What’s a cadet golf glove | 2023 | Detailed Guide

Golf accessories are one of the most pleasant aspects of the sport. We cannot help but modify it according to our preferences. Cadet gloves are either too big or too small for players. Moreover, if you don’t know what’s a cadet golf glove, then we’ve got you covered! 

Golf gloves are available in various sizes, styles, and materials. However, knowing what works best for you is a hassle most of us go through. If you’re ever shopping for golf gloves, coming across cadet gloves isn’t going to be a surprise. 

You’ll witness a dedicated section for both men and women. Also, if you’re wondering what’s so special about the gloves, their prime quality differs from a regular glove. Therefore, you’ll only find them in golf-related places. 

Here at Top Golf Advisor, we’ll deliver you all the information about the gloves in a detailed manner with some fun along the way. Make sure to read till the end and take notes of all the essential factors we’ll point out. Therefore, without further adieu, let’s get on with the blog. 

Whats a Cadet Golf Glove

What’s a Cadet Golf Glove?

Cadet gloves are ideal for people with small hands- petite fingers and large palms- unlike regular gloves. It’s also one of the golfing community’s most profound secrets. If you wish to improve your swing, invest in a good golf glove. 

Golfers who find regular gloves too tight or unpleasant might use these gloves since they are made particularly to match their hand structure. Golfers with Cadet gloves have an excellent grip and can control their clubs throughout the swing. 

Cadet golf gloves are becoming increasingly well-liked among players of all ability levels due to their comfortable fit and great performance. Cadet golf gloves may help you improve your game and elevate your golfing experience, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice.

Cadet Golf Gloves Vs Regular Golf Gloves

When you place them side by side, you’ll notice that a cadet golf glove is thinner and wider than a standard golf glove. Normal golf gloves are available in certain sizes for men and women. 

Conversely, only men’s sizes are available for cadet gloves.Hence, after understanding what’s a cadet golf glove the next question that pops up in the head is always about the difference or size 

Regular gloves and cadet golf gloves differ mostly in fit and design. Golfers with shorter fingers and larger palms should wear cadet gloves, while players with average-sized hands should wear standard gloves. 

Golfers who take precautions that are either too snug or too loose may feel uncomfortable or have less control over their clubs. Thus, this variation in fit is crucial.

cadet golf gloves vs regular golf gloves

Cadet golf gloves are often designed with premium materials that provide excellent grip, durability, and unique fit. They may also have specific technologies, including textured palms or breathable fabrics, to improve grip and control.

Conversely, regular gloves are made for everyday use and might not have the same grip or sturdiness as cadet golf gloves. Although some golfers might find them ideal, some with broader palms or shorter fingers could find them unpleasant or ineffectual on the course.

Cadet golf gloves are a specialized tool to aid golfers of all skill levels in improving their grip, degree of comfort, and performance on the course.

What does Cadet size mean in Golf Gloves?

The cadet golf glove is made for persons who have broader, shorter-fingered hands that are disproportionate. According to our study, 20% of golfers need cadet gloves.

Most significant glove producers, including Titleist, Footjoy, and TaylorMade, produce cadet-style golf gloves.

Although other cadet sizes might not be available at a pro shop, you can still find them online and in other places that offer golf equipment.

To avoid any issues with striking balls correctly, always choose a pair of gloves that matches your hand size when purchasing your gloves online or in a store. 

Remember that this kind of glove can perspire easily and should be thrown away after each round if it hasn’t dried out since doing so could irritate your skin.

Remember only to use the Cadet medium golf glove when participating in competitions or practice sessions where accuracy is essential. Therefore, understanding what’s a cadet golf glove is and it’s size is crucial for your gameplay. 

Do You Need a Cadet Golf Glove?

Although we’ve cleared the air on what a cadet golf glove is, the need of an even bigger question is; Do you need a cadet golf glove? To answer this, it depends on the shape and size of your hands. 

However, it’s common to misunderstand the shape of your hands; therefore, we suggest taking a closer look at your current gloves and pinning out the differences. 

If a regular glove is too loose on the hand and doesn’t offer the right balance of grip and durability, it’s best to switch and purchase a cadet. Further in this blog, let’s look at how tight or well-fitting a cadet glove should be to uncomplicate the matter. 

How Tight Should a Golf Glove Be?

The ideal golf glove should fit your hand like a second skin. Without the glove slipping or having too much space at the tips of the fingers, you should be able to open and close your hand without discomfort.

Your golf glove seems too small for your hand if your palms or the top of your hand are too broad and you’re having trouble slipping your hand inside the glove. The glove is too big if the club fits snugly in the palm, yet there is space at the fingertips.

