Should Beginners Get Fitted For Golf Clubs in 2023

Golf terms can be pretty overwhelming for beginners. There’s already so much to learn with the gameplay that golfing terms leave no room to catch a breath. Today, we will focus on should beginners get fitted for golf clubs. 

Golf has a lot of cheat codes if you know how to play your cards right. Getting the hang of them with consistent practice can change your gaming techniques. Or better yet, make you one of the best golfers on the course. Therefore, getting club fitting can be another way of improving your score. 

Moreover, golf will be considerably more demanding and less fun if you use improper equipment. With an off-the-shelf club, you have to modify your swing, which tosses off your position and increases your chance of injury.

Regardless of skill level, a club customized to your swing improves ball flight, increasing accuracy and distance. Getting their clubs adjusted helps many golfers increase their distance and even lower their handicaps.

This blog will cover every aspect of club fitting so that you understand the procedure and can decide if it is good for you.

Should Beginners Get Fitted For Golf Clubs blog

What is a Golf Club Fitting, And How Does It Work?

Golf club fitting refers to getting clubs fitted for your game by visiting a local golf pro or a club fitter at a golf shop. You can continually hit balls closest to the center of the clubface and improve feel and consistency by having your clubs fitted.

Club fitters often start with a conversation to learn about your objectives, demands, and worries. After that, the fitting process will start.

With the help of a launch monitor and your current set of clubs, the fitter will assess your performance. They can see your club delivery and ball flight thanks to this review. They’ll also take note of your approach, swing, and posture.

Last but not least, they will modify your club. Your fitter might also hit you with freshly tailored clubs to measure the differences and improve their recommendations. Hence, should beginners get fitted for golf clubs is a good question when it comes to enhancing performance levels on the course. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Getting Fitted for Golf Clubs As A Beginner

Like everything in the world, there’s always a good and bad side to every decision. Therefore, knowing the possibilities beforehand is a great way to analyze your final verdict. To ensure you fully understand the consequences of should beginners get fitted for golf clubs, we have a small list of pros and cons below:

What Can You Customize In a Golf Club Fitting?

Several club features are recommended to customers by technicians when they visit. You can also ask for adjustments based on how they make you feel and what you prefer. Should beginners get fitted for golf clubs based on the following:

What Can You Customize In A Golf Club Fitting


Your swing speed will heavily influence the shaft type and stiffness you need.

The shaft flex of your club is one of its most essential components. The force generated during the swing can cause the shaft to bend. The shaft flex must correspond to the swing speed to ensure that the clubface makes straight contact with the ball.

The swing speed mainly determines your shaft flex. For instance, there are five shaft flex ratings, including:

  • Under 75 mph swing speed for ladies
  • 65+ – 75-85 mph
  • Regular: 85 to 95 mph. Stiff: 95 to 110 mph
  • Above 110 mph, Tour/Extra Stiff

Moreover, you want a lower shaft kick point for reduced swing speeds. You can kick the ball into the air with less effort if the kick-point is lower. More excellent shaft kick points and faster swing rates produce better results. Therefore, should beginners get fitted for golf clubs seems like a good idea. 


Your club length should be at its best to assist you in getting into the proper athletic address position and shooting consistently.

Playing with a short or concise shaft length can result in improper swing biomechanics. Standard-length clubs are inappropriate for exceptionally tall or very short players since you will either squat too low or stand too straight.

Your fitter will use your height and wrist-to-floor measurement to establish the proper club length. Height, hand placement, and address posture should all be considered when determining the lying angle.

Loft & Lie 

Examining a club’s physical setup about your swing is the first step towards fitting it. It significantly impacts how tall someone is and how far their hands are from the ground.

These two elements will determine the lie angle and diameter of the club. To determine the loft angle your clubs should have, they will also examine how steeply you swing them. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand whether should beginners get fitted for golf clubs. 


You can produce better shots with superior grips. The game will become more challenging if your grips are worn out or low-quality.

While you swing, your hands shouldn’t slack on the grip. You shouldn’t be concerned with the club’s potential to twist when making a golf swing because there are already enough unknowns.

To handle the club comfortably, a technician can utilize high-quality grip technology tailored to your playing circumstances. Rubber grips, for instance, are typical and comfortable. Yet, corded grips perform better in rainy conditions.

should beginners get fitted for golf clubs, How To Get Fitted For Golf Clubs?

Should beginners get fitted for golf clubs? If yes, visit your neighborhood golf shop or course and arrange a consultation with a specialist who will work with you to create the ideal set of clubs.

You can have specific clubs fitted at a fitting, or the entire bag of clubs can be altered. The main factors in driver fitting are the length, loft, and shaft flex.

Consistency, making solid contact on the sweet spot, and gaining distance from the drive are all aided by length. The loft plays a role in determining your ideal launch angle and spin rate. Also, it shows how high you hit it.

The shaft aids with trajectory, touch, and distance, depending on your swinging technique. The main goals of iron fitting are accuracy, feeling, and forgiveness.

To determine the ideal lying angle that will enable you to hit the ball straight and have a comfortable ball flight, a PGA professional fitter utilizes an impact board and lie-angle impact tape.

The improved career fitters may go into greater detail. They can demonstrate what kinds of players are associated with various club brands.

Are Custom Fit Golf Clubs Worth It For Beginners?

Depending on who you ask, custom-fit golf clubs might be worthwhile for a novice.

Many people advise beginning golfers to utilize forgiving, off-the-rack clubs until they understand how to hit the ball consistently before investing in new equipment.

How many club-fitting benefits does a golf beginner have?

A beginner’s fitting can support the development of good swing habits on the golf course. The adequately tailored clubs will help you avoid issues like hooking, slicing, and hitting the ball thin or fat.

Final Verdict (Should Beginners Get Fitted For Golf Clubs)

In conclusion, the answer to whether should beginners get fitted for golf clubs is yes, as it will significantly improve your game. Having clubs that are appropriately fitted to your body and swing can significantly improve your performance in golf. This sport demands accuracy and consistency. 

By finding the ideal club head, shaft, and grip for your particular swing and body type, a professional fitting can help you play the game more accurately, farther, and with greater enjoyment. 

Investment in a correct fitting can save you time and money in the long run by assisting you in avoiding costly mistakes and aggravation, even though it may initially appear like a needless expense or inconvenience.

We sincerely hope this blog helped clear the air and answer your question in the best way possible. If yes, then check out some of our other works related to golf clubs and the game in general. We strongly believe you’ll find a lot of interesting facts and figures regarding the game. 


How Does Club Fitting Help A Beginner Golfer?

A beginning golfer can develop good habits with the aid of club fitting. Mishits on the toe or hosel can result from using improper size clubs when beginning to play golf. 

Golfers may start to exhibit habits like an ill-formed swing plane to correct these problems. If kids undergo a fitting, they will have the appropriate length for clubs and can begin forming healthy habits. Hence, whether should beginners get fitted for golf clubs is a genuine concern. 

How Long Does A Golf Club Fitting Take?

Whether you are getting the entire bag fitted, it could take 30 minutes or three hours to have a club fitted, or simply a certain kind of club will depend on your needs. Typically, a driver fitting takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Does Golf Club Size Matter For Beginners?

For golfers of all skill levels, including beginners, golf club size does matter. Golfers shouldn’t be utilizing clubs that are the wrong size. Too short or too-long clubs might interfere with the swing and result in bad swings.

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