What Size Golf Clubs Should A 5 Foot Woman Use | Guide 2023

Golf clubs come in various sizes. They mainly catered to every height’s needs, although the average numbers ranged from 5’6 to 5’11. In such cases, one can’t help but wonder what size golf clubs should a 5 foot woman use. 

Golf clubs are not something you can keep adding to the cart like a bowl of chips. It requires serious analysis to ensure you end up with the right match. Or else you can have a hard time on the course. Unfortunately, several people, especially women, make the same mistake of opting for a club irrelevant to their height. 

Therefore, in today’s blog, we’ll discuss all the essential chunks of a golf club, like size, brand, etc., to ensure women don’t have a hard time adjusting to the wrong golf club but instead focus on improving their gameplay. 

What Size Golf Clubs Should a 5 Foot woman Use 

What Size Golf Clubs Should A 5 Foot Women Use

A woman standing five feet tall should choose golf clubs that are the right size for her based on several things, including height, arm length, swing speed, and individual preferences. Several general principles, though:

  • Women’s golf clubs often have a more flexible shaft and are shorter and lighter than men’s clubs to adapt to slower swing speeds.
  • The range from the woman’s wrist to the ground is often measured while standing neutrally to determine the proper club length. The recommended size can be ascertained by comparing this measurement to a fitting club chart.
  • Shorter clubs, which are simpler to manage and enable a more comfortable swing, are often advantageous for shorter golfers. 5-foot tall women may benefit from one or two inches shorter clubs than typical women’s clubs.
  • While selecting golf clubs, it’s also critical to consider the loft angle and clubhead shape because these elements can change the ball’s trajectory and distance.

Finally, getting a top-league fitting from a golfing pro or equipment specialist is the best way to determine the optimal golf club size for a 5-foot woman. They might assess her swing and suggest clubs to improve her performance and enjoyment of the game. Hence, making it easier to question what size golf clubs should a 5 foot woman use. 

Do Short Women need Short Clubs?

Do Short Women need Short Clubs

Your clubs should be shorter if you are shorter than usual. Club length is just one criterion in club fitting; posture and arm length also significantly impact.

Compared to a shorter player with shorter arms, a tall player with longer arms may require shorter clubs. Therefore, arms reach is the second element that affects club fit after height. 

Don’t just buy golf clubs when they’re on sale or a friend told you they were “short” golf clubs; be sure to choose clubs that suit your body type and stature well.

Take the time to test out various kinds of golf equipment until you find those that feel comfortable and provide solid performance throughout your golf.

How to Determine If My Golf Clubs Are Small?

Worried about what size golf clubs should a 5 foot woman use? The easiest way to spot it is if your back is hunched forward excessively, your club’s heel lifts off the ground at the address, and you frequently make contact with the club’s heel.

If your current set of golf clubs doesn’t fit your swing well, you can get a longer or otherwise modified set. If you know what size shafts are best for you and how far up on The driver you should place it, another option is to purchase brand-new, custom-made golf clubs.

Lastly, always maintain proper alignment when striking the ball to get the most accurate distance from each shot. Make careful to practise frequently to become accustomed to hitting the ball straight with various types of golf equipment.

What is the Ideal height for a Woman’s golf club?

There is a height difference between men and women. Thus, some taller ladies can play with regular-length golf clubs without problems. On the other hand, women’s golf clubs are made for 5’7″ or shorter players.

An appropriate female club is typically between 3/4 and an inch shorter than a man’s standard-length golf club. 

If you are taller than 5’9″, you might want to get a specially built ladies club.

Before making any purchases, always check with your neighbourhood pro shop or golfer’s guide. They may recommend the best clubs that fit your height and swing style. Remember that mastering the sport requires time and practice, even if you locate the ideal golf club set. Therefore, you can easily ask them what size golf clubs should a 5 foot woman use. 

Are Junior Golf Clubs Good for Women?

Yes. Junior golf clubs can be used by adults just as quickly as by children. However, many short women discover that utilising a club meant for somebody taller than them gives them more control and power.

No, despite your size or power level, junior golf clubs offer the ideal blend of sturdiness and suppleness for a fun playing experience. When buying, get the appropriate type of golf clubs for your height and weight to strike the ball like a pro.

If you need help determining which size might be best for you, feel free to question the professionals at your neighbourhood pro shop. Golf is one activity that gets more popular with time since anyone, regardless of physical stature, can enjoy it.

What is the difference between Standard and Small Golf Clubs for Women?

Standard and petite are the two sizes available for women’s golf clubs. A tiny club is shorter and lighter than the regular club and ideal for ladies between 65 and 69 inches tall (5’5″ to 5’9 ′′).

A custom-fitted golf glove may be a good idea if you are taller than 5’9″ since it will aid grip and hand placement on the clubface. 