A cadet-style golf glove is useful if your size falls in the middle of most brands’ offerings. Golfers who fall between sizes and have a conventional golf glove with too much room inside the fingers or a tight palm may want to consider cadet sizes designed to fit this hand shape. 

Hence, what’s a cadet golf glove without having the ideal fit for the golfers playing. 

What’s a Cadet Golf Glove Size Chart?

We’ve said in this blog that the size of regular and cadet golf gloves varies for men and women. For men, regular gloves can start with small and lead up to triple XL. However, a cadet golf glove offers a range of small to double XL. 

If you want to know what size fits you best, measure the distance between the base of your palm and the tip of your middle finger to determine your golf glove size. You’ll likely fit into a youth-sized glove between 6.25 and 7 inches if your height is under 7 inches.

To achieve a secure fit on all parts of your hand, go up one measurement from what you measured if you have bigger hands or lengthy fingers. 

Take some time to try on golf gloves at nearby shops before making a purchase. They come in various colors and styles that will go with any attire.

Whats a Cadet Golf Glove Size Chart

The size chart below shows the different versions and will hopefully make it better understood. 

How to Find the Perfect Size for Your Golf Gloves?

Finding the ideal size for your golf glove is crucial for comfort and the best grip on your golf club. The procedures you take to determine your golf glove’s proper size are as follows:

  • Measure the circumference of your hand at its broadest point, often just below the knuckles, using a measuring tape. Whether you are a right- or left-handed person, make sure you measure your dominant hand.
  • The size chart; sizes for golf gloves normally range from small to extra-large. To determine which size best fits your hand measurement, see the size chart for the golf glove brand you’re considering buying.
  • Put the glove on: After determining your size, put the golf glove on. It should be snug but not too so. Your hand should be free to move, and your fingers should be flexible without the glove coming off.
  • Test the fit by grasping a golf club while wearing the glove. There shouldn’t be any extra material in your fingers or palm, making it difficult for you to hold the club properly.
  • Think about the content: Remember that various materials may fit differently. Synthetic gloves may hold their shape better than leather gloves, which may stretch and grow looser with time.

Using the abovementioned procedures, you should be able to determine the ideal size for your golf glove and have a firm grip on your club.

Which Glove Is Ideal For Playing In Wet Conditions?

Playing golf in the rain rather than in good weather may seem absurd. So given a choice, it was either that or absolutely no golf. Every day of the week, we choose to get soaked.

Yet as we all know, playing golf in bad weather presents several difficulties. The most frequent is giving up control of your clubs after slipping after a swing because your grips are wet.

Not that all gloves can handle it, either. Thus holding on to a bar of soap with wet hands without the gloves made particularly for gaming in the rain or moist circumstances would be impossible.

These are some golf gloves that might be useful to develop for damp conditions:

  • Bionic AquaGrip Wet Weather Glove
  • Srixon Rain Glove
  • Zoom Aqua Control Glove 
  • Cobra StormGrip Rain Glove
  • FootJoy RainGrip Glove
  • Under Armour Storm Rain Glove
  • TaylorMade Rain Control Glove
  • MacWet Climatec Wet Weather Golf Glove

Can I get a Customized Cadet Golf Glove?

Depending on the model and manufacturer, you might be able to get a personalized cadet golf glove. The cadet size is one of the several customizing choices that many golf glove manufacturers provide. Customization possibilities include the following:

  1. Adding your initials or name to the glove
  2. Choosing the color of the glove
  3. Adding a logo or design to the glove

You might ask the producer or store whether they have customization choices for cadet golf gloves. 

A bespoke order may need to be placed through a merchant or directly with the manufacturer, while some manufacturers may offer online tools for you to create your glove.

Remember that personalized golf gloves may cost more and require longer lead times than conventional gloves.

Which Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

Beginner golfers sometimes ignore the value of golf gloves. As any pro attests, a properly fitted golf glove may significantly improve comfort and playability.

It’s not only about how gloves may help you play better; they can also protect both hands in erratic weather.

Golfers typically only use one hand for their glove. However, there isn’t a firm regulation that states you mustn’t wear gloves; several golfers do. Even more perplexing is that many players either don’t wear gloves or take them off for specific strokes.

What’s a Cadet Golf Glove, and which hand should you prefer? Right or Left?

Golf gloves come in a wide variety, but what you bring to the field and when you use them depends on your preferences.

Golfers typically cover their less dominant hand with a sole glove. It will be your left hand if you are right-handed. Thus it would help if you searched for a left-handed glove and vice versa.

