11 Best Golf Clubs For Women Beginners –  Guide 2023 

Best golf clubs for women beginners is a rarely discussed topic in the golf community. Mainly because we all cater towards the male popularity slightly more. If you search for the best golf clubs for male golfers, millions of results have flooded the internet today. However, the women’s section doesn’t get the same efforts. 

Moreover, there’s also the factor of indecisiveness when companies are flourishing with products, and you don’t know which one to choose. Thank goodness, we’re here to guide you through the choices and, in the end, let you know which women’s golf clubs, in our opinion, are ideal for amateurs.

Additionally, there’s no surprise that golf is a generally more expensive sport compared to football or cricket. Therefore, the options in this blog are going to involve a lot of you spending some hefty investments. Nonetheless, we included one or two budget-friendly products that offer the same, if not the best, performance on the course compared to the rest of the luxury listing. 

Therefore, without further interruption, let’s dive into today’s listings and find out which golf clubs top our list regarding women’s golf clubs. 

11 Best Golf Clubs For Women Beginners

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Our Top Pick Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Club SetHigh-Quality, Lightweight Bag
Best Quality For Clubs 
Budget-Friendly WILSON Profile SGI Golf Club Set Lowest cost on the list without sacrificing qualityOptions in small, medium, and large sizesStylish
Best For Beginners Confidence Lady Power III Wide range of clubsIncreased performance Ideal for both beginners and intermediet players 

How Many Clubs Does A Beginner Need? 

Many individuals are keen on learning how to play golf because it is well-liked. However, beginner golfers may find it a little overwhelming to choose their first set of clubs because so many options are available. 

You must abide by several golfing regulations. According to the USGA, You can only carry 14 clubs on the golf course. Even if you can purchase all 14, beginning with 8–10 clubs would be simpler so that you don’t have as many options.

What Golf Clubs Should A Woman Carry?

Likely, you don’t have many golfing accessories if you’re just beginning to learn the game. New golfers spend most of their time using the driving range’s available rental clubs to practise. 

As you apply what you’ve learned to a conventional golf course, you’ll need to buy a basic set of clubs. Fortunately, there are novice ladies’ golf packages that include everything you need. They typically have a putter, driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. Also, depending on different height ratios, It’s better to understand What size golf clubs should a 5-foot woman use

Alternatively, you can buy individual clubs, albeit the cost will certainly be higher. Depending on your preferences, some sets have varying numbers of clubs. 

Next, let’s discuss the goals that each club is created to achieve.

Uses Of Golf Clubs: 

  • Driver: The wood subcategory of golf clubs includes the driver. You begin most holes with this club since it has the biggest head of any club in your bag and is the highest. The driver will help your golf ball travel the farthest with a proper golf swing, allowing you to go for that birdie.
  • Fairway Woods: Also known as higher-numbered woods, fairway woods are the next tallest clubs. They have a smaller head and a shorter shaft than a driver. These are made for long golf shots taken from the fairway’s grass. 
  • Irons: Long, mid, short, and wedge irons are available. Long irons are typically replaced with hybrids in beginner sets because they are simpler to hit. They have shorter shafts than woods and are numbered. They have a club head with a sizable, flat, angled face that is grooved and scored. When you are fewer than 200 yards from the green or in other circumstances, like when striking your ball from a bunker, they are typically utilized to accelerate the ball towards the hole. 
  • Hybrids: Because they combine the advantages of iron and a wood, hybrid clubs are more widely used because they are easier to hit. They are an iron’s length but have a larger head that resembles a fairway wood. The ball will fly higher and farther as a result of this.
  • Putter: Putters are designed for golf strokes in which you attempt to hit the ball into the hole. They have flat-faced head. 

Best Golf Clubs For Women Beginners

You need to learn what golf clubs do I need as a beginner to learn the best techniques in golf. The finest clubs for beginning female golfers are lighter, less difficult to hit, and more forgiving.

Golfers with more experience will desire greater control, but if you’re just starting, it’s best to use clubs that are made for beginners. You can purchase sets that come pre-assembled with the specific clubs you require.

