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If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s pretty clear that we love to write about golf clubs here at Top Golf Advisor. The main reason is that no matter how often we discuss this topic, it’s never enough. And today’s hot topic is what clubs make a complete golf set

As a golfer, you need to assemble your golf set with the perfect clubs that can help you enhance your gameplay to the maximum. Before you think your golf set is complete, let’s take a walk down the aspects you need to consider and note if your collection consists of the mandatories. 

Furthermore, there are also a lot of mistakes to avoid when it comes to playing golf clubs. For more in-depth guidance, check out how to choose the right golf equipment. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into the article. 

what clubs make a complete golf set

What Is a Golf Set?

A group of golf clubs created for a single player is known as a set. To enable the player to strike shots of varying distances and heights and to play a range of shots, such as drives, fairway shots, approach shots, chipping, and putts, it often contains several clubs with various lengths, lofts and shaft flex. 

A basic golf set typically consists of 14 clubs and comprises a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and a putter. Depending on the player’s skill level, preferences, and financial constraints, a golf set may have different clubs than another.

Therefore, golfers must pay close attention to what clubs make a complete golf set. 

What Is In a Complete Golf Set?

What Is In a Complete Golf Set

A complete golf set needs to include a variety of golf clubs that are the golfers’ preference. The players know what club suits their swinging techniques best, so including them in the bag is compulsory. 

Countless players only keep a set of irons, while some opt to alternate hybrids in place of irons and woods. However, we strongly urge golfers to include golf clubs of opposite materials to amplify their choices. 

Down below are some of the options that can use for what clubs make a complete golf set:

  • Woods & Drivers 

If we’re placing our best bet, it’s because we can assure you a golfer can never go wrong with woods and driver. They are ideal for hitting your ball off the tee to accomplish a fair distance on your first shot. 

These are the clubs that can offer you the perfect distance but brings with them the risk of losing precision on your strikes. A driver is the longest club in the bag and also the one that will strike your ball the furthest on the course. 

Long clubs called “woods” are identified by the loft, or angle of the club’s face. A typical golf set contains three wood clubs, depending on personal preference. Some golfers favour using a 3-wood for long shots on the fairway or as their driver. 

  • Hybrids 

Previously, hybrids have started getting increasing recognition in terms of performance and as an alternative to low irons and high woods. Some golfers only keep hybrids in their golf set and eliminate the other options. 

These clubs provide accuracy of the shot while keeping their shaft to a minimum size. Mostly golfers that swap out some of their irons choose 3 or 4 irons. Why? Because these irons have a high chance of causing trouble achieving accuracy and height. 

  • Irons 

As the name suggests, these clubs have an iron head and can be regarded as stepping down from fairway wood. Irons include a thin face that is helpful during a thick lie, such as sand or dirt. 

Up to six irons are included in a standard package. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are the most popular options. These figures also have anything to do with the club’s loft.

  • Wedges 

What clubs make a complete golf set without a wedge? Although we realize the top of its head mirrors an iron, including them in your set is pretty vital. 

They typically have a higher loft angle than other golf clubs, which allows for shots with a higher trajectory and more spin. 

Wedges are commonly used for short-range shots around the green, such as chips, pitches, and bunker shots. They come in different varieties, including sand wedges, pitching, and lob wedges. If you’re an intermediate player, you need to uncover what wedges should a high handicapper carry. 

  • Putters 

Putters are a type of golf club used to make strokes on the green, aiming to roll the ball into the hole. Putters are designed to have minimal loft, which helps keep the ball on the ground and minimize the effects of any slope or undulation on the green. 

Putters come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, and golfers may choose a putter that suits their personal preferences and stroke mechanics. Furthermore, what length a putter of 5’11 should you get is also essential if height is a concerning element for you. 

What Is the Most Important Golf Club?

We’reWe’ll divide the top slot amongst the two equally significant golf clubs in your set rather than focusing on just one. Both clubs are necessary for any round of golf, and both of these pieces of equipment can help you outperform the opposition. 

most important Golf club
  • Drivers 

One of the most used golf clubs during a game is a driver. These primarily get used for an opening shot to make the furthest shot and set up a good pace for the rest of the game. Golfers tend to use drivers approximately 14 times during a full-round play. Hence, making a complete 15-20% of the score. Although it’s not wholly dependent, they still have much to offer. 

