Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive? 2023 (Top 13 Reasons)

Golf carts are a lot of fun to operate and provide an exciting and engaging alternative mode of transportation for many individuals around the country. 

However, these carts might be extremely pricey and out of reach for certain individuals. Given their popularity and namesake brands, the ordeal is not far stretched as we may expect. 

Especially sensing their Importance on the golf course, It’s no surprise why companies won’t label them as expensive as an actual car. 

However, we all need appropriate reasons to condone them money takers, and Top Golf Advisors are here to provide you with legit reasons. 

Let’s go through the top ten reasons why our golf cart is so expensive and a few simple methods to reduce costs while maintaining your cart. You can also check our blog about how to make a Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster.

Why are Golf Carts so Expensive

Are Golf Carts As Expensive as Cars?

If you discover expensive golf carts that are as pricey as real cars, the sophisticated improvements may be to blame. A golf cart’s value can rise quickly with the addition of lifts, back seats, sound systems, tyres, and other performance enhancements.

Why are Golf Carts so Expensive?

Because these vehicles are created for a specific function, their luxury nature is one of the prominent reasons for their expense, and they may become fairly dear with optional high-quality modifications.

Other factors that may influence the cost of a golf cart include its specialty design, shipping charges, and other sorts of fees that boost the price of your golf cart and make it more expensive to acquire and repair.

The factors listed below are the most typical reasons golf carts are expensive.

Each of these components will be discussed in depth in each section to help you better understand how much they might cost you.

Just as vital, we will add a segment at the conclusion showing you how to keep your cart prices low so that you don’t overpay for a cart.

If you are still deciding whether to improve your cart or modify its inside or external construction, you should consult a qualified specialist to guarantee you obtain the greatest results.

This will guarantee that you are finally happy with the consequences of your cart’s alterations.

  • Special Upgrades 

When purchasing a specialised golf cart, you will want a vehicle of the highest quality available to assure your satisfaction with its performance.

However, adding fancy extras will soon raise the price and make your cart considerably more expensive than you intended.

Though adding some of these improvements to your cart may appear reasonable, you will wind up spending far more money than you think.

Suppose you want to add a stereo to your cart; you must budget at least $250 for the equipment and installation.

If you want to improve your cart’s listenability with Bluetooth, you’ll need to invest an extra $100 or more.

Lift kits (almost $500), off-road wheels (up to $900 for four), and extra seats (over $550) may all add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your cart.

  • Purpose-Based Design 

Golf carts are one of those products that market peers call Niche purpose. Now, what does that mean? First, golf carts are a small market product, meaning their target audience is comparatively low compared with other large-scale markets. 

Everyone can buy a honda, but only a few people buy a golf cart. 

Hence, only a certain set of people would be willing to invest in such a beauty, making this purpose-based product a brand. Which in turn drives up the cost mark tenfold. 

It may seem unfair on the customer’s part. However, golf cart manufacturers are taking up a small sum for survival. 

  • Historical Importance 

Older carts are prone to be less expensive than new carts, right?

However, In the world of carting, it isn’t always true.Older carts can occasionally be worth more because of their historical significance.

However, this feature might be challenging to monitor or assess, so it’s important to find a reputable dealer who is aware of which carts are more valuable than others.

Furthermore, there are countless dealers that modify the engine on an old golf cart and then sell them for a fortune because they’re as good as new. So, you need to be mindful of the cart and dealer you get in touch with. 

However, keep in mind that not all carts have historical significance based on their age.Some carts are simply simply old and won’t be worth much as a result.

Rarer or more innovative carts, such as those with an early AC engine or ones with genuine seats that were added before others, are examples of carts that have historical significance.

  • Retro Appeal 

Sometimes people will choose to buy a used golf cart over a new one over historical reasons rather than to save money. 

There is a novelty or nostalgic value to having an old design in golf carts as compared to the latest electric golf car or the most flamboyant custom cart dripping with gimmicky design additions, similar to how aficionados frequently choose old classic cars over an up-to-date one.

  • Multi-Purpose Vehicle & Modes 

If you think golf carts are solely utilized on golf courses, think again! In recent years, golf cart manufacturers have discovered market niches on the greens.

These specialized vehicles are becoming increasingly common and are especially useful in the following situations:

  • Businesses 
  • Hospitals 
  • Sporting Events 
  • Campuses 
  • Resorts 
  • Islands 
  • Retirement Communities 
  • Airports 
  • Studios 

A high-end model can cost up to $18,000 when purchased brand-new, and buying a used golf cart can get pricey if you opt to add luxuries or if it has previously been changed.

  • Modifying Designs 

Another great factor about expensive golf carts is they are easy to modify. The main reason is to make the experience and ride enjoyable. 

You may swap out some pieces and update the engine and other components.

However, that greater adaptability costs you money since it forces design improvements that make it simpler to upgrade your cart and make it quicker, stronger, or more appealing.