Purchasing clubs designed exclusively for novices has another benefit that has to do with something termed a golf shaft flex. The term “flex” describes how easily the golf club shaft bends when used. 

Typically, you should consider whether you have a quick or slow swing before deciding what flex you require. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about that because most beginner golf clubs have a typical flex.

1: Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set (Overall Best) 

Callaway has produced high-end clubs for many years, and its Strata line includes a set of golf clubs for beginners. In other words, you receive top-notch tools and a layout with everything you’ll need as a novice.

It works perfectly for beginner women golfers looking for a set that will give them range, power, and confidence to strut on the course to win. Apart from the name, Callaway Strata is one of the best quality golf club sets you’ll find in the market for beginners, therefore, we urge every novice golfer to look into the Callaway brand and explore through countless of other options they offer. 

Here are some specifications and information you’ll need on Callaway Strata Complete golf set that makes it the best golf clubs for women beginners. 

Clubs Included In The Set:

  • Driver (10.5˚) 
  • 5 Wood (18˚) 
  • 5 Hybrid (26˚) 
  • 7 and 9 iron 
  • Sand Wedge 
  • Putter 
  • Stand Bag, and Head Covers

A bladed putter and a tote bag are included in the Strata package. In addition, the pack consists of a stand, a comfortable double strap carrying mechanism, and four pockets.

You can play your first 18 holes with this set of golf clubs and progress to become a competent club golfer. The only additional golf club you might eventually want to add is a 56-degree sand wedge. Due to the wide range of personal preferences, these are typically sold individually.

Pros & Cons Of Choosing Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Club As The Best Golf Clubs For Women Beginners 

Options available for both genders According to some Poor Grip and Balance 
Performance IronsAfter a few trips, it is prone to wear and tear
Affordability Bags and Clubs have the Strata logo not Callaway’s 
Best Quality Clubs In the Market

2: WILSON Women’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Package Set 

Except the putter, every club in this set has a standard flex lightweight graphite shaft, making it suitable for novices. The high-lofted driver has a sizable sweet spot, and according to Wilson, it is “swing speed matched” to enhance ball flight for longer distances. 

Each iron has a low centre of gravity, a huge cavity back, and peripheral weighting to maximize forgiveness, launch angle, and range on all strikes. They are all made of premium 431 Stainless Steel. In addition, Wilson’s “Easy Launch” sand wedge is lightweight and has a wide sole for improved feel and control on the greens.

The SGI Women’s Complete Set comes with smaller all-weather grips, two bag options (a cart bag or a carry bag with double cushioned straps), and high-quality clubs for a significant discount over Cobra Women’s F Max Airspeed set.

Clubs Included In The Set: 

  • Driver 
  • 5 Wood 
  • 5 Hybrid 
  • 6, 7, 8, and 9 Irons 
  • Pitching and Sand Wedge 
  • Putter, Cart or Carry Bag are all included in this kit. conventional tall and petite sizes

Pros & Cons Of Choosing WILSON Women’s Profile SGI Golf Clubs Set

Technology for 460cc driver improvementBag Material Quality 
CG irons that are excellent for accuracy and distanceAwkward To Carry 
Size Customization Less Forgiving Blade Style Putter 
Lightweight Bag
Lowest Cost On Our List

This set stands out because of its Petite, Regular, and Tall variants. Women can be certain they are purchasing the best women’s golf clubs Wilson offers for their particular size using a chart on the Wilson website.

3: GolfGirl FWS3 Ladies Golf Clubs Set with Cart Bag, All Graphite, Right Hand (Best For Small Height) 

So your quest is done if you are a small lady golfer or a beginner. Additionally, those searching for an excellent set of golf clubs at an affordable price for their wife, mother, daughter, or another tiny female. You should take a look at this pink golf kit. You’ll notice that this small golf set is well-recommended when you read what other customers say about it.

The newest set from Golf lady has some fantastic features, and the small golf lady clubs are no exception. They consist of the oversized driver with the biggest sweet spot allowed by law.

