What To Look For When Buying Golf Cart | 2023 | Top 7 Tips


One of the joys of playing golf is riding a golf cart throughout the course. As a kid, it was always a dream to drive or ride the cart around and enjoy the greenery and how others play. 

Although some golf courses lend players golf carts according to their hours, getting your golf cart has always been a hassle for every player. Sometimes it’s the affordability factor, and other times it needs the right idea of features and models that can last for several years. 

Hence, Top Golf Advisor has a team of expert researchers that gives you a detailed guide on what to look for when buying a golf cart in 2023. 

Note down all the crucial points and figures to ensure you get all the benefits before going on your purchasing spree. Before diving into the blog, let’s look at why you should own a golf cart in the first place. 

What to look for when Buying Golf Cart

Why Should You Own A Golf Cart?

There are numerous reasons why you may want to own a golf cart, including:

  • Convenience: Golf carts provide a convenient mode of transportation for short distances and can be especially useful for navigating large properties or getting around in communities with limited or slow-moving traffic.
  • Leisure activities: Golf carts can be used for golfing, camping, or visiting parks and other outdoor attractions.
  • Cost-effective transportation: Golf carts are often more fuel-efficient and cost-effective than traditional vehicles and can save gas, maintenance, and insurance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Electric golf carts are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles and produce no emissions or pollutants.
  • Customizable: Golf carts can be customized with various accessories and upgrades to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Fun and recreation: Golf carts can be a fun and recreational vehicle to drive and enjoy with family and friends.

It’s important to remember that golf carts may not be suitable for all driving environments and situations and that you should always follow local laws and regulations when operating a golf cart. 

Moreover, if you’re only focusing on buying a golf cart for street use, it’s crucial to meet the requirements of a street-legal vehicle. 

What To Look For When Buying Golf Cart?

Here are some essential pointers one needs to keep in mind before buying golf carts; they can be brand new or used, and the factors are the same regardless. 

1: Electric Or Gas 

First and foremost, It’s essential to clear out your base by deciding what model you want. Is It Gas Or Electric? Once you’ve laid the foundation for this, It’s easier to determine the subsequent factors. However, if you need clarification on the difference between the two models, let us break it down. 

Gas golf carts consist of internal combustion engines, which makes them more durable and robust than electric carts. They operate on a minimum range of 100 miles per tank of fuel. Although they are more expensive to operate and maintain, these golf carts are excellent for towing trailers and climbing steep hills. Additionally, the sound and smell of gasoline golf cart exhaust can be highly offensive. 

On the other hand, we have an electric golf cart with numerous advantages over the former. However, the most prominent one is how affordable and accessible they operate. Furthermore, if you’re a speed lover, electric golf carts are your thing, as you can modify the fastest golf cart according to your preferences. 

Electric golf carts are rapidly gaining popularity, especially in 2023. Therefore, we suggest getting your hands on electric carts instead of gas ones. The only disadvantage one can get from an electric one is having to keep tabs on what happens when golf cart batteries run out of water.

2: What To Look For When Buying Golf Cart ( Used Vs. Refurbished) 

A reconditioned golf cart is one you will exclusively find used on a golf course for about several or more years. Refurbished golf carts are typically more expensive than used ones but offer the advantage of having been thoroughly inspected, repaired, and updated, and they often come with a warranty. Used golf carts can be less expensive but require more maintenance and repairs and may not have a warranty.

Refurbished golf carts may be more environmentally friendly than used ones, as they are often made from recycled or refurbished parts and may have updated electrical systems and batteries.

Here’s a small list of things you need to keep in mind about used and refurbished golf carts:

  • See if you can find out the golf cart’s age.
  • Take it for a test drive at all times.
  • Try to purchase from an authorized dealer when purchasing refurbished items.
  • Before buying, give the golf cart a thorough inspection.
  • Request to see the golf cart’s maintenance logs
  • Ask whether there is a warranty.
  • To check if the canopy isn’t loose or creating an odd noise, grab it and shake it vigorously.
  • Keep an eye out for rust patches or worn tire indicators.
  • Find out who would fix it if necessary.
  • Check the tires’ tread for wear.

