What golf clubs hold their value | List 2023

In the sports industry, one of the hardest things to maintain is the value of equipment throughout the evolving decades. Regardless of your product’s innovation, a new item will always be worth more than the previous one. Generally, every golfer has one thing stuck in their mind regarding this issue; what golf clubs hold their value? 

You can interpret this question in a variety of ways. The most common ones are resale value or getting your money’s worth. However, the real question is, why do you want the clubs to hold their weight instead of buying a new pair and getting rid of the old ones? 

For starters, golf equipment is heavy on the pocket. Especially if you don’t belong to a line of the wealthy specimen; therefore, an average golfer buys one club set in hopes of using them for a lifetime. 

However, before you end up at the checkout counter, we provide you with relevant information about what golf clubs you need to get your hands on if your main priority is to withhold their value. 

Moreover, without any further adieu, let’s get on with our blog. 

What Golf Clubs Hold Their Value

What Is Golf Club Depreciation?

Golf club depreciation is the term used to describe how a golf club’s value declines over time due to damage or obsolescence. Like any other piece of equipment, golf clubs are vulnerable to wear and tear over time and may lose some functionality or appeal.

Modifications in technology or vogue may also bring on depreciation. For instance, the value of an older club form may decline if a new variety replaces it as it gains popularity. Therefore, making it hard to distinguish what golf clubs hold their value the most. 

Assume you bought a new golf club two years ago for $100, and it is now only worth $50. Your club has lost $50, or 50%, of its initial value. Alternatively, your club may have lost 25% of the annual cost you paid.

Alternatively, consider that the $400 driver you purchased five years ago has a 70% overall depreciation. Hence, the driver’s current value of $120 depreciates at 14% of the price you bought each year.

Depreciation is crucial when buying or selling golf clubs because it can significantly affect the club’s value. It is also essential for tax purposes because corporations and individuals can deduct depreciation costs from their taxable income.

Factors To Consider About What Golf Clubs Hold Their Value 

Before we list the best golf clubs and their value, It’s essential to note some factors that can impact your product-buying decision. 

Factors To Consider About Golf Clubs Their Value
  • Buying New Golf Clubs Can Have Serious Effect On Your Financial Situation. 

Even if you don’t use your new club much in the first year you own it, you can anticipate losing about a third of the purchase price.

I don’t suggest that purchasing a new golf club is a poor decision. On the contrary, golfers almost always buy new clubs to enhance their game because it matters most to them, and they are ready to spend the money to do so. 

Golf clubs typically lose 50% or more of their value in the first two years and 75% or more by the fourth year. Therefore, it is doubtful what golf clubs hold their value. 

  • Vintage Golf Clubs May Have Little to Offer 

You can lose money that could be used to buy new clubs if you leave your old clubs gathering dust in the corner of your home. Moreover, reselling your old clubs can help you get your hands on new golf bags. New waterproof clothing, etc.

However, it’s also crucial to note if you keep your old clubs in good health and shape. They may offer your more than your bearings. Overall, it all depends on how you treat them. So, next time you see an old club lying around, clean it up and store it in a closed compartment. 

  • Getting the Best Value for Old Clubs Is an Art

Demand and supply.

That will determine the resale worth of your used golf clubs and only that, as with other retail products.

When you look at a driver’s resale value, it may seem unjust since you spent over $500 on it just over a year ago, but that is regrettably how the market operates.

There is no science to determine the best time to sell your old clubs. A golf club’s value is determined by various factors, including its condition, brand, model, age, and demand, making it challenging to get the best price for used golf clubs.

What Golf Clubs Hold Their Value?

Being a brand or a manufacturer is a challenging job. Of course, it would help if you always were on your feet about innovation, durability, and accessibility. But, even then, you cannot help but see your products depreciate yearly on the market. 

Therefore, instead of focusing on golf clubs, why not pay attention to the brand and how much value the name holds rather than the product? 

Throughout the past few years, there has been a lot of change in the golf club manufacturing industry. You can witness countless new brands coming forward with their clubs and golf accessories to cater for the market needs on a global level, 

Some of these include Japanese brands, such as Honma and Miura. However, the results could be better when we compare them with the already thriving brands in the market. 

Nonetheless, no one is safe from depreciation; therefore, here is a small table to clarify the rates of all the brands and their products. So, you can understand what golf clubs hold their value the best.

PING 17% 65.1%
Titleist 18%61.7%
Cobra 19.8%76.5%
Mizuno 20.3% 72.1%
Cleveland 20.4% 70.4%
Taylormade 21.6% 71.7%
Callaway 21.6% 68.4%
Bridgstone22.6% 53.6%
Srixon 22.7% 70.8%
Tour Edge 26.3% 71.5%
Wilson 27.4%69.9%
Honma 50.2% 49.6%
Miura 62.8%62.8%

It’s crucial to remember that the value of golf clubs can vary significantly depending on various variables, and there is no assurance that any one set of clubs will maintain its worth over time. 

Yet, selecting reputable brands and high-quality clubs and maintaining them properly might help to increase their worth over time.

Conclusion (What Golf Clubs Hold Their Value):

In conclusion, some brands and models of golf clubs keep their value better than others. Various elements influence a club’s resale value, including rarity, condition, and brand reputation. It’s crucial to remember that the price of golf clubs can change over time and is influenced by consumer demand. 

The most innovative financial choice is not necessarily purchasing expensive golf clubs for their future resale value. 

Ultimately, selecting clubs that fit your specific game and deliver the best performance is crucial before just concentrating on their resale worth. Moreover, we hope this blog helped answer what golf clubs hold their value in the best way possible. 

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Do golf clubs keep value?

Golf clubs typically lose 50% or more of their value in the first two years and 75% or more by the fourth year. So, it’s hard to pinpoint whether the club will hold off less or more just by assumptions. 

What golf clubs are valuable?

  • Wooden heads with unusual head shapes.
  • Faces with no marks or unique markings.
  • She patented novel elements for the benefit of gamers.
  • Clubs with thick oak necks and many inches of string lashing.
  • Golf club manufacturers, including Army & Navy, Dunn, Forgan, Gray, White, Carrick, and Anderson, produce irons with smooth faces.

Why do ping clubs hold their value?

Ping releases so few clubs, which helps to keep their value high. Similar to Srixon, new versions are only released every two years. They worked hard to make something remarkable when they unveiled anything fresh.

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