Clubs Included In The Set:

  • 460 cc oversized drivERS eCONSr with graphite shaft
  • 5-6-7-8-9 irons
  • 3 wood
  • 3/4 hybrid with graphite shaft
  • Zippered head covers
  • Putter
  • Superior cart bag

All the necessary clubs are included in the package, along with a chic trolley bag that matches. Ideal for players 5’3″ and shorter, all clubs have been made an inch shorter.

Everything is designed for simplicity and forgiveness, whether it’s the large, high launch driver, the forgiving hybrids, or the cavity back irons. Hence, making it one of the best golf clubs for women beginners in our list. 

Pros & Cons Of Choosing GolfGirl FWS3 Ladies Golf Clubs Set 

Ladies-flex graphite shafts are included with every club. These thinner shafts aid in increasing clubhead speed Left handed golf club set. May not be suitable for right hand ladies 
Everything is designed with forgiveness and simplicity in mind.Prone to wear and tear 
Ideal for players 5’3″ and shorter, all clubs have been made an inch shorter.

Ladies-flex graphite shafts are included with every club (apart from the putter). These thinner shafts aid in increasing clubhead speed while having a little more whip to propel the ball ahead.

And because it is lightweight, the deluxe cart bag is ideal for women. It also contains many pockets, including a pocket for your stuff and a full-length garment pocket.

4: TaylorMade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set

The TaylorMade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set, which occupies the fourth slot, is made to make a lasting impact. Each club’s distinctive “Speed Pocket” technology enables greater flexibility lower across the clubface for greater launch and forgiveness for various swing speeds.

The “Speed Pocket” is tiny in each clubhead, promoting increased recoil and explosion after impact, which causes the ball to travel quicker. According to TaylorMade, the clubs also come with high-end shafts that “provide very high launch and make it simpler to square the face at impact.” 

Every club in the set also features a premium Lamkin Sonar Lite grip, including a Lamkin grip on the putter. The premium ladies’ Spider Putter completes the bag and allows our female counterparts to play with the same confidence on the greens as a few of the top players in the world.

Clubs Included In The Set: 

  • Driver (12˚) 
  • 3 Wood (17˚), 5 Wood (20˚)
  • 5 Rescue (26˚), 6 Rescue (30˚) 
  • 7, 8, 9 iron 
  • Pitching and Sand Wedge 
  • A Spider Putter 
  • Stand Bag and Head Covers (Color Options in both)

Pros & Cons of Choosing Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf CLub Set

A set of premium golf clubs designed exclusively for female playersPricing premium
sensitive yet lightweight shafts
Particularly with the irons, pure feel upon impact

As one of the most renowned names in the golfing Industry, there’s no denying the affect and power the brand and its product holds over the players circle. With gender specific clubs and efficient product customization, women can always count on this brand to pull through and deliver the quality as one of the best golf clubs for women beginners.  

5: Callaway Golf Women’s REVA Complete Golf Set 

If you want to know what golf clubs hold their value; The Callaway Strata was on our list of the top starter golf club sets for women, but the Reva is an improvement. Feel is when you see the distinction between the Strata and the Reva. The Callaway Reva golf sets are very consistent and have a great feel. 

The Reva’s one drawback is that there aren’t many 8-piece clubs available. There is another 11-piece set available, but a serious novice or someone with some experience in the game would benefit more from that option.

For female golfers, Reva was created to combine forgiveness, consistency, and distance. The Stroke Lab Putter is my favourite component of the complete set. I commend Callaway for including some of their top technology in a putter designed specifically for female players.

Clubs Included In The Set: 

  • Driver 5 wood 
  • 6 hybrid 
  • 7 iron 
  • 8 iron 
  • SW 
  • Putter 
  • Cart Bag 
  • Headcovers

Pros & Cons of Choosing Callaway Golf Women’s Reva 

Simple to launchThe 8-piece set has some limitations.
Irons with a deep hole for more forgivenessWill ultimately need to include additional clubs
Flexible sand wedge

The show’s main attraction is the driver. On every drive, our amateur golfer produced excellent lift and flight. As you continue on the swing, striking the target is simpler by the sweet spot on the oval face. The 3-wood, 5, and 6-hybrids, all equally powerful and constructed to the same standards as the driver, performed incredibly well when we tested them out as the best golf clubs for women beginners. 