While each manufacturer makes various sizes of clubs for varying heights of women, it is important to compare brands when shopping and select one that suits your demands.

Golf is an excellent activity for beginners and advanced athletes since it can enhance cardiovascular health by boosting stamina and strength while lowering stress.

Do Brands Make Small Golf Clubs for Short People 

There are golf clubs made expressly for shorter players, indeed. One choice is the Wilson Deep Red club, which is faster than regular clubs and designed for players between 5 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 8 inches.

The Precise M3 club is an additional choice; it is 1 inch shorter than the regular, making it highly competitive and reasonably priced. Finding a club that suits your size and playing style is essential because only some clubs will serve you.

To find the ideal fit when buying a golf club, it’s crucial to consider your height and other elements like swinging speed and level of experience.

What is the WTF Rule in Golf?

Golfers employ a measurement called the WTF (wrist-to-floor) rule to find the right length of a golf club for them. It entails standing comfortably with the arms hanging straight down and measuring the distance from the player’s wrist (where the wrist bone joins the hand) to the floor. The measurement, made in inches, establishes the golf club shaft length that best fits the player’s swing.

The WTF rule is founded on the idea that golfers with various heights and body types have variable arm lengths, necessitating different club lengths to achieve the best possible swing. As a result, golfers can increase their reliability and precision on the course by matching the size of the club to their WTF measurements.

Club fitters and other golf professionals frequently employ the WTF rule to ensure that golfers utilise the best equipment for their particular requirements. However, it is crucial to remember that other elements like swing speed, club head design, and grip size can also impact a golf club’s performance in addition to the WTF measurement.

Height- Chart 

A “height-based” chart is the most popular technique for recommending the length of a golf club. Except for juniors, golf clubs are typically offered in two main sizes primarily based on data, such as the average height of a typical male and female. 

In the United States, women are on average 5′ 5″ (165.1 cm) tall, with 68% falling between 5′ 2″ and 5′ 7″. The average male is about 5′ 10″ tall “(177.8cm), almost 68% of whom are between 5′ 6″ and 5′ 11”. Typically, there is one difference in the finished stock of men’s and women’s clubs “a variation in length.

HeightHeightLength Factor
6-9 to 7-0206 – 213Add 2″
6-6 to 6-9198 – 206Add 1 1/2″
6-3 to 6-6191 – 198Add 1″
6-0 to 6-3183 – 191Add 1/2″
5-9 to 6-0175 – 183Standard Length
5-6 to 5-9168 – 175Subtract 1/2″
5-3 to 5-6160 – 168Subtract 1″
5-0 to 5-3152 – 160Subtract 1 1/2″
4-9 to 5-0145 – 152Subtract 2″

In light of this, some charts will utilise the following ratios: the clubs ought to be 1″ shorter or longer for every 5″ or 6″ of height discrepancy. The reason the actual lengths were left out. The Length Ratio could be adjusted to what one would believe to be “standard length” is because each manufacturer will naturally have their own opinion of what the optimum size of their clubs will be.

What is the Importance of Lie In a Golf Club?

The lie also impacts the length. The “Triangle” is produced by the size of the club (A), the vertical distance from the butt end of both the grip to the ground (B) and the total displacement from the back edge of the foot of the club to the butt end of the club is shown in the diagram on the right (C). The lie angle of each club is also shown in the charts below.

The manufacturer might change the B length by changing the club’s lie. Four clubs with the same length but varying lie angles are shown in the chart below. 

With the sole hitting the ground in the middle, the butt end rose about a third inch for every degree increase in lie angle. 


Some clubmakers might alter the lying angle rather than lengthening the club to accommodate a taller or WTF-measured user.

Swingweight factor in determining what size golf clubs should a 5 foot woman use 

The impact of the club’s swing weight is one of the causes of this. The centre of the club’s sole will contact the floor, and the butt end will be around the same height above the ground for all length and lie combinations in the accompanying chart. The swing weights will be roughly those given in the graph if we use a standard weight 5 iron (256g) and a light steel shaft.


Yet, it is more crucial to ensure that the golfer uses the correct swing plane due to the length and lie recommendations to make firm contact. Additionally, because most places fit on a mid-iron, structure the rest of the set around that, utilising standard progressions in length, not just for one club but for all of the clubs throughout the group (i.e. 0.5″ length increments).

Can women use male golfer’s clubs?

Women can use men’s golf clubs. However, there may be better choices for their swing. For example, men often have longer shafts, heavier clubheads, and stiffer shaft flexes than women’s golf clubs. Male golfers, who typically generate more clubhead speed and power than female golfers, are designed with these qualities to fit their physical strength and swing speeds.

