How to Hang a Golf Club on the Wall | 2023 | Top 10 Ways 

For decades, millions of people around the world have played the game of golf. Whether a novice or a seasoned pro, having the appropriate gear is crucial for improving your game. How to hang a golf club on the wall properly is a vital component of golf equipment that should be regularly considered. 

Your golf clubs will last longer if they are properly hung, and it will also help you keep them organized. You should ensure that vintage golf clubs appear good on your wall and that nothing terrible happens to them.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through ten simple golf club hanging techniques to preserve your clubs in great shape and make them available anytime you’re ready to hit the green. 

Thus, whether you’re an experienced golfer or a beginner, keep reading to discover how to hang your golf bag.

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Factors To Consider Before How to Hang a Golf Club On the Wall

Consider a few things before putting golf clubs hanging on your wall. Afterwards, it will assist you in deciding what you want. These essential elements are:

1: Proper Use Of Space 

The available wall space also significantly influences choosing the best hanging technique. You can hang the clubs easily or elegantly depending on the open wall space.

Moreover, no one likes a blank wall with no proper ornaments that can bring out its look. Therefore, a cheaper approach would be to make do with whatever you have, including a golf club. 

Furthermore, it’ll help save money and effort and offer you a chic vintage wall, perfect for flexing on Instagram. 

2: Displaying Purpose 

The reason you would like to know how to hang a golf club on the wall is a significant selection of the hanging technique. Keep your golf clubs as straightforward as possible if you intend to hang them.

But you must think of exciting and original concepts to display your club collection. You can use several hanging techniques to display and store the clubs simultaneously.

3: Temperature Makes a Difference 

Refrain from hanging clubs in an area where they will receive intense heat. So, turn the clubs away from windows where direct sunlight can enter. The airflow in that wall space must remain natural to prevent rust and stains on the clubs.

Though it might not seem significant, considering these factors is crucial to ensure your golf clubs don’t end up in a garbage hump. 

How To Hang A Golf Club On the Wall In 10 Easy Steps 

One of the easiest and most fundamental tasks is hanging the golf clubs on the wall. But, in many situations, professional, amateur, and hobbyist golfers of all levels have trouble expressing their opinions. So, even though many of them somehow generate ideas, they need to gain knowledge of the appropriate materials and accessories.

Our team developed the top ten suggestions for how to hang a golf club on the wall to address this strange problem. So, if you are experiencing issues with golf clubs expressing ideas, let’s move on to those ideas now:

1: Wall Racks for the Win

A golf club wall rack is a smart option for hanging a golf club on the wall. All you will need to do with the golf club wall rack is turn it on the wall.

You’ll need to arrange the clubs as you see fit once the rack is mounted on the wall. The dark wood that has been stained is frequently used to make the golf club wall racks.

The clubs will precisely fit in their slots when the rack is raised, carrying irons, putters, and occasionally even drivers. Before positioning the clubs as you see fit, mount the frame on the appropriate wall space. Regardless of the golf club you use—hold iron, putter, or driver—there.

The wall racks typically include three to ten club-holding portions for your benefit. If you hang them on a wall close to you, you can place them in the bag whenever needed. You must position a wall rack near a stud when installing one.

While more people exhibit irons and woods than drivers, you may occasionally need to ensure adequate wall clearance for a driver. The interior of the golf club wall rack frequently has a green felt-like fabric.

The rack’s deep green felt, and wood color is traditional patterns and designs in the golf industry.

2: Golf Club Floor Rack

Have you ever visited a golf shop or merchant with a miniature putting green and putters on display? There was probably a floor rack for golf clubs here as well.

Having their head or grip on the ground, these floor rack designs are ideal for how to hang a golf club on the wall

You will have plenty of space to exhibit used golf clubs with a floor rack. These floor racks are a terrific option if you occasionally enjoy using the clubs on display.

It can be enjoyable to pick up an old club and take a few shots with it with putters and wedges. Thanks to the thoughtful arrangement of the golf club floor rack, your clubs will stay upright and won’t tip over.

The racks are designed with little indentations where the club can fit. They prevent the clubs from sliding left or right while on display and keep them standing erect.

Investing in a floor rack is brilliant if you’re building up a golf room in your home with a tiny putting green or even a golf simulator.

They can be huge and hold a lot of golf clubs, yet you could also construct one to your exact specifications.

The golf club floor rack is a terrific option for exhibiting used clubs, regardless of the size you pick.

3: How to Hang a Golf Club on the Wall X Hanger 

The golf club X hanger can be used to display your older or still-in-use clubs on the wall in your home. It is evident from the name of the hanger that it has a specific shape. 

As a result, the irons will be placed on this hanger in an X configuration, spaced at different angles. Thanks to this angled crossing pattern, the clubs you place there will appear classy. 

