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Possibly the most crucial club in a golfer’s bag is the putter. Golfers must select the proper putter length for their height, stance, and technique to perform at their best. About 40% of golf strokes are made on the putting green. Therefore, selecting a putter with the perfect length and the right putter type is important. Lets continue to what length putter for 5’11.

Golfers should typically use a 34-inch putter if they are between 5’9″ and 5’11” in height, a 33-inch putter if they are between 5’8″ and 6’0″, and a 35-inch putter if they are beyond 6’0″. The posture of a golfer affects putter length as well. An upright stance indicates a longer putter, whereas a leaned-over one does not.

Moreover, knowing the right putter length is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, this blog will discuss everything beginners, intermediate, and potential golfers need to know. 

Can Golfers Use Short Putters?

Even though they are tall, some golfers can utilise short putters because they find them to be simpler to control. Many golfers have no trouble using a 33″ putter if they have no bending issues.

However, most golfers over 6 feet tall find the standard-sized 35-inch putter to be more comfortable when putting.

Due to the fact that these clubs enable them to deliver their finest shots, several tall players prefer the somewhat shorter 33 and 34 inch putters.

Even taller golfers have been observed using putters that are only 31, 31,25, and 32.5 inches long.

Some golfers like to choke down a few inches on their long putters when using them. Tall golfers who have no trouble bending and playing find using short putters to be comfortable.

Why Does Putter Length Matter?

Many golfers will tell you that the right putter length matters, although they might not explain why. We’re here to assist you in getting that important information, though.

  • It Determines Swinging Arc

How it affects your swing arc is one of the main reasons to select the right putter length. The ideal lie angle is produced when a putter is at the right length. The angle formed by placing your putter’s head on the ground behind the ball is known as the lie angle. 

The center of the putter head will rest on the ground if you have the right length putter, giving you the right lie angle. The other end of a shorter putter will rest on the ground. Your putting stroke will change significantly as a result of this, which will also have a significant impact on your short game. If your lie angle is improper, your golf ball will miss the target you did not plan for. 

Overall, the main purpose of putter length is to determine the basis of your directional control. 

  • It Helps Identify Putter Stance 

Stance is crucial in golf. When it comes to putting, this is especially true. An overall perspective on the short game, with swing weight and distance control, will be determined by your putting stance.

Because posture is crucial, let’s discuss how it alters perception. If your putter is too lengthy, your eye position will be too far beneath the golf ball. It will be too far over it if it is too short. Your perception of the intended line to the hole will vary.

Let’s talk about how putter length will impact stroke power now if you forcefully swing a short putter too. Your swing weight will increase as soon as you alter your stance because there is less chance of running into anything (including the ball). With a long putter, however, you’ll undoubtedly chip the ball and the ground.

Do I Have an Accurate Putter Length 

Honestly, I doubt it. You may expect to find putters with a standard length of 35 inches on the market. A 35-inch putter, however, is too lengthy for most golfers.

A 35-inch putter is only appropriate for players between 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches tall if putter length is determined by height. Therefore, while most players won’t benefit from the regular putter length, tall golfers would.

However, suppose you’re someone who relates to average men’s height, say 5″ 11. In that case, we suggest looking at the table below for a better understanding. 

Height – Putter Length Fitting Chart(what length putter for 5’11)

Under 5′ 32 inches or less
5’0″ to 5’2″32.5 inches
5’2″ to 5’4″ 33 inches
5’4″ to 5’6″ 33.5 inches
5’6″ to 5’8″ 34 inches
5’8″ to 6’0″ 34.5 inches
6’0″ to 6’2″ 35 inches
6’2″ to 6’4″35.5 inches
Over 6’4″36 inches 

You can always wiggle some room. Even golfers with the same height won’t all have the same physique. Therefore, it’s mandatory to adjust according to your comfort level. 

what length putter for 5’11 ( Try-By-Hand Practice )

This method is simpler and more accurate if you have someone to assist you with some crucial measures. You can always visit a store nearby for a putter fitting if you want a putter that is correctly fitted. However, putter fittings may not always be required if you have a willing partner to assist you at home or on the course.

  1. Correct Posture & Alignment 

Take the proper putting setup stance by grabbing a putter or pretending to hold one (or the address position). Moreover, it necessitates keeping your gaze directly over the inside edge of the golf ball. 

Your hips should be over your heels, and your hands and arms should rest loosely beneath your shoulders.

  1. Measuring the Distance 

In this position, you will need to take two measurements. They will be referred to as A and B. Your wrist’s crease to the ground is the exact location of measurement A. The inner edge of the golf ball is located at the point where measurement A meets the ground.

Advantages of Using Log Putters In Golf 

When compared to its shorter version, a long putter has some advantages.