This style of design is not inexpensive to implement since it must incorporate a plethora of diverse design alternatives.

  • High-Quality Parts and Durability 

Now a golf cart is no Ferrari, but the effort and time it takes to make each cart set is more than any sports car. 

Due to their exclusiveness, manufacturers are prone to compile only the best quality parts in the state to make their products stand out. 

Golf cart components are not inexpensive, but they are built to last.

While the whole cost of making the cart, including the materials, is still less than the cart’s price, the quality of the parts raises the cost.

When purchasing carts with pieces made of strong metals such as steel and other materials, the price rises.

This may be relevant depending on the cart you ride.

Many carts, for example, contain huge battery arrays that provide electricity and keep them operating smoothly.

  • Shipping/Delivery Costs 

Unless you buy your golf cart directly from the manufacturer and pick it up, you’ll almost certainly have to pay to deliver it. 

The dealer pays these fees and then adds to the cost of your cart.

They frequently add more to the delivery cost to generate additional money.

Depending on your cart brand and design, the average amount can vary between $200-$500. 

These rates may be lower if you reside near a cart maker, if the cart dealer has recently received a big quantity of carts, or if the cart is a little older.

Older carts sometimes have reduced shipping charges since they have been sitting for longer, and the dealer is attempting to move them off the lot by incurring a modest loss on this expense.

  • Safety Features 

Adding extra safety gear into your cart to make it family- or children-friendly can also cost you an extra charge. 

You can purchase safety gear for your vehicle and add them from your manufacturer or a repair shop.  

Some of these costs range are: 

  • adding headlights ($150 or so)
  • taillights (another $150) 
  • turn signals (at least $50 per light)
  • seat belts ($200 or so)
  • improved brakes ($500 or more)
  • better steering (another $500 or so)

Now you can skip these features and save yourself a bunch of money. 

  • Lack Of Alternatives 

Although the golf cart is primarily intended for use on golf courses, as one might anticipate, it can also be used in other situations when a practical, low-speed vehicle is required. 

Golf carts are a desirable investment in non-golf sporting facilities, where moving large loads or ascending steep hills, particularly on grassy terrain, is necessary. 

Since there are no alternatives, the market is rather captive to the Industry. Hence, this raises the question of why golf carts are so expensive. 

  • Monopoly of Markets 

The principle of supply, demand, and competition underpins the free trade market.

When there is greater competition, goods prices fall because firms strive to attract more consumers.

When there are fewer competitors—or even a monopoly of one or a few businesses—the costs for anything are likely higher.

This is one of the main reasons golf carts are so pricey nowadays.

  • Golf Courses Can Afford them. 

Additionally, golf courses are the only facility that can afford to purchase these vehicles in bulk for their members. 

Therefore, cart manufacturers are encouraged to fluctuate their prices as per their demands, knowing their target audience fully needs them. 

Companies will not lower their pricing for an at-home consumer simply because they are not a golf course.

However, because this component depends on a few distinct factors, you may encounter fluctuating pricing unexpectedly.

  • High Demand For Golf Carts

Finally, some carts may be in high demand, significantly driving their prices.

Many higher-end E-Z-GO carts are in high demand since they are comfortable, relaxing, and simple to improve.

Club Car carts are popular because they can get customized to create a more pleasant and peaceful trip for the cart’s owner.

These criteria can also change depending on geographical location, the number of dealers in a certain area, and many other considerations.

What Can I use Instead of a Golf Cart?

Depending on the golf club you attend, there can only be one alternative for a golf cart: a bicycle. It’s rare, but very few youngsters use it to get from one position to another. However, if you’re an adult hoping to spare the heavy bucks, we suggest getting in touch with the management before bringing your bicycle to the course. 

It’s always better to get permission and authorization from the management before you do something for yourself. However, if the course allows you, there’s a heavy chance you can skip the expensive golf cart and ride around the course on a transport that’s easy to handle, cheap, has no battery required, and has no latest upgrades. 

Moreover, another factor involving the bicycle would be the optimum exercise that would come your way. Working your legs and arms and still getting the right amount of refreshment with golf is an ideal goal for any outdoor person. 

What are the best and most expensive golf carts brands?

Some of the best Golf cart brands include the following: 

  • E-Z-GO

These manufacturers are refined in their quality work and are praised by a vast crowd nationwide. 

You can also get used golf carts for a more cheaper price range. Another alternative is to rent out golf carts if you still feel like affording them may become a financial hazard on your part. 

There are many companies working in this regard. You can rent out the cart without having to pay the whole cost. 

How Are Golf Carts Powered?

It is possible to buy a gas or an electric cart, just as there is a choice in the vehicle sector or any other form of road transportation. 

Even if the market is undoubtedly shifting toward electric carts, gas is still somewhat in demand from consumers. 

Depending on the buyer’s own preferences, there are undoubtedly benefits in both cases. 

