What Are Left Hand Orientation Golf Clubs | 2023 Guide

Finding the ideal golf clubs might take much work for left-handed golfers. Unfortunately, few golf clubs are available for left-handed players because most are for right-handed golfers. Left hand orientation golf clubs, however, remedy this issue. 

These clubs have features like reversed clubhead shapes and grip orientation for left-handed players. 

Left-handed golfers are the target market for these clubs. In this blog post, we will discuss left-hand orientation golf clubs and their advantages and factors to consider when choosing the finest left-hand orientation golf clubs for your game. 

This blog will offer insightful information into the global community of left-hand orientation golf clubs, regardless of your experience as a left-handed golfer.

What Are Left Hand Orientation Golf Clubs

What Does Hand Orientation Mean In Golf?

Golfers are referred to as right-handed when they point their hands forward and left-handed when they point their hands backwards.

An athlete’s performance on a golf course and swing might be impacted by hand orientation. For instance, a golfer will have a harder problem hitting the ball if he swings his club with his palms pointing forward.

A golfer needs help maintaining balance and control while playing the game if his hands are pointed in the wrong direction. Therefore, if you intend to play golf this year, pair up with a right- or left-handed partner.

What Are Left Hand Orientation Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs with a left-hand orientation are those created especially for left-handed golfers. These clubs’ clubhead, shaft, and grip are designed for left-handed play. In addition, golf clubs with a left-hand direction are made to accommodate left-handed golfers who swing from the left side of the ball. 

With the angle and loft changed, golf clubs designed for left-handed play often have clubheads that mirror their right-handed counterparts. 

The grip on a golf club with a left-hand orientation is also made to fit the golfer’s left hand; it has the same texture and feel as a right-handed grip and is positioned for left-handed use. As a result, golf clubs with a left-hand orientation are often more efficient and comfortable for left-handed golfers.

Advantages of Left Hand Orientation Golf Clubs?

While some golfers greatly benefit from playing in this manner, others face difficulties. But depending on the shot type of particular shots and holes, left-handed players may enjoy some advantages.

  • Improved swing: Left-handed golfers can swing the club more comfortably and naturally using a club that is left-handed oriented. This may lead to a smoother, more effective swing, improving ball contact and increasing accuracy.
  • Better ball flight: Left-handed golfers benefit from a left-hand orientation’s clubhead design, specifically modified for left-handed play. Longer drives, more accurate strokes, and greater efficiency on the course can all result from this.
  • Using the proper equipment can increase a golfer’s comfort on the course. Left-handed golfers can boost their performance by using left-handed golf clubs oriented towards left-handed players.
  • An increased variety of Golf clubs with a left-hand orientation give left-handed players more choices when picking the best clubs for their game. Golfers with their left hand can choose the clubs that best fit their swing and play because they have more possibilities.

What Are The Two Basic Hand Orientation In Golf?

Dominant and Non-dominant are the two fundamental hand orientations.

The hands used to hold the club are the dominant hands. The hands that are utilised to swing the club are the non-dominant hands.

Your dominant hand is typically utilised to grip a golf club when you hold it. However, golfers adjust the club face or grip with their non-dominant hand.

Usually, when gripping a golf club, dominant hands are usually more steady and unlikely to tire. Conversely, non-dominant hands are more prone to instability and fatigue when engaging a golf club.


To sum it up, left-handed golfers must require left-hand orientation golf clubs. They provide the necessary comfort and support to improve your game while making it even more pleasurable. In addition, you can achieve your perfect swing and hit the ball more precisely using the right-left-handed golf club. 

Therefore, if you play golf left-handed, there’s no need to think twice – buy a set of left hand orientation golf clubs right away, and up your game!


What is the difference between right and left hand golf clubs?

Besides putters, the club head is the only distinction between RH and LH golf clubs. Shafts and grips aren’t made exclusively for right- or left-handed people. In other words, any shaft may be used with an RH club head to generate an RH club.

What is the disadvantage of left-handed?

Despite making up only about 10% of the population, left-handed people appear more susceptible to certain diseases, such as breast cancer. Condition of irregular limb mobility. Psychotic illnesses.

What does right-hand orientation mean in golf clubs?

You are right-handed if you have a right-handed orientation.

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