3: Always Inspect the Engine 

Another crucial aspect of what to look for when buying a golf cart is inspecting the engine. You can only buy a vehicle after thoroughly checking the engine and ensuring they’re upto the par. 

It should appear clean overall and be devoid of oil stains and burn marks. The more use an engine has presumably seen, the dirtier it is. A compression check can confirm that an engine is in good running condition.

Apart from this, Other parts, including gasoline lines and air filters, should be clean and relatively fresh. Once more, the likelihood that the device has not been adequately maintained increases as these components become dirtier.

4: Body and Frame 

Noticing the body and frame of a golf cart before purchasing is no surprise factor. Also, the canopy inspection follows right behind. 

When observing the model, all the dirt, rust, and other visible dents or marks must be minimal. If any dents seem unusual, get in touch with the owner and get a reasonable explanation. 

Nonetheless, some faded paints and minor blemishes can be permanently get fixed. Hence, if all the other things seem well in order, don’t stop buying a golf cart that is pleasant on the eyes. 

5: Tires 

Although it is simple and affordable to replace tires, many buyers prefer that a used golf cart’s tires be in excellent enough shape to last at least a year. 

Deep tread grooves and no apparent damage should be present in the tires. Ensure they are wholly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and can hold air.

6: Affordability

Price is one of the most crucial aspects of what to look for when buying a golf cart. It’s the factor that makes or breaks your deal in the end. Golf cart prices are typically touching the sky due to their high value and not-so-common uses. 

Especially when it comes to gas golf carts, you can expect the highest price, regardless if it’s used or not. Moreover, electric golf carts can be accessible on the wallet, but there’s still no guarantee. 

Spend at least $1,500 if you want to buy a golf cart from a private seller. Expect to pay extra if it’s in good condition, has strong batteries, and has a good body. Additionally, it will depend on the add-ons offered with the cart. 

Golf carts specially stocked with tonnes of extras can cost up to $10,000. $2,000 and $5,000 are the average ranges for used golf carts. These prices can leave you wondering why are golf carts so expensive. But don’t sweat; you can find the right deal with some legwork. 

7: Test Drive to the Rescue 

A lot can be determined when you take a golf cart out on a test drive. The likelihood of it being louder increases with unit age. 

Driving straight while taking your hands off the wheel will allow you to quickly check the car’s alignment to determine if it pulls to the left or right. 

Moreover, you can thoroughly review how the engine, tires, and speed work in your favor and how it will treat you after purchase. 

Benefits & Drawbacks Of An Electric Golf Cart

What to look for when Buying Golf Cart

Here’s a small list fo some benefits as well as drawbacks of purchasing an electric golf cart. 

What to Look For When Buying Golf Cart – Benefits 

  • Simple to maintain!

Compared to gas golf carts, electric golf carts require significantly less upkeep.They don’t require spark plugs, oil changes, or tune-up kits.

  • Environmentally and economically friendly!

With electric golf carts, you won’t need to stop at the gas station before or after each use.

The only maintenance required is monitoring the electrolyte levels in the cart’s batteries and connecting the cart to a charger/maintainer for golf cart batteries. Do not release carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases.

  • Lovely and peaceful!

Electric carts produce almost no noise (especially during low-speed operation). They are therefore the best option for hunting (so as not to scare away animals) and at upscale country clubs where loud carts are not allowed.

You can also read our blog on what us what is the fastest electric golf cart

Potential Drawbacks 

  • Restricted range

When an electric golf cart runs out of power, you are either stranded or forced to wait hours for the vehicle to recharge. Electric golf carts have a range of 15 to 25 miles.

  • Comparatively underpowered to gas carts.

In comparison to gas golf carts, which typically have 12.5 horsepower, the average electric golf cart motor has roughly 5 horsepower.

  • Less valuable when sold than gas carts.

Due to the difficulty of accounting for battery life on a used electric cart, gas golf carts command a significant premium over electric carts on the USED golf cart market. You can also check out What Happens If Golf Cart Batteries Run Out Of Water

Benefits & Drawbacks For A Gas Golf Cart 

Benefits Drawbacks For A Gas Golf Cart

Compared to electric ones; gas golf carts also have their set of pros and cons. Some of them are:


  • Added power

With an average gas cart having 12.5 horsepower compared to an average electric cart’s 5 horsepower, gas carts are more powerful.