6: Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set – Purple – Right-Handed (Aesthetically Pleasing) 

The Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set is made to provide women the power and flexibility they require in an attractive package. This set has high-quality elements like the simple layout and deep purple colour. 

Various golf clubs with female-specific designs are available in the Complete Golf Set. Both novice and seasoned golfers can use the set because of its versatility. 

The Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set has an elegant cart bag that women will love. The top of the bag has a 14-way divider so you can easily organize all of your clubs. 

There are seven zipped pockets to store tees, balls, and other goods. A towel ring, glove holder, and umbrella pocket are also included in each compartment. A rain hood is supplied to cover your bag and shield your clubs from the elements. 

With the package, four designer headcovers are provided. They safeguard the woods and hybrids and are the ideal complement to the ensemble. 

Clubs Included In the Set

  • 460cc Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 2 Hybrid Irons
  • 6 Stainless Irons
  • Mallet Style Putter

Pros & Cons Of Choosing Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set 

Lightweight graphite shafts are perfect for women.There is no stand in the carry bag.
sizes that are regular, small, and tall
design cart bag and accessories that are practical

This set of clubs was created with women in mind. The golf clubs have better shaft flex thanks to their graphite shafts, and each club’s length has been adjusted to account for the height of women. 

7: Cobra Golf 2021 Women’s Fly XL Complete Set 

One of my favourite women’s starting sets for more athletic women is the Cobra Women’s Fly XL. This is a fantastic choice if you have some clubhead speed and believe a beginner golf set will assist you obtain some more distance and power.

Even those initial slices will be somewhat reduced when using the Cobra titanium driver because of the bigger head’s heel bias. There are 3 fairway woods in this set, which are essential clubs for most female golfers as they learn the sport.

This golf bag has always been a favourite of mine because it is more durable and sturdy. You could be able to use the golf bag for many years to come, even if you eventually upgrade your clubs.

Clubs Included In The Set:

  • Golf bag 
  • Headcovers 
  • Driver 
  • 3, 5, and 7 woods 
  • 5 hybrid 
  • 6-PW, SW 
  • Putter

Pros & Cons Of Choosing Cobra Golf 2021 Women’s FLY Golf Club Set 

Will endure for a long time (even past the early phases)Another hybrid would be excellent
superior force and ball speedWood is challenging to knock off the ground.
includes three fairway woods.

These irons provide a great feel when hitting golf strokes thanks to Cobra’s excellent forgiving and power design work.

I don’t want to sound too scientific, but these irons’ lofts and swing weights differ slightly from most other beginner sets. Higher launch, improved club gapping, and improved lofts for chopping and pitching around the fairway are the results.

8: MacGregor Women’s DCT3000 Ladies Golf Package Set & Golf Club Cart Bag Set (Premium Set) 

Even though MacGregor might not be the most well-known golf equipment brand, you would be negligent if you completely ignored them, especially if you’re looking for a high-end set of beginner’s golf clubs.

MacGregor has made some incredible clubs throughout the years, and today we wanted to highlight one of their golf club sets: the Macgregor DCT3000. You can choose between a stand bag and a cart bag with the Macgregor DCT3000 golf club set, and at just under $400. Even the head covers in this set are matched to the woods.

This set’s driver features a 460CC head. This is the largest group that can participate in a tournament. Since the bigger head offers a broader sweet spot to work with and more distance, 460CC heads are excellent for novices.

Clubs Included In The Set:

  • Driver,  
  • 3 wood, 
  • 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid 
  • Irons 5-PW
  • Putter.

Pros & Cons Of Choosing Macgregor Women’s DCT3000 Club Set As The Best Golf Clubs For Women Beginners

contains two hybridsA #3 hybrid seems unnecessary given that the kit already includes a #3 fairway wood.
Most women find the clubs to be a good length.The wooden weights cannot be changed.
Contains a #5 iron even nowNot the strongest clubs.
Steel or graphite shafts are options.The shot form is relatively shallow thanks to the driver.
extremely affordable pricing
The irons are excellent for beginners.