The clubs will be securely closed into the hanger location, and the risk of falling is reduced if the theX-hanger is installed. However, it reduces the hanger’s usefulness if you are open to frequently playing with those clubs.

If such clubs bring back memories, you should display them there. For example, the X hanger can be mounted on the wall of your dining area, above a fireplace, or in your bedroom or visitor room.

4: Corner Golf Club Holder 

A corner golf club holder is another floor rack for how to hang a golf club on the wall. They are often rounded and include a slot into which you can slide your clubs to make them stand upright.

The Purpose of the corner holders is to hold the clubhead elevated. The butt of the grip is where the club is resting.

Suppose a corner in your property needs some form of decorative item. In that case, the corner golf club collector could be a fantastic option. It is a unique way to exhibit used clubs.

Five to ten golf clubs can generally fit in a corner golf holder. It is more of a piece to exhibit your clubs than to store the ones you are now using.

This corner golf club holder will be fashioned in part of the wood, as is typical for golf club display elements, and perhaps with some felt to preserve the clubs.

5: Use a Staff Bag 

Golfers typically carry their clubs in a staff bag on the golf course. Yet, employing this staff luggage to hang your golf accessories on the wall could be a fantastic addition. As a result, both on and off the field, you may carry and suspend your clubs as from staff bag.

These enormous golf bags can accommodate a sizable collection of golf equipment. There may be space for 20 clubs or more when your golf clubs are packed into a load of this type.

The cost of a staff bag is high; however, these bags often bear the logo of a specific manufacturer and come in various distinctive shapes and styles. Therefore, assuming a higher price is no exception. 

Putting golf clubs in the staff bag for hanging a golf club on the wall could be an original concept. This staff bag can be useful if you have a sizable collection of clubs and need assistance devising the ideal display plan.

Finding the right spot on the wall of any area of your home must come first. The place might be your living room, bedroom, or even a special space designated for golf-related objects. After that, the bag should be fastened to the wall employing a tool that the pressure of the clubs won’t tear.

Moreover, arranging the clubs within the bag after it has been set down is vital. It makes accessibility easy for you to find and access the club you need anytime. If you have a sizable collection, you can hang your golf clubs above one staff bag on that wall.

Imagine that to showcase your clubs; you have three crew bags mounted on the wall. Then, according to their categories, the clubs can be put into different bags. As a result, your entire club selection will be hung in an organized fashion and displayed uniquely.

6: Vintage Golf Bag For the Win 

Finding a vintage golf bag from your parent’s or grandparent’s collection is another way to keep with the golf bag theme.

If you don’t own a vintage one, try surfing the internet or retailers in your area to locate one well within your budget. To give your house a distinctive appearance, you can exhibit the vintage golf clubs in their vintage bag.

How to hang a golf ball on the wall with a vintage bag is one of the easiest, cheapest, and effortlessly beautiful approaches to setting your clubs. 

One thing to watch out for is hanging the entire bag on the wall with all the clubs you own. Because vintage bags are old and worn out, you must be extra careful handling them. You should only attempt this if you are skilled at hanging objects of considerable weight.

More than a hook will likely be required to finish this project effectively. Your collection of old golf clubs will take on a completely new level of design and history thanks to the vintage golf bags.

7: Golf Clubs Fan Display 

Another option for hanging golf clubs is to display them as a fan. You can select this distinctive pattern for how to hang a golf club on the wall because it is unique. 

Also, how the clubs are arranged will make them look like a peacock, complete with a tail. 

Although it has a stunning and distinctive appearance, using this method requires effort. Ensuring you have enough is important because it will take up a lot of room on your wall. 

Hence, this pattern works best in a room designated solely for golf equipment. Each club’s bottom half should sit in a single spot in this design. Then, you might even argue that the club’s head area should expand like a fan.

To ensure success, you must properly measure each club without inaccuracy in the distance between them.

The heads and handles of the golf clubs must be properly supported to produce an ideal fan display. Hence, although the clubs are hung on the ceiling this way, frequent use is not recommended.

If you’re looking to display your club assortment rather than use them for gameplay, this presentation style works nicely.

8: Shadow Box Display 

A shadow box exhibit is a highly popular way to organize historical artifacts and golf equipment. A golf ball used for a hole-in-one or the scorecard from your best round is also suitable for putting items in a shadow box.

Golf clubs can also be used well in a bigger shadow box. A shadow box is special in that you can include objects in addition to golf clubs in it.

In the box, you can also include an item from the same era as the clubs, like a glove or a golf ball. Certain shadow boxes will look better with three or four clubs inside them, while others may look better with seven or more.

The golf clubs are typically fastened into place inside the box to prevent them from slipping while being displayed on a wall.