Often the lead hand is sometimes referred to as the weaker hand. If you are right-handed, your lead hand—the hand that sits atop the grip and directs the swing—is your left hand. The right hand is still unadorned.

Because most players believe this gives them a greater feel for the club, the dominant hand does not wear a glove. Also, it explains why some golfers choose not to wear gloves on putts and short-iron strokes.

What To Consider When Choosing the Right Cadet Golf Gloves?

Now that we’ve managed to pull ourselves from all the basic information, it’s time we dive into the real deal and understand how to choose the right glove. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as picking a packet and throwing it in the cart. It’s essential to look at some factors to determine the right fit for you. Some of them are: 


What’s a cadet golf glove fitting should be the first things you consider. It should fit snugly, not loosely. A glove that is too loose or has too much bulk can affect your grip and swing. The glove is designed to minimize hand motion while you grasp the club.

Strive for a glove that feels almost second-skin-like. The majority of athletes choose a brand they like and remain with it. Even though the glove size is the same, each brand will feel different.

The Weather Conditions 

If you wear gloves that day, the weather will impact your decision.

In pleasant weather, soft leather gloves are the ideal option. They provide a close fit, prevent hand overheating, provide a solid grip on the club, and provide the best input and feel throughout the swing.

Unfortunately, smooth leather is not the ideal option in moist environments, and unless you take excellent care of it, leather can eventually harden and become brittle and inflexible.

Remember the Rules 

Golf gloves must adhere to regulations on their fit, style, and design to avoid interfering with play or giving players an edge.

Gloves cannot offer extra benefits or features that unjustly affect a player’s game. The requirements for fit, materials, and appearance are rather precise.

Always ensure your glove(s) complies with applicable local laws before playing on a new path or in a competition.

What’s a Cadet golf glove’s ideal quantity? 

Always buy two pairs of gloves since you never realize when you might require both. The majority of golfers maintain a variety of gloves for various weather situations in their golf bags.

You’ll surely want a pair of winter gloves to maintain both hands toasty in chilly weather. Sometimes, pure convenience and practicality are more important to your game than the hand you put the glove on.

Is Cadet Golf Glove Worth It?

The price of a Cadet golf glove is determined by several elements, such as your skill level, how often you play, and your preferences.

If the Cadet glove suits your hand shape, feels comfortable, and gives you better grip and control over your golf club, it could be worth the cost. 

It might not be necessary to select a Cadet glove, though, if you prefer a different kind of glove or don’t notice a noticeable difference in performance.

Ending Words: 

In conclusion, a player’s particular tastes and needs ultimately determine whether they buy a Cadet golf glove. Cadet gloves may not be the greatest choice for everyone, even if they are made to accommodate golfers with shorter fingers and larger palms. 

Various elements, including material, cost, durability, and personal choice, influence the worth of a Cadet golf glove. To choose the glove that offers the greatest fit, comfort, and efficiency for their game, players must try them on and test them out on the course.

Nonetheless, if you loved this blog about what’s a cadet golf glove, read our other works as well. You’ll find a wide range of golf blogs on our website that are fun to read and packed with informational content. One of our hits includes; a beginner’s guide to golf that covers all the aspects of the sport in under one blog. 


Does a Golf Glove Make a Difference?

Indeed, there is a difference, and it may be positive or bad. As you watch professionals play, you’ll notice that some use gloves and others don’t. Everything depends on the shot and the state of the playing field.

Tiger Woods is a prominent advocate for wearing gloves. Woods brings more gloves than most golfers wear in a lifetime, but he is very picky about which ones he uses and when.

For particular shoots, many athletes remove their gloves. Whether a glove will improve or hurt your game at that moment depends on the player, the course, the shot, and the weather.

What is a Cadet Hand Size?

A cadet’s hand size in golf refers to small fingers and big palms. Therefore, if you fall under this category, we suggest a cadet golf glove. It will help elevate your game tenfold and offer precise grip and durability over the shots. 

What is a Men’s Cadet Golf Glove?

Your hand’s form determines which men’s cadet golf glove you need. Men’s cadet gloves are something you should check if you have hands with shorter fingers and wider palms.

Contrary to popular belief, cadet golf gloves are not only used by young golfers. These are made for golfers with certain hand shapes, such as shorter fingers and larger palms. If a cadet-style golf glove fits their hand perfectly than a regular-style glove, it can be used by juniors, men, and women.

Only men’s sizes are offered in cadet gloves. You may measure your hand using a ruler from the point of your middle finger to the base of your palm. You can then discover the right size glove for your hand by measuring across the breadth of your palm.

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