was invented in Persia.

However, British soldiers who witnessed the game being played in India hijacked and appropriated the idea, turning it into a method of training for Calvary soldiers. It is how Polo, as we know it today, came to be. Later, they created the game rules, and it received full international recognition as a competitive sport.

In today’s era, this game is widely popular in the U.K., Argentina, and the USA. On a global level, this sport is overseen by the federation of Polo. 

What is the Difference Between Golf And Polo

 From here on out, we’ll discuss the main differences between the two sports and how well-orchestrated they are among their leagues. 

Game Objectives Golf vs. Polo 

In golf, the goal is to take the fewest number of shots to get the ball to the hole or the green. In contrast, the purpose of Polo is to score as many goals as possible against the opposition before the clock runs out. Golf is played on foot, while Polo demands the use of horses to continue. 

Golf and Polo (Players) 

Up to 180 players can compete in golf games in teams of three or four. There are two teams in polo matches—the attackers and the defenders—and they try to score more goals than the other. 

Equipment for Golf and Polo 

Choosing the right equipment for golf and Polo is essential to understanding the game. Golf equipment includes a golf club, a golf ball, gloves, wedges, etc. On the contrary, when it comes to Polo, the options include the horse, chukkas, and helmet. Balls, kneepads, and polo sticks.

How to Score Golf vs. Polo 

To score in golf, the ball must be moved as quickly as possible from the tee to the green’s center and into the target hole. The entire area from the start to the green and the recessed area where the ball is expected to land is referred to as a hole. 

In contrast, moving a ball against the opposition and eventually putting it through the goal is how a goal is scored in Polo.


Gold can last up to four days, depending on the kind of game you play. On the other hand, Polo is played over four 7-minute quarters, lasting 28 minutes. 

Winner In the game 

The golfer who finishes all 72 holes in the least amount of time is declared the winner. The team with the most goals wins the game of Polo. Games cannot result in draws; if this occurs, a new game is started until a winner is determined.


Golf often falls under the category of a rich sport, while Polo is associated with having a fun time, spunky, and daredevil sports.

Game Area Size of Golf and Polo 

Large tracts of land and excellent terrain are the requirements for golf. You occasionally measure the land in hectares. Polo is played in a little arena that can be seen in its entirety at a single glance. There are two goalposts in the arena, indicating the area length. 

Difference between Golf and Polo (Health Risks)

Golf is not at all dangerous. The game poses extremely low risks to your health. On the other hand, Polo is a dangerous game in which players frequently sustain injuries or, worse yet, pass away.

Summary of Both the Sports 

  • Polo and golf are both ancient sports that have been played for centuries.
  • The games were all altered into their current forms; no original versions are available.
  • Golfers get obliged to use specific equipment on the course. 
  • In contrast to golf, which provides minimal safety risk, Polo requires trained horses and safety equipment.
  • Golf may have up to 180 participants and can go on for days. Polo is a game that can finish in a few minutes or hours.

Final Words 

golf and polo

Although the love for sports is alive and thriving in the hearts of youngsters worldwide, there’s always an extraordinary chance that one should try out for themselves. Golf is a game that welcomes all with open arms, while Polo demands expertise and specific skills. Both the games have their particular level of spark and classification. 

While golf represents sophistication, Polo displays strength and speed. That said, we hope this blog was helpful and informative on our part and valuable in narrowing down your preferences. Moreover, you can also check out Why Golf is the Best Sport and then conjure up your final thoughts.

Let us know in the comments below which game you like and support and why?

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