The Best Golf Bags | Comprehensive Analysis 2023

If you want to score a hole-in-one for functionality, style, and ease, you should give your choice of golf bags some thought. It should be easy to carry and have ample space on the green to store items like balls, tees, and jackets. 

If you utilize a stand bag, your golf bag should likewise be well-made and have sturdy straps and stands. If you prefer golf cart bags, ensure they include a sturdy cart strap loop to attach to the cart. 

Other features include a partitioned top for simple club changes, and plenty of room, depending on how many clubs you need. Some extra pockets for your phone or keys are always a hit for golfers who don’t travel lightly. 

To help you pick out the best golf bags of the year, we’ve put in a lot of effort and research to ensure the options we introduce today are worth your attention and money.  We have a complete guide on How Much Does Golf Equipment Cost? but in this article we will discuss about golf bags.

The Best Golf Bags

Even the brands we pick offer versatility and style like no other. These options will offer golfers comfort and durability in the roughest of scenarios. 

Why Is Having a Golf Bag Important?

Each golfer has unique needs for their golf bag. Some people prefer to walk the course, while others decide to make the most of the cart. In either case, having a top-notch golf bag is crucial. 

It offers the following benefits; 

Holds & Protects Golf Clubs 

Keeping your priceless golf equipment in a regular all-purpose bag can be foolish. It is because typical all-purpose bags aren’t designed to store sturdy metal alloys. In addition, when the club heads and shafts jostle against one another while in transit, your golf clubs are vulnerable to damage.

Organized Stuff 

Aside from its capacity to hold and protect your clubs well, a golf bag differs from a regular all-purpose bag in how well it organizes your golf-related items. A golf bag contains numerous compartments prepared and designed to give you plenty of space for your belongings.

Easy-to-Carry Equipment 

It can be very exhausting to lug a hefty, disorganized bag around the vast golf course, which could impact how well you play. It can be simpler and lighter to transport your equipment if your golf bag is designed specifically for your needs. 

Your golf bag will not only keep everything in order and safe from harm, but it will also give you peace of mind and improve your game.

What are the Best Golf Bags of 2022? 

With so many choices hanging over our heads, picking out the best of the lot can become a burden. Therefore, Top Golf Advisor always strives to provide the best possible solution for our readers and golfers. 

Undoubtedly, the following are the year’s best deals with their benefits and reasons to avoid them. 

PING Hoofer (Best Overall) 

Best Features What to Avoid 
Golf cart strap pass-through makes all pockets accessible when ridingClubs can occasionally become stuck, according to some users, especially when using larger grips.
Quick, simple access is provided by the rangefinder’s magnetic pocket.
When walking, the rain hood storage pocket adds additional padding.
Excellent for push carts, golf carts, and carrying

The PING Hoofer is arguably the first carry-stand bag that comes to mind when you think of them. 

Best Golf Bags

After all, it has been the industry standard for carry bags for the past three decades and, throughout that period, has undoubtedly been the most comfortable carry bag ever thanks to the innovation of various features that are now considered standard. 

The Hoofer’s most recent iteration does not let down. It’s still an excellent carry bag, weighing a very manageable 5.5 pounds, pleasant to carry around the course, and compatible with both powered and push golf carts.

The Hoofer bag’s two valuables compartments are another fantastic feature. 

One is lined with velour, making it ideal for protecting jewels like a watch, cell phone, or other jewelry items. 

There is enough space for your keys, wallet, and other belongings in the other because it is more prominent. 

For walkers who don’t want to fiddle with zippers to access and stow their distance measurement gadgets, the most recent Hoofer backpack also contains a magnetic compartment above the ball pocket that is ideal for the range finder. 

The rangefinder won’t fall out as it might from some purses with zippers because it is also entirely secure. Hence, making it stand out on the top spot for the best golf bags in our list.

2. Inesis Waterproof Stand Bag (Best Golf Bags for Water Resistance)

Best Features What to Avoid 
Completely waterproofThere are better choices, If you’re a rider 
Lightweight, well-constructedLess storage than other categories 
Very comfortable as a carry bag
Also works well on a push cart

The rain can be dreadful for golfers and especially their equipment. 

Hence, in situations like these, It’s essential to have a handy waterproof golf bag that offers resistance and durability like no other. 

That spot is reserved for the Inesis waterproof stand bag on our list. It offers incredible value for money and costs a small portion of what you may pay for a comparable item made by a more well-known company.

You may lengthen the straps quickly to your preferred level and remain firmly in place as you move around the course. 

Considering everything this bag offers, it ranks right with the best waterproof golf bags available. Its performance in challenging situations stands out as a significant plus.


Best Features What To Avoid 
High-Quality Construction Not Waterproof 
Efficient & Lightweight 
Vast Storage Space 

With a suggested retail price of around $200, the new Datrek 2022 Carry Lite stand bag is a highly effective, practical stand bag that is also of fantastic value. 

It’s a terrific alternative for walkers carrying bags because it weighs only 3.9 pounds. The Carry Lite’s convenient strap system and thoughtfully designed hip padding on the bag’s side improve the walking experience.

Although five storage compartments may not seem like a lot, the Carry Lite’s five storage pockets are spacious and provide substantial space. 

A fleece-lined pocket that can hold a rangefinder, wallet, phone, or other valuables is also there.


Best Features What To Avoid 
Waterproof Leaves a larger footprint compared to other bags 
Versatile for carrying or standing 
Comfortable to carry around 

The innovative Easilock compatibility of the new HydroFlex allows it to fit on any Motocaddy trolley despite its versatility, waterproofness, and extreme lightness. If you have a Motocaddy trolley, this is fantastic, but even if you don’t, the bag fits comfortably on most trolleys and has a simple strap to take off.

Due to a 2021 style change, the bag looks better than the 2020 version. 

The outstanding waterproof technology from last year is carried over thanks to the waterproof TPU-coated nylon fabric and welded seams. 

Moreover, it provides all the equipment in your bag with excellent protection from the weather.

5. MIZUNO BR-D3 STAND BAG (Best Eye-Catcher) 

Best Features What To Avoid 
Stylish & Easy on the Eyes Not fully water resistant 
Ideal storage and separationLegs extend further when in use
Lightweight and Strong 
Available in six colors 

The BR-D3 stand bag is a fantastic choice for any serious golfer since it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and ease of use.

Those who want to spend less money on a new golf bag will find the bag to be a fantastic value. 

It does have a somewhat simple design and has eight pockets and sections that provide golfers with adequate room and storage to keep their clubs and equipment neatly stowed away.

Even though the bag itself isn’t completely waterproof, it does have a watertight valuables pouch that will protect your most priceless possessions from the elements.

Final Words 

Well, that’s another hit from our side, folks. We hope the golf bags we introduced to you in this blog help narrow your search and offer you the liberties you’re searching for on the golf course. 

Our team has ensured to include comfortable, storage-friendly options and is willing to tick all the boxes on the golf bag category. For more related blogs, you can always check out our beginner’s guide to golf or how to choose the right golf equipment for more clarity and understanding. 

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