  • Putters 

The putter is the one club that you use on the golf course the most frequently, and it contributes between 35% and 40% of your final score. In a round of golf, you will typically make 24 putts; thus, having a decent putter and a solid putting stroke is essential for a good score.

The Best Golf Club Sets Tow Own 

  • Strata Men’s Golf Set 

You actually receive the entire set with the Strata 11-piece kit; the only equipment lacking are a few balls and a bag of tees. It includes a driver, fairway wood, two hybrids, irons 6-PW, a putter, a stand bag, and a set of irons. 

While they may not have the same high-end appearance as Callaway’s top-end offerings, there is no disputing the performance on offer. Throughout testing, we deemed them to be forgiving and easy to hit.

There is room to expand the set, especially in the wedges category, so those looking to develop their game may want to consider another option. The putter needs a lot of improvement, and an inexpensive putter at under £100 would perfect this superb value package.

The irons in particular wowed us. The large amount of offset should help those who prefer to slice their irons, and the topline is nicely thick to inspire confidence at address. The quality of the grips and shafts is comparable to that of a high-end pair of cavity back irons. 

Because so much of the driver’s face is seen at address, it is highly alluring to stare down on. Moreover, you can find a lot of forgiving in the driver which is nothing less than perfection at this point. Hence, it’s no surprise why this tops our list of what clubs make a complete golf set.  

  • Cobra Fly XL Package Set

It was difficult to choose a set that matches the vibe of Strata regardless of what complains we may get, however;  The Cobra Fly XL complete set, offers excellent quality all across the kit. 

Also, there are no extra clubs, leaving more money for golfing. Finally, they are constructed so that they will fit you wonderfully and continue to do so in 1-3 years as you progress to intermediate golfer status.

The 10.5o driver is a forgiving driver that travels far and long thanks to its large clubface and low centre of gravity. The driver is paired with a 15-degree fairway wood. This fairway wood’s wide, flat profile makes it simple to smash off the ground and a fantastic backup off the tee if your driver is acting up.

The offset, 4 and 5 hybrids are the standouts in this collection. Comparing hybrids to fairway woods, which have longer shafts, will give you a sense of assurance. All golfers will enjoy the gentle pull that is encouraged by the heel weighting.

The irons provide a fantastic feel when hitting golf strokes thanks to the excellent forgiving and power design work by Cobra.

However, these irons’ lofts and swing weights differ slightly from those of most other beginner sets. Higher launch, improved club gapping, and improved lofts for chipping and throwing around the green are the end results.

I don’t believe a beginning golfer might do better for the price. You get all the clubs you need, and they are all skillful in terms of what clubs make a complete golf set with the Cobra Fly XL.

  • TAYLORMADE RBZ Speedlite Package Set

The equipment quality is commensurate with the price tag on this premium TaylorMade package set. Six irons, two hybrids, two fairway woods, a driver, a putter, and a trolley bag round out the 12-piece kit. 

All of the clubs are sleek, high-end, yet wouldn’t be out of place in a mid-bag. handicapper’s The cart is necessary, and the bag is a little fragile, but other than that, this is a packaging set that is made to last.

The toplines on the irons are thick enough to give players a sense of security at address without being overly bulky or unwelcoming. We thought the combination of the metalwoods’ crown’s grey finish and a tiny flash of green looked fantastic. 

The sand wedge and putter are considerably more compact and have a more elegant, high-end appearance at the other end of the bag. A traditional pitching wedge plus sand wedge complete the set. Including a mallet putter, cart bag, and bag.

  • Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set

Callaway has produced high-end clubs for many years, and its Strata line includes everything for what clubs make a complete golf set for beginners. In other words, you receive top-notch tools and a layout with everything you’ll need as a novice.

A titanium driver with a 460cc head size and a lightweight shaft is included in the Strata full set of golf clubs. Larger 3 and 5 woods, which also have a big sweet spot and excellent forgiveness, are used in conjunction with the driver.

The Callaway Men’s Strata sets come with a 5-hybrid, which helps you produce high-launching shots off the fairway and is easier to hit than conventional long irons. After that, the club set advances from the 6-iron to the pitching wedge. Hence, making us determine How good are Callaway Strata Golf Clubs 

A bladed putter and a tote bag are included in the Strata package. The bag includes a stand, a comfortable double-strap carrying mechanism, and four pockets. There are 12, 14, and 16-piece Strata golf set variations available. Included in the “parts” are the stand bag and headcovers. 