With a loft of 21 degrees, this stainless-steel #3 fairway wood explodes high into the air and comes to a complete stop exactly where the ball must be.

Even the 5 iron in this set is remarkably forgiving. We appreciate the inclusion of the longer 5 iron in this package. It offers new golfers the opportunity to begin learning the challenging long irons. These irons are gentle enough for beginners and intermediate players because to their perimeter weighting.

9: Tour Edge Moda Silk Womens Model

Although it is not the newest product from Tour Edge, the Moda Silk remains one of my favorites for the look and feel of the set. Tour Edge crammed many modern features into the group that is suitable for casual golfers and those who plan to play for a while.

I’ve always believed that fairway woods and hybrids are preferable for beginning golfers. With this sort of technology in the bag, players will be more likely to smash long drives from the fairway, making the game more enjoyable initially.

The sand wedge and a putter with a high MOI demonstrate Tour Edge’s commitment to helping female golfers improve their short game.

Clubs Included In The Set:

  • Driver 
  • 3 wood, 5 wood 
  • 5 hybrid, 6 hybrid 
  • 7-SW, 
  • Putter

Pros & Cons Of Choosing Tour Edge Moda Silk 

Your 460cc driver has a 15-degree loft offset to assist you hit greater, longer drives.Due to the set’s emphasis on hybrids and fairways, the price is slightly higher.
Large, offset, and low profile fairway woods manufactured of 17-4 stainless steel provide smooth ball flight.
Woods are quite heavy on their soles and have a low centre of gravity.
Well-designed beginner’s set (unisex)
Putter with high MOI

To help you hit higher, more precise shots even on off-center hits, these large irons feature extreme perimeter weighting and a broad undercut cavity that shifts the centre of gravity back and away from the face. 

10: Confidence LADY POWER III Golf Club Set & Stand Bag 

Although the Confidence Lady Power III Complete Set is reasonably priced, it offers much value for female beginners. A driver, a hybrid, a few irons, and a putter are typically required for casual starting golfers.

Using the Confidence Lady Power III Complete Set, you receive precisely that.

The driver has a loft of 12 degrees. This one might take a little longer to get going at first, but you should gain more distance as you get accustomed to it. All it takes is practice, determination, and a strong aid of pushing your limits. 

the name suggests confidence sets the game in motion on the course. So , what better way to make a debut on the green than to hang over the Confidence Lady Power Golf Club Set on your shoulder. 

Clubs Included in the Set:

  • Driver 
  • Hybrid 
  • 6-PW 
  • Putter 
  • Stand bag

Pros & Cons Of Choosing Confidence Lady Power As the Best Golf Clubs for Women Beginners 

You can conveniently access your clubs while playing thanks to the stand feature.A pre-packaged set might not allow for a specific fit, which could have an effect on your performance.
a range of clubs, such as drivers, woods, irons, and a putter, that can be used for varied distances and shots. Beginners or those wishing to update their current set may find this helpful.Stand bag features the lack of additional space for accessories 
Sets frequently have a unified style and colour scheme, 
Great Quality Of Clubs 

Again, I enjoy the hybrid part of this set and wish there were more. The irons have amazing launch angles and are incredibly forgiving. Sadly, the wedges are missing; as only a pitching wedge is included, you might need to add a sand wedge to complete the Confidence Lady Power III Complete Set.

11: WILSON Women’s Complete Golf Club Cart Bag Package Sets – Ultra, Ultra Plus, Luxe

With putter omitted and standard flex lightweight shafts specifically tailored for women, the Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Club Set is made with their needs in mind. It also features soft all-season grips. 

The cart bag has a robust handle top, double-padded shoulder straps, and three spacious compartments lined with fleece. Use a driver with a larger 460cc of forged titanium for straighter ball flights. Design-specific driver head for better launch conditions. Longer, straighter shots with improved head design. The high loft of the driver creates a large sweet spot and a fast swing speed to achieve a greater ball flight. 