 Gas carts can consequently tow more people and goods while climbing steeper grades and larger hills. In addition, gas carts have a faster top speed than electric carts.

  • Improved range

Compared to how far an electric golf cart can go on a single charge, a gas golf cart can drive 150 miles on a single tank of petrol (15 miles). 

And when your gas cart runs out of fuel, you can easily refuel at the closest gas station or with an additional fuel tank, however if you had an electric cart and ran out of charge, you would be totally stranded.

  • Superior resale value

Since there are no pricey batteries to possibly replace, gas golf carts have a better resale value when you want to sell them on the used market. Either a gas cart runs or it doesn’t. Your only expense (apart from routine maintenance) will be fuel as long as the gas cart you purchase operates without a hitch.

On the other hand, every 5-7 years an expensive battery change is required for electric carts. 

Hence, if you purchase an electric cart today that operates without a hitch but are ignorant that the batteries are 4 years old, you may soon be faced with a repair expense of more than $1,000 for new batteries. Gas golf carts are more valuable to resell for this reason! You can also read our blog on How To Make A Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster

Potential Drawbacks 

  • More expensive maintenance

Fuel filters, air filters, and other engine components are additional requirements for gas golf carts.

  • As comparison to just replenishing batteries for electric carts, gas cart fuel is more expensive.

Due to pricey gasoline, you’ll need to routinely replenish your gas cart.

Although golf cart batteries for electric carts may be pricey, your operational costs are extremely minimal (just charge the cart at home). 

Because of this, electric carts are inexpensive to operate (as long as they have good batteries). Also, the cost of $1,000 batteries over 5,000 miles of use can be less than what you might spend on gas.

  • Noisy and offensive

Gas golf carts are undesirable for driving around the neighbourhood at night (waking the neighbours), going hunting (frightens animals away), and some upscale country clubs do not permit the use of gas engines. 

When in use, gas carts also emit an odour similar to that of gasoline and exhaust (which, to some, is a pleasant fragrance, but not to others!).

How Much Is A New Golf Cart?

You can have the “new golf cart” fragrance for $8,000 or more! The same benefits apply to buying a new golf cart as they do to buying a new car:

1: Get Professional Accessories Installed 

Straight from the manufacturer, you may choose from a wide range of golf cart accessories to be added to your new build when you buy a golf cart. 

Although the variety of accessories won’t be as large as what a well-known website (like us) offers, purchasing these accessories straight from the manufacturer will save you time and give you peace of mind that they will be attached properly.

2: Cart Comes With Warranty 

Having warranty protection for your new cart is a significant advantage of purchasing a brand-new one. The coverage, which you may get from your dealer or the manufacturer, will protect you for a set amount of time on things like motors, batteries, brakes, bearings, and more!

A new golf cart with a guarantee can be your best option if you’re not handy and concerned about any potential problems your new cart might have after purchase.

3: Won’t Need Fixing All the Time 

You won’t need to perform any maintenance on your new cart. Batteries won’t run out. Fresh tyres and a brand-new golf cart battery charger will be included. Now you may start using your cart right immediately and feel proud that nobody else has put their butt in your seats!

How Much Is A Used Golf Cart?

Here’s our take on some locally available golf carts in used condition and what they have to offer compared to a brand new one along with their price range 

1: $500 Used Golf Cart 

An honest heads up for you all is for $500 a used golf cart may look like your neighbor’s old project that is broken down and doesn’t run, or an ancient rust bucket that requires extensive cosmetic maintenance. 

Nonetheless, we won’t criticize a $500 cart! With the proper replacement of golf cart parts, even though a cart this inexpensive is normally a Big Deal it can be simply restored to 100% like the day it left the manufacturer. 

And the cart will start to resemble the $4,800 model above after some additional accessories (seat coverings, wheels, and tyres, a golf cart roof, and a new rear seat) are fitted.

2: $1,200 Used Golf Cart 

Most golf carts in this price range have no certain flaws whatsoever. However, in most cases the only problem buyers face is with the batteries. 

If you ask us, a golf cart with a stunning exterior and no proper maintenance issues is like hitting a jackpot. While most people are concerned for the battery; we can assure you with a fresh battery charger and a battery acid, you can leave this beauty to charge overnight and hit the runway in the morning like a brand new beast. 

