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One of the most crucial items in any golfer’s bag is their clubs. No matter how skilled you are at the game, you will need a golf club to participate. This implies that whenever you wish to play golf somewhere fresh, you must move your golf clubs. Therefore, knowing how much does a set of golf clubs weigh is important. 

A single golf club weighs less than one pound. Several studies show that a professional golf club weighs 0.73 pounds on average. A full set of golf clubs, though, would weigh about 30 pounds (13.6 kilos).

A full set of 14 clubs neatly packed within a golf bag of ordinary size weighs the total amount. Typically, golf bags weigh between three and five pounds. 

Moreover, to learn more about golf clubs and their ideal weight, let’s dive into today’s blog for more detailed information. 

How Much Does A Set Of Golf Clubs Weigh in golf

How much does a set of Golf Clubs Weigh By Average?

You undoubtedly already know that a club set can contain various club types and that every kind of club has a specific weight range. You will learn about the typical weight of every golf club in this section. 

Remember that depending on the manufacturer, the mass of each golf club may differ somewhat from what we offer. However, the number would be similar to what you’ll regularly find there.


Despite being shorter than the drivers, this club is considerably heavier. On average, a 3-wood weighs around 300 grams (0.73 pounds).

The 7-wood, which is heaviest, weighs around 0.77 pounds or 350 grams. 


The typical wedge weighs 0.46 kilograms or 1.03 pounds. Although wedges have a high loft, they belong under the iron. 

The difference between a wedge and an iron is between 45 and 64 degrees on a wedge. They typically weigh more than irons due to the size of the club head.


Several irons than any other golf club will typically be seen in golf bags. What is the iron’s weight? Your 9-iron, which weighs 0.97 pounds (0.43 kilograms), is your heaviest iron. 

The average weight for the lightest 3-iron is 0.88 pounds (0.39 kilograms). Most irons weigh about 0.26 pounds (0.11 kilograms) at the shaft.


Among all the golf clubs, putters are the heaviest. Because it increases accuracy when you come to take a shot, manufacturers put extra weight into putters.

A bigger putter feels smoother and more sophisticated to make a stroke with than a lighter putter. The average putter weighs 0.49 kilos (1.1 pounds). The head weighs 0.75 pounds, the shaft 0.26 pounds, and the grip 0.11 pounds (0.04 kg), respectively.


Although drivers are the most lengthy club in your golf bag, they are not the heaviest. The weight of an average golf driver will be smaller than others even after accounting for its length, as most weigh 0.68 pounds (0.30 kg).

Regardless of the sort of golf club you use, the head is always the part that weighs the most. Drivers weigh 0.40 pounds (0.18 kilograms) on average.

Driver shafts weigh 0.18 pounds (0.08 pounds), and the grip weighs 0.11 pounds (0.04 kilograms).

Golf Bag:

The bag’s weight is necessary for the weight of the golf clubs to be determined. However, there are various varieties of golf bags, and each variety may weigh a little bit differently than the others. These golf bags represent a few of the most well-liked ones. 

  • The most common golf bags available are cart bags, which weigh about 2.3 kg (5 pounds). 
  • Staff bags: It’s no accident that professional golfers primarily use these bags because they appear more competent than others. Given their heavy-duty nature, you can expect them to weigh between 4.5 kg and 9.1 kg (10 and 20 pounds). 
  • These carry bags appear to be more informal. It also is the lightest of the group, as would be expected. When empty, it weighs roughly 1.3 kg (3 pounds).
How Much Does A Set of Golf Clubs Weigh By Average

Why Does the Weight of Golf Clubs Matter?

A club’s weight influences the length of the swing. Several PGA Tour players tee off with heavier clubs and steel shafts to get the most distance on the course. The ball travels farther when you utilize it properly. We emphasize when you employ it properly. Getting the appropriate distance with strong shot control is more important than just the distance itself.

Many golfers will benefit more from a lighter club because it generates more spin, increasing lift. Lighter clubs allow you to hit the ball more consistently, which is advantageous for beginning golfers. Golfers’ preference for lighter golf clubs is one of the prevailing trends in the area.