The club set includes a very light sand wedge with an effortless launch and wide sole, ensuring better greenside control and better strokes. The Wilson Sports Goods team’s club set is fairly controllable. The bag is lightweight and convenient to take about. This full set is great and useful for golfers of all skill levels.

A golfer can enjoy the best golfing experience with the Complete Golf Club Set, which boasts amazing features. 

The Clubs Included In The Set: 

Includes 9 clubs: 

  • Driver 
  • 3 Wood 
  • 5 Hybrid 
  • 6-PW 
  • Putter

Pros & Cons of Choosing Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set 

Excellent for NewcomersThe golf bag sometimes feels too hefty.
club made of lightweight graphite
excellent bag
High-quality Clubs 

As a novice, you should avoid spending too much on club sets since you are still learning. This club set is reasonably priced for its quality compared to used groups. It is suitable for beginners due to its extreme lightness, ease of carrying on one shoulder, easy swings, and ideal hand fit. This set is perfect for golfers just starting because it costs less, looks fantastic, and is sophisticated.

Why Shopping For Women Golf Clubs Is More Important Than Men’s?

Men’s golf clubs are not made the same way as women’s golf clubs for a variety of reasons:

  • As a rule, our hands are smaller, so we require a thinner grip.
  • Most women’s club shafts are constructed of graphite to make them lighter, increasing our swing speed. 
  • Our clubs can be as much as two inches smaller than theirs because women are often shorter than men. 
  • Due to our slower swing speeds, ladies occasionally need help generating enough force to launch the ball effectively. Our clubs are created with extra loft to help the ball fly higher into the air, which can help it travel farther.

Buyers Guide: What To Consider Before Buying A Golf Club As A Beginner?

Here’s a small guide on buying the best golf clubs for women beginners. Although, it’s relatively easy for men to pick their weapons because they have broader exposure to the sports world. Women on the other hand have it the hard way. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you get all the essential details beforehand. 

Should I Buy A Complete Set Or Individual Clubs As a Beginner?

A starting set is typically much more affordable than attempting to buy each golf club separately to construct a set if cost or budget issues. Having a reliable and striking swing pattern is crucial when a golfer is just starting out in the sport. 

When the golf club set is made particularly to advance seamlessly from club to club, as each of them is in the sets indicated above, these two feats are MUCH simpler performed. 

A player may maintain a feel from shot to shot by purchasing a set of clubs for golf that are made to flow into one another, which is important when trying to build this kind of confidence.

Men & Women Have Different Golf Clubs 

Manufacturers of golf clubs frequently design a set of clubs or a single club with a certain kind of player in mind. For example, women’s golf club sets typically come with a light graphite shaft, lighter-weight heads, and even lighter grips to help with the slightly sluggish swing speeds characteristic of female golfers. To accommodate the often lower frame size, women’s golf clubs are also somewhat shorter than men’s clubs. In addition, women’s sets of clubs typically have higher lofts and bigger sweet spots than men’s to help carry distances and comfort of use.

What Clubs Do You Need As a Women Beginner?

Complete sets for novices increase everyone’s enjoyment of the game during its early stages, regardless of gender. You’re undervaluing yourself if your starter set doesn’t include some form of game-improving irons, an easy-to-launch hybrid or wood, and a big driver. Additionally, using steel shafts rather than lighter-weight graphite shafts or other composites may hamper rather than assist a female starting golfer. You can also take a look at What clubs make a complete golf set.

Sets for beginners, in our opinion, ought to contain but shouldn’t be limited to:

  • An oversized/large driver with a higher loft (10.5–15+)
  • Fairway Wood Rescue and Hybrid (Maybe 1-3 in each set)
  • Game Enhancement Irons (irons that have a large cavity) (2 to 5 sets)
  • (1-3) Wedge(s) per set
  • Putter

Additional Factors 

Forgiveness, a high launch, and compact technology for distance are some fundamental attributes that women golfers require in a new set of clubs. Here’s how to obtain the appropriate beginning women’s golf clubs for your requirements.


