How To Make A Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster | 2023 Guide

As a regular golfer, one of the most basic questions you’ll ask is how to make a gas club car golf cart faster than a regular car. 

Although there’s a chance that a golf cart may never be a sports car yet, there’s still a chance to power up the vehicle with a few tips and tricks. 

Although we’ll focus on golf carts in this blog, keep an eye out for helpful tips or check out why golf carts are so expensive to get a clear picture of the vehicle beforehand. 

How to make a Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster

What Is a Golf Cart Speed?

Most brand-new and pre-owned golf carts are designed to have a top speed of about 15 miles per hour. 

Although that is the ideal place for most people, just as many wish to improve their golf cart peak speed and travel, say, faster than 20 MPH. How does one obtain this? We’re going to answer all your queries regarding the issue in detail. 

Before we get started, we need to address some mindful factors, so you know what you’re working with when it comes to golf carts. You can also read our blog on what us what is the fastest electric golf cart

Make Sure Gas Club Car Golf Cart Is In Proper Form 

Understanding the importance of having a well-in-tact golf cart is essential before you start getting excited about how to make a Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster. 

In this way, no matter how hard you try, your hard work and tactics will be a loose thread if your cart needs to be in shape. So, first, ensure everything is functioning by inspecting the brakes, steering, and suspension. Secondly, it’s time to get into the real deal after inspection. 

Tips on How To Make A Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster 

Golf carts come in various styles, including electric and gas-powered models. In addition, you can alter several parameters to boost their total power or speed. 

1 Installing a Better Capacity Golf Battery 

The easiest way to make a gas club golf cart go faster is by enhancing its performance ratio with better-powered golf batteries. First, check the battery voltage on your current device to do this. These details are printed on the battery case.

The maximum safe battery voltage for golf carts is 48 volts; consult your manual. You need to upgrade if your cart’s battery voltage is lower. Check the battery’s water level before selecting a new one. 

It’s because batteries with higher water levels usually last longer than the standard versions. 

Upgrade Golf Cart Motor 

If you’re seeking ways to give your golf cart extra power, it can happen by upgrading your motor.

Your cart will be able to carry more weight and move at a faster rate of speed thanks to a larger motor’s increased torque. It can be extremely useful if you routinely haul heavy loads or travel on mountainous terrain.

However, remember that a stronger motor will consume more battery power, so you might also need to replace your battery.

How To Make A Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster; Increase the Torque 

The term “torque” describes the amount of force acting on a rotating item. A cart must advance with the strength of this force to move forward. In essence, torque gives a cart more speed, enables it to turn more quickly, and makes navigating bends easier.

Golf cart torque is measured in horsepower (HP). It is because the force of one kick or motion times the distance the cart travels during one axle rotation equals one horsepower. Therefore, the torque a cart can generate without slowing down increases with its horsepower.

The stronger pulling power of your golf cart motor can answer how to make a gas club car golf cart faster. 

Enhance Your Speed Controller 

Enhancing or changing your speed controller is an additional method of accelerating your golf cart. We know that a speed controller regulates the electric output of the cart’s motor and that a higher voltage equals a higher RPM, indicating a faster speed.

You can increase the amp of the motor, which causes the torque to rise and gives you greater speed at a reduced voltage when you alter your speed controller. By maintaining the voltage, you can make sure your cart is manageable. You get to reach your chosen speed while saving battery.

 Moreover, with the correct speed controller, you can get the answer to the question of how to play 18 holes of golf holes with a cart

Installing A High Performing Clutch 

Installing a more powerful clutch is another approach to boost torque. For example, the clutch on a golf cart connects and disconnects the powertrain from the motor. A better-performance clutch will generate more torque since it will engage the motor at a higher RPM.

This is a fantastic technique to increase your cart’s power by adding a torque converter without changing the motor. 

Adjusting the Golf Club Cart Governor 

Almost all golf carts are made to be driven on the golf course at a speed of 12 to 14 mph. While this is adequate for a solid game of golf, it is pretty slow for an everyday run. How to make a gas club car golf cart faster can get easily resolved by adjusting the speed governor of your golf cart.

An externally controlled governor uses a little metal rod next to the clutch of the golf cart to modify the associated cable. Counterclockwise turn the nut. Moreover, it will lengthen the cord and quicken your cart. 