Moreover, a golf cart with such standards can reach up to a price of $1,900 which is nothing short of luxury. 

3: $7,400 For a Used Golf Cart 

I know what you’re thinking; for this price range why not buy a brand new one? Well, considering today’s range and age a brand new golf cart would typically cost you the minimum of $10,837. So, why waste such big bucks when you can get a more or less 10 years old golf cart within the $7000 markup. 

You receive a really nice, more recent (less than ten years old) golf cart with some fantastic improvements for this price range. A cart can benefit from modifications, but not to the extent of their expense. For Further details you can also check our blog on Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive

What is the most Common Golf Cart Problems? 

Apart from what to look for when buying a golf cart, It’s also essential to know the most common golf cart problems. These can be preexisting or turn up in a few years. 

Some of these issues are: 

  • worn tires
  • motor burnout
  • failed battery
  • solenoid issues
  • ignition failure
  • faulty switches
  • speed control problems

How Do You Prevent It? 

One of the easiest ways to skip expensive repair jobs on a golf cart is to maintain proper maintenance. With regular fixes, the chances of a bigger problem are reduced, hence offering you a clear-cut way to enjoy your cart without any worries. 

What Time Of Year Is Best For Buying Golf Carts?

The best periods to buy a golf cart are in the late winter and early spring. Several variables influence it, including seller demographics, trade-ins from golf courses, and the prevalence of both new and used vehicles at most dealerships.

However, if you find a worthwhile deal at any other time, we urge you to take it rather than wait for the winter season. 

Six Things Not To Do When Buying A Golf Cart

Things Not To Do When Buying A Golf Cart

We’ve been fumbling around this entire blog talking about what to look for when buying golf cart, so before we end our debate, let’s take a quick look into the factors we DO NOT have to do during our purchasing splurge. 

1: Forgetting to Check License Requirements (Your Area) 

Be sure you are aware of state licencing requirements for golf carts as well as local ordinances and restrictions surrounding the usage of golf carts on public or private roadways before thinking about purchasing a used golf cart (or any golf cart, for that matter).

Your golf cart may need to be changed in many locations in order to be allowed to travel on public roads. Some localities only permit gas-powered carts to utilise public roads, while other places demand the addition of a street legal kit.

Check the policies of the golf course first if you intend to use the golf cart there. Carts are not always permitted on golf courses.

Before you even consider looking for a golf cart, make sure you are completely familiar with the regulations. Nothing is worse than spending several thousand dollars on a car only to discover that you are unable to use it where you had planned.

2: Failing to Get Proper Information 

Similar to purchasing a used car, you will need to be aware of certain fundamental information about your golf cart, which the seller may be reluctant to provide.

At the time of purchase, it might not seem like a huge concern, but failing to obtain this crucial information could later bite you in the rear.

In a perfect world, it would be wonderful to be aware of the golf cart’s maintenance history, accident history, and its genesis (country, state, etc.). Great if you can find a logbook and some receipts! You’ve got the upper hand.

However, this is frequently not a reasonable expectation to have.

You will at the very least need to be aware of the following:

  • Make 
  • Model 
  • Series No (located on a plate inside the glove compartment or next to the charging port)
  • Year (e.g. 2013) 
  • Rounds (also known as cycles, and typically 2005+ are recorded on the controller)

It’s possible that the seller won’t be aware of some of this information if you purchase a used golf cart from a private individual, especially if they are not the original owner.

If a dealer fails to supply you with all of this information, walk away. If they’re withholding the essentials, it’s not looking good for the remainder of the vehicle.

If you can obtain the serial number (and/or manufacturer’s number in some circumstances), you will be able to determine the make, model, and year.

3: Ignoring The Battery Factor 

If you are purchasing a used electric golf cart, you will also need to understand some basic battery facts. You should also test and check the batteries if possible.

Golf cart batteries don’t last forever, and a new set might easily cost $1,000-$2,000. Faulty or aged batteries can potentially damage the cart’s other critical components, such as the motor or the onboard charger.

Keep in mind that these guidelines apply just to lead-acid batteries, which are the most frequent type of battery you’ll encounter. If you come across a golf cart that has newer lithium ion batteries or another sort, you’ll need to explore guidelines for those batteries.