  • The putter is perfect for recreational players who struggle to make smooth putting strokes and can’t execute short putts.
  • The putter relieves the players’ backs of some of the stress, allowing them to practise for longer and improve their skills. The older the player, the more likely this is.
  • A long putter aids in limiting wrist and upward and downward wrist movement. Due to improved hand control, players are able to generate a flawless pendulum stroke as the club becomes anchored against the body.
  • Some golfers find that using a long putter gives them a better grip than they would with a conventional putter.
  • Due to their length, long putters force golfers to maintain an upright posture. They can see the line to the hole more clearly from this stance.
  • Excellent ball strikers have performed better with their putting stroke when using a longer putter than when using a regular putter.
  • By facing the hole and putting from one side, the putter aids in hitting sidesaddle and makes a few more putts that are successful.
  • Golfers who are less adept at putting will benefit more from a putter than those who are.
  • For players who frequently putt from less than 10 feet, a long putter is useful. They would, however, find it more difficult to putt from a distance than this.

What Length Putter for 5’11 should you get (Is 35 Inch Putter too Small?)

A putter that measures 35 inches is regarded as being of typical size. The typical club head weight for this putter is 0.73 pounds. You can tell if a putter of this size is too short for you by where your eyes are pointed and how close you are to the ball.

If the putter is too short, you might not be able to put out your best effort on long strokes. Additionally, you might discover that the majority of your misses are to the left if your 35-inch putter is too short.

You may be confident that your putter is not excessively short for you if you can maintain an upright stance when using a 35-inch putter and your swing is unaffected. You don’t need to change anything to use it going forward.

The 35-inch putter is typically more comfortable for golfers over 6 feet tall than a shorter one. Some players, who aren’t as tall, nevertheless find it simple to use a putter of this size for their putting during a game.

What Is The Difference Between 34 Inch & 35 Inch Putters?

According to the experiences of some players with their putters, the following points illustrate some distinctions between a 34 inch and a 35 inch putter.

  • With their desired swing weight and typical arm posture, some golfers find that a 34-inch putter gives them better control than its 35-inch cousin.
  • Because of the more comfortable grip, some golfers have found that a 34-inch putter allows them to execute their strokes comfortably and easily.
  • A 34-inch putter may be more comfortable for some golfers to grasp downward than a 35-inch one.
  • With a 34-inch putter, few players can maintain steady arms and upright stances throughout their putting strokes.
  • Some golfers prefer using a 34-inch putter instead of a 35-inch one because they prefer squatting to standing straight. However, utilising a 35-inch putter is preferable for people who choose upright positions that reduce back strain.
  • When putting with a 35-inch putter as opposed to a 34-inch putter, golfers report a lighter stroke weight.
  • While a 35-inch putter is best suitable for players 6 feet and taller, a 34-inch putter frequently works well for players around 5 feet inches and 5 feet 11 inches in height.
  • Few players discover that using a 34-inch putter causes their arms to dangle more awkwardly than when using a 35-inch putter.

How Tall Should a Player be To Play with a 35 Inch Putter?

For golfers who are taller than 6 feet, a 35-inch putter is advised. When in the putting stance, tall players should have their eyes precisely over the ball.

With this putter, you’ll also be able to perform a better stroke and position yourself so that your shoulders bend slightly inward of your elbows.

It should be noted, though, that some players who stand 6 feet 4 inches tall find a 35-inch putter to be a touch too short for them.

Similar to this, there are players who can maintain upright postures while using this putter who are 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Get a Custome-Made Putter Based on Your Height 

A correctly fitted set of golf clubs is crucial, as anyone truly committed to the game will realize. However, a putter that is fitted properly is just as crucial. When you require a 34.5-inch putter, you don’t want to be using a 34-inch putter.

A custom-fitting putter can be the best option if you want to improve your game as much as possible. These are the experiences you’ll have:

  • Your aims in golf. Unbelievably, a professional club fitter can choose a putter for you that will complement your style of play.
  • Utilizing Balance Certified weights to evaluate various putters. To improve impact consistency and determine the ideal stroke route.
  • How do you feel about the putter you are using now? A club fitter will still find something better even if you’re happy with what you’ve got by comparing various characteristics to how you put it.

Following all this, we will be able to assist you with locating the putter, including the length of the putter, which will improve your game.

Final Words 

For golfers trying to advance their game, putter fits can be quite helpful. To optimise your putter length, club head type, weight, and grip, have yourself properly fitted by a professional. It probably isn’t worth it if you’re merely an average or beginning golfer. Use the suggestions in this article to find the answer about what length putter for 5’11 should you get and from other resources to help you choose the putter that will work the best for you.

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