Installing A Cold Air Intake 

For those who don’t know what cold air intake is, It’s the process of increasing the air intake in your engine. Hence, allowing more fuel to burn, which, nonetheless, increases performance and speed on a golf cart. Moreover, it’s one of the easiest ways to increase torque in a vehicle. 

Cold air intakes are especially advantageous for golf cart engines frequently used at greater speeds or under heavy loads. Cold air intake increases the engine’s air supply, enhancing performance and reducing engine wear. They are, therefore, a crucial part of any often-driven cart. 

Purchasing Bigger Tyres 

Honestly, It doesn’t get better than this. The simplest way to increase the speed of a gas golf cart is to change the tires. The typical golf cart tire has a diameter of about 8 inches. 

However, your golf cart will move more quickly the wider the diameter. If you’d like, you can raise the size of your tires to up to 24 inches.

Without spending any money on expensive upgrades to your motor or electronic speed controller, you can boost the speed of your cart by 2 to 4 meters per hour by installing larger tires. One of the quickest ways to speed up your cart is to replace the tires.

Keep Your Golf Cart Lightweight

Observing a clean cart is one of the golfing world’s most satisfying experiences. But more significantly, having a spotless cart at your golf club is known to improve how members get along with one another. 

It will help you stay up with the other golfers and remove your worry about where you stand concerning them. 

Over time, a golf cart’s underbody can gather dust, dirt, and debris. These contaminants can affect your car’s performance in addition to making your vehicle look messy.  

Moreover, the answer to how to make a gas club car golf cart faster is easy. Setting the governor’s springs will be simple if you can locate the tiny metal rod close to the clutch. 

The cable coming from this metal protrusion should be changed by shortening it by rotating the nut clockwise. This procedure will modify the cart’s proper speed.

Is it possible to increase the speed of an electric cart?

Compared to a gas-powered golf cart, an electric one provides many benefits, including being less expensive to operate and more ecologically friendly. Electric carts often have a lower top speed than gas carts, which is a drawback.

However, there are a few ways to boost an electric golf cart’s top speed, such as increasing the motor or installing a higher-voltage battery.

For instance, switching from a 36-volt to a 48-volt battery can often boost the top speed by 5 to 10 miles per hour. You can upgrade the motor to a higher horsepower model if you want even more speed. 

The cost of your golf cart will typically go up due to these upgrades, so keep that in mind. 

Gas Club Car Golf Cart Vs. Electric Cart 

Generally speaking, electric golf carts are speedier than their gasoline-powered counterparts. According to the National Federation of Golf Carts, fully improved vehicles can reach speeds up to 30 mph. Even cars with modest torque levels may sprint at up to 24 mph.

Electric golf carts are silent and have no vibrations or drain noises, just like electric cars. Additionally, the stronger electric cart batteries offer a much-expanded range compared to models with gas pedals. However, an electric cart’s range on a single full charge is about 40 miles. 

On the other hand, a gas golf cart is great for moving heavy objects. They can go up to 120 miles on a full tank and have a lot of torque, but they are often less efficient and more expensive to maintain and fuel than electric ones. 

But compared to electric ones, gas club car golf carts are typically louder. Aside from that, they can be expensive to both buy and maintain. 

Additionally, electric vehicles are simpler to manoeuvre, which may appeal to those who lack physical stamina or don’t enjoy the added difficulty of a gas-powered vehicle’s steering.

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Final Words 

There is just one more feature about how to make a gas club car golf cart faster that you may need to be made aware of: a speed governor is frequently fitted on them. Try turning it off first to see if your speed increases. That is there to limit the cart’s speed.

You must determine what caused the issue if it can’t get fixed. For instance, it could be a software update, a computer problem, or a user error. Once the issue has been resolved, you can consider ways to keep it from happening again. 

The engineering team can also consult you if you want to ensure that all systems are current and secure. Any technological problems are fixed promptly and successfully.


What is the Top Golf Cart Speed?

A gas-powered Club Car golf cart can go up to 19 mph, while an electric Club Car golf cart can go up to 23 mph.

What’s the reason for a slow golf cart?

It can happen due to a low battery, a bad amp controller, a problem with the forward or reverse speed, or a problem with the speed sensor.

How do you adjust the governor on a gas Club Car?

Track the connection at the other end of the thick cable attached to the gas pedal by finding it and following it. 

The governor typically consists of a spring wrapped around a metal rod. On the threaded rod, loosen the smaller nut and tighten the larger nut. The spring’s length will change as it becomes looser.

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