What golf clubs do I need as a Beginner | Full Guide 2023

Golf is a terrific sport that may offer both mental and physical exercise. It can be confusing for a novice to determine what golf clubs need as a beginner. Numerous clubs are on the market; each created to fulfil a particular function. 

Choosing the appropriate set of clubs can be difficult without the proper instruction. In this blog, we’ll look at the golf clubs new players require and offer advice on picking the best ones. A novice golfer should begin with just seven clubs. 

These include a driver, putter, fairway wood or hybrid, 6-iron, 8-iron, pitching, and sand wedge. They all do distinct tasks that call for various skills, but they are a diverse enough selection of clubs to be excellent for new players.

This article will assist you in understanding the critical golf clubs for beginners and put you on the right track for success on the course, regardless of your experience level.

What Golf Clubs Do I Need As A Beginner 2023

What golf clubs do I need as a Beginner and What are their Numbers

The number of golf clubs you would require as a beginner can differ slightly depending on how you will obtain the clubs. You might choose three significant clubs, a driver, a putter, and a 7 or 8 iron if you intend to rent a few clubs at your neighborhood golf club to determine whether you enjoy the sport.

Each of the three golf clubs serves a different purpose and calls for a different kind of play from the golfer. The putter gets used on the green, the driver is typically used for tee shots, and everyone utilizes the 7 or 8 iron.

You would need these three clubs for your initial golf lessons and shots. Of course, as you continue to practice, you may add more clubs. 

However, getting 7 to 10 clubs is best if you purchase an initial golf set or kit before starting your first lessons. Among the initial seven golf clubs are:

  • Driver
  • Putter
  • 6-iron
  • 8-iron
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Fairway wood/hybrid

A fairway wood, a 7-iron, and a 9-iron are the following three clubs that beginners can add to their bags. A beginner’s choice of golf clubs, both in terms of quantity and kind, will be contingent on the counsel of their teachers.

Getting a complete set of golf clubs before taking up the sport is not advised. You should start with seven to ten different clubs to provide ample flexibility to enjoy a variety of techniques and ease you toward the mark.

How to Get Started On Golf?

Falsely, the majority of people believe that playing golf is expensive. It doesn’t have to, and if you’re wise, you can cut costs while greatly simplifying your entry into the sport. However, the game will annoy you because of its challenging learning curve.

Most driving ranges provide group classes, one of the most excellent learning methods. You will have people to learn with if you join this club, and there is power in numbers. You only need a few clubs for these groups, such as a 7-iron and a wedge, which provide excellent value at a few pounds a session.

What golf clubs do I need as a Beginner & Their Uses 

So now that we are aware of this fact, we can conclude that beginners don’t require a complete set of clubs. The clubs listed below are based on an even-numbered half-set, but odd-numbered half-sets are also available; it is irrelevant what golf clubs do I need as a beginner.

The Driver

Don’t develop the terrible habit of hitting this club while standing still at the range to see how far you can drive the ball. 

You frequently use your driver for tee shots, and finding the fairway is essential. Find a driver who makes you feel confident, who you enjoy the way they appear, and who feels good in your hands. Find the thin piece of grass and swing it gently.

Fairway Woods 

The more adaptable fairway woods give you a club that can be utilized on the tee or the fairway. Swing gently while putting a lot of effort into improving your precision with this club. When you don’t hit your driver well, they can assist you in discovering fairways and getting to the greens from a distance.

Long irons: 3-, 4-, 5-iron

We are now moving into the more difficult clubs. The aim of long irons is more for length than for accuracy. Since they last longer, they are typically tougher to hit, but don’t be discouraged; with time and practice, you will become proficient at beating these. Use these from the fairway or the tee to play it safe.

Mid-irons: 6-, 7-, 8-iron

Beginners should spend almost all of their full-swing practice sessions in the mid-irons. These clubs can also be used for chip and run shots near the green. Due to their small length, these clubs are elementary to hit, and as you practice, you can get more confident in your swing.


Beginners should rehearse their complete swing on the mid-irons virtually exclusively. You can also use these clubs for chipping and running shots close to the green. These clubs are easy to hit because of their short length, and you can improve your swing confidence with practice.


You should make friends with these clubs because they are the most enjoyable to visit. You can use your wedges to hit full shots, pitch from a distance, escape bunkers, and chip from close to the hole. They are your offensive clubs, designed to push you toward the flag and assist you in producing birdies or pars.


The putter, the club that gets used the most, is one that you should become quite comfortable with. “From the hole outwards” is one of the most excellent strategies to learn the game of golf. It implies that you begin by honing your putting skills, then advance to chipping and tee shots. The blade and the mallet putters are the two types of putters you can use to practice your putting.

golf club tips for beginners

What are the Best Beginner Golf Sets for Men, Women, and Kids?

It’s important to know that there are various sets, including available groups for men, women, and children, if you want to get a starting set. Typically, each location has a similar amount of clubs. However, there may be some variations.

Men are the primary audience for the general beginner golf sets, but anyone can use them. The golfer’s height and swing speed are two elements to consider here if you want to determine what golf clubs do I need as a beginner

Women’s starter golf sets differ somewhat from men’s because the clubs might occasionally be shorter and more flexible for a faster swing. These entry-level clubs also frequently have higher lofts, which aids ladies in launching the ball to the necessary altitudes.

What is the Cost of a Beginner Golf Club Set

In general, the price of clubs for golf is an essential factor for individuals looking to start playing. It’s no secret that golf equipment is expensive, so you might not want to spend too much in the beginning.

In general, the price of clubs for golf is an essential factor for individuals looking to start playing. It’s no secret that golf equipment is expensive, so you might not want to spend too much in the beginning.

Later, you might add different golf clubs to your collection. Alternatively, you may visit a club-fitter if you become more serious. A club fitter considers the proper weight and length of the golf clubs for the specific player.

The most important things for a beginner golfer are practicing and taking instructions. Expensive clubs won’t be all that helpful to you at first. However, better clubs start to matter once you take your game seriously or go pro.

Final Verdict 

A beginning golfer typically requires seven to ten clubs to begin with. If you are not serious about it, you can start playing golf with as few as three clubs (a driver, a putter, and an 8-iron).

You can readily use or rent golf clubs at your neighborhood golf club or academy. Another choice for what golf clubs do I need as a beginner is to get a beginner’s golf kit, which concentrates on the clubs new golfers need. A used set with cavity-back irons might also be taken into account.

Additionally, ensure how much does a set of golf clubs weigh before picking out on the course. 


How do you know which golf club to use?

The following clubs are typically used in the next shot range:

  • 230 yards for the driver.
  • 210 yards for a 3-wood.
  • 190 yards with a 2-iron and 4-wood.
  • 180 yards = 3-iron + 5-wood.
  • 140 yards for a 4-iron.
  • 150 yards for a 5-iron.
  • 150 yards with a 6-iron.
  • 140 yards for a 7-iron.

What does P mean on a golf club?

The pitching wedge, often known as PW, is identified by the letter P on golf clubs. Due to its simplicity and adaptability, the pitching wedge has become one of the most favored golf clubs in a player’s bag.

How many clubs do I need as a beginner?

It is advised to carry no more than 14 clubs as a novice. Forming excellent habits when first learning the game is more straightforward and using just a few clubs often is simpler. The other option would be to change clubs between shots.

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