What Is A Left Handed Golf Stance | Full Guide 2023

Being a lefty, in general, can be a ton of fun. However, it can prove to be a real challenge in sports. It is especially mastering the left handed golf stance. Moreover, if you’re one of the rare individuals operating with a left hand, there is no need to fall short; studies show that only 12% of the world population are lefties. 

Golf pros estimate that there is typically 1 left-handed golfer for every 30 right-handed players.

Rareness can occasionally feel remarkable, but that’s not the golf case. Golf can be very difficult for left-handed players. Lefties frequently feel underrepresented on golf courses and need help finding the appropriate equipment. 

We have devoted this entire article to left-handed players to represent them better. Everything for left-handed people, from benefits and drawbacks to advice and techniques, is provided here.

What is a Left Handed Golf Stance in golf

Essential Tips for Playing with a Left handed Golf Stance

If you’re a left-hand golfer just starting, here are some of the best tips you can find on the internet. 

Focus On the Grip

Being a lefty does not guarantee that you will have a weak or unsuitable grip. You will save a lot of trouble if you grasp your club correctly. Regardless of how your hands are held!

Please ensure the golf club crosses your left palm as you grip it. Above your pinkie finger, it should pass through the base of your index finger. Avoid making the error of transferring the hold to your fingertips. Otherwise, it results in a hurried golf swing motion. Similarly, a hold in your palm slows your swing and frequently results in a slice.

Left Handed Golf Stance

Both right-handed and left-handed golfers use identical stance and stroke mechanics. They’re both mirror images of one another, which is the sole distinction.

By placing the club underneath the golf ball, you set up. The clubface will now be square to your target as a result.

Be sure to maintain tight foot spacing. Then, with your right foot, take a tiny stride to the right and your left foot, a significant step to the left. In this position, the golf ball is slightly in front of and inside the sole of your left foot, and your feet are shoulder-distance apart.

Flip the body’s alignment in any golf advice video or post you read to adopt a better stance and swing. True, it’s easier said than done. But as time passes, adjusting is much easier.

Golf Swing 

It is advantageous for left-handed players to finish their swing motion with complete follow-through. That is how you can tell whether a full hip rotation has produced adequate power.

To fully utilize the force at your disposal and rotate your hips fully, it is essential to swing on the soles of your feet. Golfers who are left- or right-handed should take note of this.

Golfers frequently need to pay more attention to the value of a balanced follow-through, regardless of hand orientation. However, it shows to be significantly more harmful to left-handed athletes. Using the proper follow-through technique connects your start and finish positions. You have the best power and authority over your shot when doing this.

Teaching your body to reverse the standard sequence is necessary to play left-handed golf. That undoubtedly requires more effort, concentration, and practice. It’s all about muscle retention, so avoiding switching between the right and left hands is crucial.

Essential Tips for Playing with a Left handed Golf Stance

Advantages of Being a Left-Hand Golfer?

  • Left-handed golfers are unstoppable because of their capacity to hit challenging shots. 
  • Studies in the American Journal of Psychology show that lefties are more imaginative and creative. It is due to the right hemisphere of a left-handed person’s brain, which predominates and is responsible for complex thought and creativity.
  • Therefore, being left-handed gives you an advantage over right-handed people in competitions since you have more intuition and originality.

Disadvantages of Left-Hand Golfers

  • The absence of qualified golf teachers is the biggest challenge left-handed golfers encounter. Most golf instructors need to be trained to advise left- and right-handed golfers, though some are.
  • It is best to learn golf from a coach who is physically similar to you and uses the same hand as you do. Since there are few left-handed golfers, there need to be more left-handed professional teachers. 
  • Most golf pros on YouTube share advice and strategies only for right-handed players. Conversely, Lefties need guidance on enhancing their gameplay to fend for themselves. 
  • The greatest golf club manufacturers provide both left- and right-hand orientation. Take these well-known TaylorMade drivers, for instance. However, lefties frequently find it difficult to purchase clubs because most are designed for something other than left-handed play.


In conclusion, for left-handed golfers, a left handed golf stance is an essential component of the sport. Maintaining optimum balance, position, and swing mechanics requires placing the body and the club in the appropriate positions. 

Finding the ideal posture can enhance a golfer’s game and eventually contribute to greater success on the course, albeit it may take some time and practice to perfect. 

In a sport where right-handed players have historically dominated, it’s crucial for left-handed golfers not to feel demoralized or ostracised. Anyone can master left-handed golf with practice and the appropriate instruction.


How do you tell if a golf club is left or right-handed?

The hosel (the part of the club head that connects to the shaft) will be tilted to the right if you position a right-handed club head against a flat surface with the bottom of the club head lying flat on the floor and the club face facing you. The hosel of a left-handed club will be inclined to the left.

How do you position left handed golf Stance?

To grasp the golf club, first place your right hand on the top of the grip and then place your left hand, facing down towards the ground, against the grip from the side. Your index finger’s middle joint should be at the top of the grip, and your small finger should be at the bottom.

What do you call a left-handed golfer?

A left-handed golfer is primarily called a southpaw, mollydooker, or goofy-footed goofy-golfer.

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