How to Juggle a Golf Ball | Step-By-Step Guide 2023

No sport is ever complete without mastering a trick that can leave all your peers swooning over your talents. Similar to other sports, golf has some hidden gems that can also award you with hootings and praiseful words. You can learn how to juggle a golf ball on a golf club like Tiger Woods and, who knows, maybe score a supermodel wife sometime in the future. 

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How to Juggle a Golf Ball on a Golf Club

Moreover, in this blog, we’ll guide you on how to juggle a golf ball and impress all your buddies on the golf course. So, let’s dive in and learn a few tips and tricks. 

Is Juggling a Ball Necessary In Playing Golf 

Not necessarily, but it’s super fun to pass the time for. Apart from the basic drill on the greens, golf can be a fun-filled experience for a bunch of friends to bond over. Or to keep your friends occupied while you wait for your turn to swing and hit. 

Learning a fun skill is more for your leisure and practice, as it offers you the liberty of honing your grip and balance over a golf stick and not to mention the ball. 

Hence, offering you a place that’s well-built on balance and confidence. 

Let’s get on with the business now that we have that cleared out. 

How To Get Started (Juggle a Golf Ball) 

  • You must choose the suitable club and grip it correctly to begin. Take the wedge with the maximum loft; a lob wedge or sand wedge is ideal. Hold the club in your dominant hand, ensuring the fingers, not the palm, are touching it. You’ll be able to regulate the club’s movement more effectively.
  • Next, place a golf ball next to the foot opposite your dominant hand on the ground. The outside of your foot, close to your toes, should be touched by the ball. 
  • Starting with your foot next to the ball may become more natural as you develop, but for the time being, it makes getting the ball much simpler. The ball can roll onto the club face since your foot will be a backstop.
  • Open your club face as wide as you can after that to get it as parallel to the ground as you can. It will then force the golf ball to roll onto the club face as you slip your club face underneath it once more while using your foot as a backstop.
  •  Swing your golf club quickly but directly up and down, causing the ball to fly about one foot into the air. At first, you don’t want it to stay high enough. It becomes more challenging to hit the ball repeatedly the higher it goes.
  • As the ball is in the air, it would help if you placed the club face right beneath it so that when it lands again, it will strike the club face. Too many novices mistakenly believe that the objective is to hit the ball back into the air.

Golf ball juggling is a relatively easy motion. The less the ball will fly off course, the longer you can juggle, and your strike should be softer. Once you can keep the ball running for 10 to 20 hits, consider moving on to the different skills below.

Juggling Between the Legs As a Pro

Juggle a Golf Ball

After learning to juggle, moving your club between your legs is a great first trick. Although it might seem to be pretty challenging, it’s not. 

  • To continue juggling, all you need to do is raise the ball high enough for you to slide a leg underneath it.
  • Let me get you in on a secret: not moving the ball but rather adjusting your leg over the club as fast as possible to create an illusion of a difficult trick. 
  • I believe it is most accessible, to begin with, for the leg across from the hand holding the club. Because of where your body is, the shift is a little bit easier. 
  • Naturally, you can attempt the other leg after you’re more experienced. It’s important to remember that when doing this technique, the goal is to shift your leg while keeping your club and ball in the same place.

Around Or Over the Back Trick

If you’ve watched the Tiger Woods commercial, this may come as no surprise and is, in fact, another one of his tricks, but an even more smooth transition that got us hooked on this trick in the first place. 

So, it was only natural that we taught our young readers the same trick. 

  • Although it is challenging to conduct, It calls for a little more motion from the body, club, and golf ball. Therefore, while still juggling, you’ll need to learn how to move the ball about in a wide area. 
  • You can get some practice by briefly moving while juggling. It enables you to practice juggling a ball that moves both up and down and from side to side.
  • You must move your body away from the golf ball to pull off this trick. 

Juggle a Golf Ball; Resting the Ball 

  • Resting the ball on the club face is a trick that doesn’t seem very difficult but requires considerable skill. 
  • It’s more involved than merely putting a stop to your club-swinging or club-hitting. If you do that, the ball will still launch into the air due to its downward motion coming into contact with a motionless club face.
  • It would be best if you raised the club face into the air as the ball flies and then lowered it practically at the same rate as the ball. Be gentle and easy on the club when doing this trick. 

Juggling Hit (How To Juggle a Golf Ball)

Another cool trick most golfers love to show off is hitting the ball right after juggling it in the air. Now the secret to this trick is a great hand and eye coordination. However, you need to keep the ball in the air to make it work. 

  • Also, you need to be aware of your space; consider an open space with no one near. Additionally, only hit the ball if it’s spinning out of control or your balance seems slightly shaky. 
  • Make sure your feet are planted before you strike the ball. Then, on strike just before the swing, you should raise the ball slightly higher. 
  • You will have enough time to finish your backswing as a result. The ball should be at its apex at the top of your backswing. It will enable you to make your downswing while the ball falls toward the earth.
  • Ensure the ball falls appropriately in the proper position—in the middle of your stance. You also want the ball to be as close to the ground as possible when you strike it.
  • You have to modify your normal swing more to make contact with the ball the higher you hit the ball in the air.

That’s all from our side, folks. All the different types of Golf ball juggling we could think of, and more, have been taught and cleared above. Now, the rest is up to you and how you continue to practice them. 

Remember, it’s all about coordination and balance and not to mention the motivation that all your champs will be cheering you on once you get the hang of it completely.  

Tell us in the comments how well you can juggle and if this article was helpful enough. Until next time. 

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