What 3 Golf Clubs Do I Need | Detailed Guide 2023

Precision, skill, and specialised equipment are needed to play golf. Understanding which clubs to bring can confuse new golfers and seasoned pros. Many golfers discover that they require a small number of clubs to play their best game, even though typical sets may have 14 clubs. This blog will explore the question, “What 3 golf clubs do I need?”. 

We’ll look at the many kinds of clubs, their roles, and how you can use them to improve your game. By the end of this essay, you will better know which clubs are necessary for your playing style and how to maximise your golf bag to operate at its best on the course.

What 3 Golf Clubs Do I Need

What Is the 3 Club Challenge? 

The players in the 3 Club Challenge are limited to using just three clubs of their choice for the round. To navigate the course, the golfer must carefully choose which three clubs they will employ and use those clubs for all shots, including putting.

For tee shots, golfers typically use a driver or fairway wood; for approach shots, a mid-iron; and short shots around the green, a wedge. The difficulty is making the most of these few club options while still scoring well. 

The 3 Club Challenge might be played casually with friends or as a competitive event with set guidelines and criteria. It is a well-liked strategy for mixing things up and making a round of golf more complex, and it can help golfers improve at making decisions and shots on the course.

What 3 golf clubs do I Need for a 3 Club Challenge?

According to golf pros, always play to your strengths; unfortunately, putting isn’t one of them. You could still miss putts even with the most costly putter blade available. Therefore, spending time on a flat stick isn’t the best choice. 

What To Consider For Putting?

However, when it involves putting, there are two options to consider. The blade of the 54-degree wedge will make an excellent roll with some practice beforehand. In any case, it’s a shot frequently used from just off the putting surface. Alternately, a 3-iron also performs admirably on greens.

What 3 golf clubs Do I need for Distance and Accuracy?

A solid 3-iron shot off the tee will offer respectable distance and dependable accuracy. We frequently use the 3-iron to try and find some fairways if the driver isn’t behaving well. It is a versatile weapon as well. You can play a low runner or a cut-up floater, punch into the wind and let it fly in the breeze behind you, or all of the above.

Is the 7-Iron Worth It?

Another club that can generate a variety of helpful strokes is the 7-iron. It’s undoubtedly the most frequently used iron in my bag, used for everything from mid-length approach to groundouts around the green, so it would be rude to leave it out. 

Hence, after taking into consideration the above information, We think it’s safe to say that the answer for what golf clubs do I need for a 3-club challenge includes:

  • 3-Iron
  • 7-Iron 
  • 54-degree wedge 


Overall, your playing style, level of ability, and the location where you are playing all play a role in selecting what 3 golf clubs I need. However, we typically advise most golfers to use a driver, mid-iron, and wedge. 

For driving, nearing, and short-game shots, these clubs can offer various options. Each club’s loft and shaft flexibility should get considered because they significantly impact how well you perform. 

In the end, practice, experience, and honing your regular swing using the clubs you select are the keys to success in golf. Try out various clubs to see which one suits you the best, after which, hit the golf course and have fun playing!


Can you play golf with just 3 clubs?

Remove them before you reach the first tee and store them in your trunk. The “3-Club Challenge” goal is to play a full round of golf with just three clubs and a putter.

What is 3-club golf?

Generally, a 3-wood is used for shots between 210 and 180 yards, and a 3-iron is used for shots between 180 and 210 yards. For a shot of around 180 yards, a 5-wood is utilised, and for a shot that’s approximately 160 yards, a 5-iron.

What clubs do Tiger Woods use?

  • Driver for Stealth 2 Plus.
  • Fairway Stealth 2 Plus.
  • P770 3 Iron.
  • Irons P7TW.
  • Tiger Woods grind wedge (MG3).

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