Consider the 16-piece option as the complete set, whereas the 14 and 12 each lose a wood and headcover. Both remain excellent choices and can help you save some additional cash when purchasing the smaller sets.

  • STIX Golf Complete Set

From the driver to the putter, there are 14 clubs in the Stix Golf Full Set. The set includes a driver, three 52°, 56°, and 60° degree wedges, four hybrids, a 5-iron to a pitching wedge, and a putter.

In our tests, we considered the driver to be the top performer. Not only does it have a fantastic appearance, but we also discovered that the ball was aggressively launched and popped well. 

Also, it wasn’t gaining or losing distance by spinning up. The black irons and woods are also really attractive.

The irons maintain the streamlined appearance while producing a fairly solid feel and a powerful ball flight. Many people will appreciate the more specialised design of the wedges, and the kit also includes a mallet putter. 

The main drawback is that the black finish can easily scuff with use, and the set we received lacked headcovers.

  • Wilson Profile SGI Package Golf club Set

Their most performance : a case club set for beginners is the Wilson Profile SGI. A 10.5o driver, 5 woods, 5 hybrids, 6 to 9 irons, a pitching and sand wedge, a putter, and a golf bag are included in the Profile SGI club set. All of this is really reasonably priced.

Golfers who have difficulty finding the middle of the clubface would benefit greatly from the 10.5o driver’s excellent forgiveness because it is the maximum size permitted (460cc). 

Moreover, the Driver, 5-wood, and 5-hybrid have graphite shafts, making the clubs lighter and enhancing clubhead speed. As you get closer to the green, the steel shafts on the irons and wedges give you more control.

The irons also have a big cavity back construction, which offers excellent forgiveness and aids in elevating your iron strokes. Wilson Profile has what clubs make a complete golf set for beginners 

  • MACGREGOR CG3000 Golf Club Set 

While not being viewed as a luxury brand in the current market, MacGregor has a long and illustrious history in the industry. Even though its package sets won’t cost you an arm and a leg, that doesn’t mean they aren’t innovative. 

The 13° driver, low profile fairway, and easy-to-hit hybrid of the CG3000 are features of this entry-level kit. Golfers should find the irons (available in steel and graphite) to be easier to launch since they have an undercut cavity that keeps the centre of gravity low and deep.

The irons, which had a decently broad top line but nothing overbearing, were excellent in our opinion. 

They launched really high, and the forgiveness they provided impressed us. Given that we were comparing them against forged musclebacks, they feel just good and look perfect.

There’s no denying that this package represents excellent value for the money, especially given that you also get a mallet-style putter and the option of either a premium stand or cart bag. 

  • Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Complete Golf Set

Tour Edge Golf Clubs are totally underrated, which makes them a hidden gem. The brand produces some of the best high-quality equipment that comes with lifetime warrantyand affordability. All wrapped up in a single bag this set consists of seven irons, driver, 3-wood, hybrid, and a putter. 

The driver is particularly forgiving of off-center smashes because to its huge sweet spot and low, away from the face, position of the centre of gravity. 

The irons have a wide sole and a huge cavity back construction. If you can’t get to the turf before the ball, both of these features reduce the danger of the irons sinking into the ground and increase the sweet spot.

The putter boasts a steel shaft, a soft putter insert, and a great alignment line at the back of the club. ensuring a superb roll on the greens and a soft feel to your putts.

If you want a high-quality golf club set but are on a tight budget, the Tour Edge Golf – Bazooka 370 set is perfect for you.

  • INESIS 100 Package Set 

It is mainly geared at beginners, however despite the inexpensive price, we were very pleased with the performance throughout testing. Each club is made to launch easily; they felt stable and delivered reliable outcomes. 

The irons give beginners something that’s particularly crucial when just starting out – confidence at address, and extra aid getting the ball up and away – with a mid size top line and wide sole.

We really liked the feel, particularly in the irons, which very well frame the ball. The driver’s position, which is slightly closed, should be appealing to beginners because many of them have trouble with a slice. 