In contrast, women’s golf clubs are made with lighter clubheads, more flexible shafts, and shorter shafts that are more suited to the swing patterns of female players. In addition, the grips of women’s golf clubs are typically smaller, making them more comfortable for ladies with smaller hands.

Women can use male golf clubs, although they might find it harder to create clubhead speed and control their shots due to the heavier clubheads and stiffer shafts. However, to increase their performance on the course and maximise their swing characteristics, women’s golf clubs are frequently preferred by women.

What are the Best Female Golf Club Brands In the Market?

There are a number of golf club brands that offer a variety of solutions for players of all skill levels and expressly appeal to female golfers. Some of the top female golf club manufacturers are listed below:

  • Callaway: 

Callaway provides a selection of women’s golf clubs, including putters, hybrids, drivers, and irons. To account for women’s slower swing speeds, their women’s clubs have lighter weights, higher lofts, and more flexible shafts.

  • TaylorMade: 

To help female golfers improve their game, TaylorMade’s women’s golf clubs have lightweight designs and cutting-edge technologies. Their golf equipment consists of drivers, irons, hybrids, and putters that are made to offer the most accuracy, forgiveness, and distance possible.

  • Cobra: 

Cobra is a well-known company that sells golf clubs that are specifically made for ladies. To aid female golfers in generating more distance and accuracy on the course, their clubs have lightweight designs and higher lofts.

  • Titleist: 

Titleist provides a variety of golf clubs for ladies, such as wedges, irons, and hybrids. Their equipment is made to let female golfers play with more control, accuracy, and distance.

  • Ping: 

Ping’s women’s golf clubs are made with flexible shafts and lightweight materials to enable female players to increase their swing speed and distance. Drivers, irons, hybrids, and putters are among their clubs, which are made to accommodate a variety of playing styles and skill levels.

The ideal golf club manufacturer for women will ultimately depend on personal tastes and requirements. It is advised to test out several clubs and brands to determine which ones are ideal for you.

Can Women Use Customised Golf Clubs On the Course?

On the course, women can definitely use specialised golf clubs. In reality, by ensuring that their clubs are the proper length, weight, and flex for their swing, custom-fitted clubs can help women golfers enhance their skills. 

Moreover, custom clubs can benefit female golfers who have particular requirements, such as those who are taller or shorter than usual or who have a certain swing type.

Numerous suppliers of golf equipment provide bespoke club fitting services, where a qualified expert will assess your height, arm length, and other details to establish the ideal club specifications for your swing. 

To help choose the appropriate shaft material and flex, they might also inquire about your skill level, swing speed, and other variables.

Ultimately, custom-fitted clubs can assist female golfers play more easily, reliably, and accurately, so if you’re serious about improving your game, it’s absolutely worth thinking about.

what size golf clubs should a 5 foot woman use Ending Words!

Choosing the appropriate size of golf clubs is essential for all golfers, regardless of their height or gender. For example, the length of the clubs and the grip size should be selected for a 5-foot woman’s swing to fit their body measurements. 

While choosing the right clubs, it’s crucial to consider elements like the player’s wrist-to-floor measurement, swing speed, and ability level. Women’s golf clubs are created expressly to meet the demands of female players, and they may offer a better fit and more comfort while playing. 

To maximise their performance and enjoyment of the game, golfers should ultimately speak with a golf professional or club fitter to identify the best size and kind of clubs.

This blog helped determine what size golf clubs should a 5 foot woman use. Please take a look at our beginner’s guide to golf.


How to Measure Golf Clubs for Women?

Hands should be swinging loosely at your sides while you stand. Have your helper measure the distance straight down from the point where your wrist hinges to the ground. Your wrist-to-floor measurement is as follows.

What height should Ladies’ golf clubs be?

The typical length for women is 43 inches, and iron sets for women are typically 1 inch shorter than those for males. The standard women’s group is one additional inch more concise than the small or ladies’ junior set. 

How do I choose golf clubs for my height?

For people who are 5ft 9′′ or shorter, add 1/2′′ to the height for every three ′′ of conventional golf club length (35′′). The average length golf club is what is appropriate for people who are 5′ 9″ to 6′ tall. For heights exceeding 6 feet, multiply the regular golf club length (35 inches) by 1/2 inch for every 3 inches of height.

Women’s golf club length by height

Because of this, the typical golf club for women is shorter than for men and made for those between 65 and 69 inches (5’5″ to 5’9″) tall. In addition, golf equipment producers provide a “petite” golf club that’s lighter and shorter than the conventional length club for women under 5’5″ tall.

Can a 5-foot woman use junior golf clubs?

If your height is between 60 and 63 inches or between 5’0″ and 5’3″, you should opt for clubs advertised as “petite” sets. Junior clubs will be inadequately sized, while traditional women’s clubs will be massive.

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