Similarly, buying a used or a new golf cart is feasible, and used versions will undoubtedly be available at significantly reduced prices for people seeking to save money. 

However, golf cart costs are famously out of reach, and even used golf carts can come with a hefty price tag. Numerous explanations exist for why this might be the case, and it is beneficial to look at a few of them.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

While maintaining an electric golf car is unquestionably less expensive than maintaining a gas-powered one, the drawback is that batteries will eventually die out or need replacement from time to time, which is without a doubt pretty expensive on the pocket. 

It is in the owner’s best interests to take care of the battery by charging it properly and at the appropriate times. If care is maintained, the battery can normally last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced.

There may be a wait for receiving a new battery because golf carts, especially electric golf carts, are a niche product. This must be considered when deciding whether to replace the battery. Also you can get information on what happens if golf cart batteries run out of water.

Are Golf Carts Street Legal?

Yes, they are, with the caveat that a street-legal golf cart must be in good condition and operated by a qualified driver in all states.

This implies that, among other things, seat belts, turn signals, brakes, and brake lights all need to be in good functioning order. If not, there has been a breach, and the operator may get fined.

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive (Their Worth?) 

why are golf carts so expensive

It depends on how you use it, just like with anything else. However, they are a need for golf course owners since if they don’t provide them, their audience will get limited to those who can and want to navigate the course entirely on foot. 

It is essential to remember that although some people have no choice but to utilise such a vehicle, others view it as a luxury they cannot live without.

Additionally, they serve as a status symbol and a way to project wealth and prosperity, which are associated with success in our society. 

In addition, a lot of the other features that may be added to their fundamental operation are entertaining to use and helpful while on the course. 

At the top end, several of these will already be included – EZ Particularly goes golf carts are renowned for being well-equipped.

Can You Cut Down the Cost of Golf Carts? 

If you really think about it, taking out some unwanted upgrades from your expensive golf cart can work in your favour. 

For instance, suppose you take out the stereo and bring a portable Bluetooth speaker, wouldn;t that work better, so everyone can get a chance to play their music of choice. 

If so, you can save some money by simply attaching the Bluetooth speaker to a tiny hook and carrying it about whenever you go outside on the cart.

To check if you can’t discover any carts that are damaged or need some maintenance, we also advise looking via the used market.

A new engine can often be added, different panels can be swapped, and other crucial measures can be taken to fix “slightly worn” carts oneself.

Getting In Touch With a Proper Dealer 

Before you take these actions, make sure you feel at ease.

Speak with nearby secondhand component vendors; they might have salvaged, functional parts from abandoned carts.

To further reduce your cost, you can try to purchase from manufacturers known for producing carts at a lesser price.

Because Yamaha doesn’t offer as many options or upgrades on their carts as other manufacturers, they are frequently less expensive.

You might not have to pay more for that benefit or for the kinds of modifications other cart manufacturers would offer because they don’t have the same kind of upgradeable design.

E-Z-GO is an excellent compromise since, while occasionally more affordable than Club Car carts, they are a little more opulent than Yamaha’s offerings. 

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive? Are they Worth Buying?

It actually depends on how it will be used, just like with anything else. They are a need for golf course owners since, if they don’t provide them, their audience will be limited to those who can and want to navigate the course entirely on foot. 

It is important to keep in mind that although some people simply have no choice but to utilise such a vehicle, others view it as a luxury that they cannot live without.

Just think about what folks who regularly use golf carts would do without them to see why they are so pricey.

Final Words

Nothing we can say or do will diminish the Importance of a Golf cart on the course. These beauties exist for a specific reason, and we can’t deny how exceptional they are for an average golfer. 

If you’re a consistent player, it is no surprise that a golf course is big. Big enough to not walk around on foot for 5 hours or as long as your game is on. 

Therefore, Golf carts are one of the ideal solutions. Naturally, therefore, marketing themselves in the Industry as a product that deserves recognition and worth accordingly. 

Above all, let us know what you think about golf carts being extra pricey in the comments below.  You can also check our blog about How Long To Play 18 Holes Of Golf With A Cart?


Will the Prices of Golf Carts Ever Go Down?

It doesn’t seem likely given all the things we just talked about. Supply is constrained and demand is high. Costly components and supplies are of high quality.

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive as Real Cars?

If you discover golf cars that are as pricey as real cars, the sophisticated improvements may be to blame. A golf cart’s value can rise quickly with the addition of lifts, back seats, sound systems, tyres, and other performance enhancements.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Golf Cart Batteries?

The average cost to replace all the batteries in a golf cart is between $600-$1,000.

How Are Gas Golf Carts More expensive than Electric Ones?

Because fewer gas golf carts gets returned to the dealer as trade-ins, used gas golf carts are frequently (though not always) more expensive than used electric golf carts. Used electric golf carts are frequently less expensive since they require new batteries, which costs $1,000.

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