At the very least, you’ll want to know:

  • Battery Brand – Ideally, you’ll want to see Trojan or other top U.S. (LTH batteries are also quite good in Mexico)
  • Brand; you’d also like to see a set of the same brand (e.g. 6 x Trojan 8v batteries for a 48v cart).
  • Date of manufacture (for example, 4/2017) (This should be noted on the battery somewhere)
  • Warranty provided by the manufacturer (newer batteries may still be under warranty)
  • Charging Habits (frequency/duration) – For conventional lead acid batteries, you want to hear “every night” or “anytime the golf cart is parked.”

When performing any type of battery inspection, always wear protective equipment. If you lack the necessary skills and knowledge, take the cart to a specialist.

When batteries are properly cared for, they can last for many years. It’s also possible to come across batteries that are only a year or two old but are underperforming due to neglect.

Knowing the age and health of the batteries will save you a lot of money and headaches in the future, so spend a few time to go through the examination points above.

4: Not Doing A Real test Drive 

Some prospective purchasers will ride a golf cart for a quick spin around a parking lot and call it good. Worse, they buy a golf cart without ever riding it or without seeing it.

The only way to assure that a particular golf cart will be a worthwhile investment for you is to drive it in the manner in which you intend to utilise it.

If you intend to drive it in an area with steep hills, ensure you test it out on a couple of them to see how it reacts.

5: Settling For the Wrong Golf Cart

Depending on where you reside, your options for buying a used golf cart may be restricted. It’s tempting to become impatient and buy the first golf cart you see for a reasonable price. But, doing so may come back to haunt you.

  • Evaluate the application – If you’re looking for a golf cart to get you from point A to point B on a reasonably flat golf course or retirement community, you’re more likely to prefer comfort and ease of maintenance over durability, clearance, and battery range.
  • Think about your climate – EZGO golf carts are highly tough and trustworthy vehicles, but they are built on a steel chassis (as opposed to ClubCar’s aluminium chassis). 

While steel is tougher and more durable than aluminium for severe driving and rough situations (e.g., all-terrain vehicles, ranches), it rusts more easily in humid and coastal locations.

6: Buying an Off-Brand Golf Cart

It may appear like you’re getting a fantastic deal on that cart brand that no one has heard of until you need your first repair or upgrade.

You can’t go wrong with any of the main brands, such as EZGO, ClubCar, or Yamaha. Components are readily available, and golf cart mechanics are well-versed in the intricacies of these vehicles, both old and modern.

Furthermore, there are millions of customers who can attest to the benefits and drawbacks of each model in these major manufacturers’ lineup. Obtaining similar information for lesser-known manufacturers, especially if you are interested in DIY maintenance, can be quite difficult.

Nonetheless, there are so many possibilities to take into account for what to look for when buying golf cart. However, we’ve made sure to provide you with the most in-depth information. 

Moreover, as a buyer one can never go wrong with asking too many questions, so don’t shy away from displaying your concerns to the dealer or owner because at the end of the day, it’s your money that’s going to get spent. 

Ending Words 

What to look for when buying a golf cart can become a tiresome and sometimes tricky task. Especially for beginners who are new to the market and have yet to gain experience. In such cases, having a guide full of valuable pointers can make a big difference and offer straightforward navigation. 

Best bet these factors will help you get the best golf cart. So let us know how they worked out for you or if you think we missed anything. Also, make sure to check out the beginner’s guide to golf for in-depth knowledge.


How long do golf cart batteries last?

All things considered, rechargeable batteries in fleet carts typically last 4-6 years with adequate maintenance, and battery packs owned by private individuals last 6–10 years. Another important factor is the sort of choices on the cart, which may increase the demand for the battery pack.

How long can a golf cart sit without charging?

Batteries for golf carts need to be refilled after multiple hours of operation. Nobody enjoys getting lost. Batteries for golf carts that are fully dead require several hours to recharge. Make sure batteries are fully filled before each usage to extend their longevity.

Is Golf Cart Worth It?

A golf cart enhances your golfing experience, making it a great investment. Also, you receive a car to drive around your neighbourhood. But choosing the correct one might be difficult, particularly if you are unsure what you want.

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