Although you might not realize it, hitting the golf ball far is enjoyable. You’ll have a simpler time shooting lesser scores if you can distance your clubs more. Ball speed or smashing factor are typical phrases used to describe distance technology.

The distance technology in a set of golf clubs you evaluate will probably be good if it boasts a high ball speed.


The golf clubs with the largest sweet spots and the highest launches also have the lowest centres of gravity. Therefore, most starting sets for ladies are easy to obtain a lot of forgiveness.

I would seek out items that claim to be lightweight. Additionally, avoid clubs that have a more blade-style or thin appearance. Playing with big clubs at first will probably improve your chances of finishing the round strong and consistently.


Our top beginner golf club sets for women are divided into categories to assist customers looking for affordable, midrange, and high-end options.

The quantity of clubs included, the technology incorporated into the golf clubs, and the materials are the key distinctions between a budget set and a premium set. A more expensive club will have better shafts, some tungsten or titanium in the heads, and a marginally longer lifespan.

The premium sets make sense if every family member plays golf and you intend to join them every weekend. Consider choosing a low-cost alternative if you are new to the sport and have not been exposed to it before to ensure that you enjoy it. You can upgrade in three or four years.

Pay Attention To Fitting 

Club sets have a finite number of suitable configurations. The ideal height for a typical beginner golf club set for women is between 5’4″ and 5’8″. However, some smaller choices are available if you are under 5’4″.

Some female golfers who are closer to 6 feet tall might want to consider a senior beginner’s set. The shaft flex and weight of the old starter sets can occasionally match those of the ladies’ clubs. However, other brands like Wilson frequently offer tall women’s golf club sets.

Golf Bags 

The golf bag and headcovers included with the full set should be considered, even if the clubs in the set are the most crucial components. A stand bag is better than a cart bag if you like to walk. Additionally, search for a golf bag with functional organization and storage.

Final Take Away For the Best Golf Clubs For Women Beginners 

In conclusion, ladies new to golfing must be careful when selecting their golf clubs. To achieve the best performance and comfort on the course, consider variables including club weight, shaft flex, grip size, and clubhead shape.

Our Recomendation: 

We’ve selected a few of the top beginner women’s golf clubs throughout this blog. However, for those looking for a complete set with premium clubs designed especially for ladies, the TaylorMade Kalea and Callaway Strata Complete Golf Sets are also fantastic choices. These sets allow beginners to develop their abilities and have fun with the game by combining forgiveness, distance, and diversity.

Both these clubs have an exceptional popularity and offer increased performance for all players. Nonetheless, they did make our top choice for overall best golf clubs. 

However, suppose you’re looking for something other than the mainstream names. In that case, we recommend giving Believe Ladies Golf Club & GolfGirl FWS3 the chance to shine through and offer the novice ladies the opportunity to get the hang of the game on a more subtle angle. 

Always remember that the best golf clubs for women beginners who are just starting out inspire confidence and offer a relaxing and delightful golfing experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to check out many clubs, consult experts, and locate the one that best suits your unique requirements.


What are the most forgiving golf clubs for women?

What women’s irons are the most forgiving? The Callaway Big Bertha Reva or Callaway Rogue ST Max Lite women’ irons are the most indulgent options. These irons were created with complete forgiveness in mind, thus they are not forgiving by accident.

What is a good golf drive for a woman?

Women golfers with slower swing speeds may hit the ball 125 yards, while those with greater swing speeds may exceed 200 yards. The average lady golfer swings a driver 150 yards on average.

What height golf clubs do ladies use?

Women’s golf clubs are typically 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than men’s clubs of similar length. Women’s clubs, however, may not be appropriate for women who are taller than 5-foot-9 since they tend to be too small.

What’s the difference between women’s and men’s golf clubs?

Men’s golf clubs often feature stronger, more rigid club shafts that flex at faster club head speeds. In contrast, club shafts made specifically for women are typically more flexible or “softer” to optimize club head speed while swinging more slowly.