In conclusion, this seven-piece set is good value for the money and includes everything you need if you’re a novice seeking to start playing.

How Do You Determine the best set of golf clubs? 

How Do You Determine The Best Set Of Golf Clubs

Nothing could be more authentic, even though many individuals will try to persuade you that there are particular sets of golf clubs that they believe to be the greatest. The best set of golf clubs does not exist. It all comes down to how you feel and what you like in a set of golf clubs.

Golfers’ club sets differ because of this. While some players favour using irons, others favour hybrids in their place. Some golfers utilize sand wedges; others do not. Only if the set fits your golfing style can you be confident you have the ideal set of clubs.

Make sure your set of clubs contains all the ones you use regularly and that they are all the right length to fit you when you assemble them. Always get high-quality golf club sets, whether you’re a novice or an experienced golfer. Spending slightly extra upfront is preferable to changing the entire send after just a year.

What Clubs Make a Complete Golf Set for Beginners 

If you’re a beginner golfer, here’s the heads-up you need for golf set 101. Follow the list down below to see what clubs you need to include in your set. 

  • 1 Driver
  • 1 3-Wood
  • 1 3-Hybrid
  • 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 Irons
  • 1 Pitching Wedge
  • 1 Sand Wedge
  • 1 Putter

Naturally, everything relies on your preferences and which clubs will improve your game the most. Now, if you play golf at a higher level, your golf club set might resemble this:

  • 1 Driver
  • 1 3-Wood
  • 1 5-Wood
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 Irons
  • 1 Pitching Wedge
  • 1 Sand Wedge
  • 1 Lob Wedge
  • 1 Putter

You get to decide how many clubs you keep and which ones you use because there are so many different sorts of clubs and levels of golfers to select from. 

How Much Should A Golf Club Set Cost?

Ah! The question we, and without a doubt you, all were dreading as well. How much should a golf club set cost is indefinite as the prices vary from brand to brand. 

  • Beginner’s Set: 

For example, for beginners, we can look at Callaway Strata’s price of a 12-piece set on a low spectrum, while the price of a 16-piece set can be higher. 

On the other hand, a set of used golf clubs costs can vary from $250 to $600. The golf clubs’ state, brand, and quantity of pieces in the set go into this decision.

  • Mid-Handicapper 

For golfers with a mid handicap, a brand-new driver can cost anywhere less than a thousand bucks, while a fairway wood goes for a mid-average price per piece. In addition, a hybrid costs the same for each piece, but a pair of irons can go higher.

Based on the brand and quality, beginners should expect to pay around half for a pitching, sand, or lob wedge. An intermediate golfer might have to spare somewhere above the thousand dollars mark for an average set.

  • Advanced 

A hybrid driver, fairway wood, and club all cost the same as their intermediate equivalents. The irons are the item where prices fluctuate. Superior golfers often favor the soft feel of blades and their forged design. 

These irons encourage the most workability and spin possible for approach control. In addition, forged irons cost more than game-improvement clubs loaded with technology. Consequently, you should budget between the lowest to the highest for a set of irons that includes a pitching wedge and gap.

what clubs make a complete golf set Conclusion: 

Now that you have a clear idea of all the clubs and prices, it’s time to step into the course with confidence and enhanced spirits. Moreover, you can also double-check our list to confirm if your set isn’t missing any of the essential components for what clubs make a complete set. 

Moreover, if you love this blog, don’t forget to check out the beginners guide to golf for more in-depth knowledge about the sport and all things essential. 


What is considered a full set of irons?

The majority of the golf clubs in a setup are irons. A 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 iron make up a standard full set of clubs. Yet irons have evolved recently, and several now offer greater distance.

Which 14 clubs to carry?

  • 1 driver.
  • 4 wedges (sand wedge, gap wedge, pitching wedge, lob wedge)
  • 2 kinds of wood (3-wood and 5-wood)
  • 1 putter.
  • 5 irons (5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron)
  • 1 hybrid golf club (a combination of a wood golf head with an iron-length shaft)

What is the Golden Rule of Golf?

Use the ball where it is. Except while taking a fair stance or stroke, don’t move, bend, or damage anything that is growing or fixed. Nothing should be pressed down. Unless in a water hazard or bunker, you may lift natural objects that are neither fixed nor growing. No punishment.

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