It is undoubtedly simpler to hang a shadow box with such a set of clubs than to try to hang individual clubs on the wall separately.

You will create many more gaps in your wall when you attempt to install each club separately.

Most shadow boxes come with one or two hooks; hanging a box level straight on your wall is usually relatively easy.

9: Display Table For Golf Clubs 

The selection of golf coffee table books available might astound someone who had never heard of them. Large books that may be displayed on a coffee table and have gorgeous photographs of golf courses and players are popular.

These items make interesting discussion pieces and remind visitors that the owners are avid gamers. You can transform your coffee table into a golf display box to hang a golf club on the wall and want something more unique.

Construct or buy a coffee table with a glass top and a display box underneath. The clubs and other souvenirs and information about the history of golf can be organized inside the box.

The crystal top will protect the coffee table, so even if something edible spills, it wouldn’t damage the contents inside. A special piece like this means you won’t need to make any holes in your walls, which is fantastic.

You won’t have to stress about whether or not things are level or organized. Put the glass cover on top after positioning the panel how you want it to look.

It will be a quick and simple operation, and you won’t ever have to be concerned about your old golf clubs becoming ruined. Also, this will be a very fun piece for your friends and family to enjoy when they visit.

Of course, this is the greatest option for vintage golf equipment that is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.

10: The Acrylic Wall Mount 

A distinct approach towards how to hang a golf club on the wall compared to the abovementioned options. Moreover, this display will give a flower-like illusion to your golf clubs, making them even more pleasing to the eyes than before. 

To hang your golf clubs using an acrylic mount display, follow these steps:

  • The display should be hung in a safe and attractive position. It needs to be a location where you may display the golf club.
  • Also, use a level to ensure the mounted display will hang straight.
  • To fasten the mounted display to the wall, use mounting hardware. Use the proper anchors, if any, for the sort of wall you have.
  • Choose the golf club’s ideal location on the mounted display. To position, the club, use either the grip or the head.
  • Use a screwdriver to fasten the mounting hardware to the mounted display once you’ve chosen the location. Avoid overtightening the screws to prevent damage to the acrylic.
  • Please ensure the golf club is secure and adjusted before carefully mounting it to the display.
  • Step back and change the posture of the golf club as necessary to attain the desired appearance.

Once done, the results will be impeccable and will impress any golf enthusiast who steps foot into your home. 

Why Is It Important To Hang a Golf Club on the Wall?

Importance to Hang Golf Clubs on Wall

Your golfing memories are important to you. Thus it’s crucial to take care of your clubs. It is crucial to keep in good playing shape and improve your performance.

It’s crucial to consider that you hang or position your sports equipment on the wall. The golf clubs must be hung neatly regardless of whether the event is ongoing or the offseason.

How to hang a golf club on the wall is ideal for players to perform at their best. Therefore this is of utmost importance. So, the advantages and requirements of carrying out this increase in competitive advantage are:

  • If your golf clubs are arranged and displayed appropriately, you’ll find them easier throughout the day.
  • You can show off your collection to visitors if you hang your products on the right wall in your house.
  • It would be easier to keep your golf clubs if they were nearby and placed on the walls.
  • You can keep such clubs away from temperature and humidity if they are noticeable to everyone and in a well-lit place.
  • You can shield the clubs from dust and damage with the proper display location.

Bidding Farewell! 

Finding old golf clubs might be difficult. You’ll probably want to showcase a particular set when you locate one, especially if it has a wood shaft.

You can change the appearance of your living room, dining area, or office by putting your old golf clubs on display. 

These clubs will maintain the clubs in top shape and aid in their long-term protection. Therefore, I hope this blog answers your question regarding how to hang a golf club on the wall in the best way possible. 

For more related blogs, check out our what clubs make a complete golf set for in-depth information about clubs, wedges, and anything golf-related. 


How much space is required to hang the golf clubs on the wall?

It is unclear how much room on the board is required or adequate to place the golf equipment. 

Everything depends on the display technique you choose. If the wall area is substantial, you can select any hanging option without regard to the available space.

But, if there is limited space on the wall, you’ll need to position the clubs as efficiently as possible.

Can I hang the golf clubs on my garage wall?

If you merely want to store your golf clubs and not exhibit them, you can hang them on the wall of your garage. Nonetheless, it would help if you took precautions to prevent direct sunshine and intense heat from entering there. 

There should also be natural airflow to protect the clubs from corrosion and stains. However, there might be better locations to display your club collection than the garage wall.

Golf clubs should be kept in the garage rather than being on display there.

How do you store golf clubs on the wall?

Your bag or golf clubs can be hung on the wall using hooks fastened to the surface. They can be kept off the floor while staying out of the way in the carport by hanging them on hooks. 

You can store your luggage and your clubs on a rack with shelves to keep them organized and easy to find.

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