A smaller club will increase your accuracy, particularly if you have the strength to utilize a larger club to its full potential.

 Golfers should practice their golf swinging position since doing so will enable them to hit the ball farther when using lighter clubs on the course. 

Your swing speed, which in turn affects how far the golf ball flies, will be primarily influenced by the weight of your clubs.

Key Factors That Affect How Much Does A Set Of Golf Clubs Weigh?

If you’re a serious golfer, you’ll be aware that most of the components that go into making a golf club are what give it its weight. 

Here, we’ll look at a few of the key elements that significantly impact how much does a set of golf clubs weigh. Knowing these things would make it easier for you to know what to look for when purchasing a set of golf clubs. 


One of the most used components of a golf club is the shaft. The materials used by various manufacturers to make this component of the golf club vary. The weight of steel-made shafts will be greater than that of graphite-made shafts.

But although though graphite-made clubs are often lower in weight, their price is still higher. Therefore, it would help if you considered the price difference in addition to the weight difference.


Like most equipment, a golf club’s weight is greatly impacted by its height. Simple: Unless there are exceptional circumstances, longer clubs tend to weigh more than shorter ones.

Therefore, when purchasing a golf club, remember that taller clubs will add weight to your bag. Naturally, their value on the court remains. 

Choice of Golf Set

Brand preference is a crucial element that impacts club weight. As previously mentioned, weight can change between brands. After all, several brands use various materials and designs. For instance, if a business produces clubs for elders or beginners, it will make them lighter.

In some instances, brands tend to add weight to their desire to offer more features that simplify playing. Whatever the situation, you’ll discover a brand with the appropriate weight for your requirements.

Before purchasing from a particular company, it is advised to research the typical weight of their products. Never hesitate to contact the brand or your seller if you need clarification. 

Golf Accessories:

This one should be obvious. Adding extra accessories can dramatically change your golf bag’s weight.

For instance, adding extras like umbrellas, water bottles, rain coverings, shoes, clothing, food, etc., increases the weight of your bag. Whenever moving to a faraway court, you may regrettably be forced to bring along some of these things. 

However, when lugging golf bags across the golf course, you may eliminate the extra weight and keep everything small and light. Remember that heavier clubs can impact your game because they are known to make golfers tire out more rapidly than usual.

Number of Golf Clubs In the Set 

You must consider the number of clubs when discussing your set’s total mass. Although you have a bag to carry your golf clubs, you can still keep to a different number of clubs if that’s what you like.

For instance, if you only bring 10 clubs, you’ll have fewer options on the course but will travel more lightheartedly. On the contrary, if you carry a set of 14 clubs, you will have to deal with the extra weight they add.


Each brand’s golf clubs have a different weight. That occurs due to the variations in how each brand designs and produces its clubs. Different people will use materials in different ways. 

The weight of a club can also be affected by additional features. You can ask an organization about the typical weight of the clubs to comprehend the weight before you buy.

How To Know The Right Weight For Your Golf Clubs?

This is a difficult tip because every golfer has a different idea of what feels comfortable. One golfer’s strategy may be ineffective for another. But rookie golfers should search for one because a lighter club gives you greater control over your shots.

You want it to be manageable since it will increase distance, and you will lose precision and control if your golf swing is well-understood. 

Golf is a sport that needs practice to master; even at the highest level of competition, you might not always use the heaviest club. 

Let’s look at a professional example. Tiger Woods and Ricky Fowler reportedly switched to lighter shafts to increase their swing speeds.

This demonstrates that while many PGA professionals choose a heavier golf club, lighter clubs will only sometimes ruin the deal. Each golfer needs to discover what is most effective for them.

how much does a set of golf clubs weigh Conclusion: 

So there you have it, then! A thorough examination of how much does a set of golf clubs weighs. This guide’s instructions should help you pack, ship, or confidently send your club. The concept is straightforward: weigh and measure your clubs before deciding on golf bags. 

Look up the manufacturer’s specifications online if you need clarification on the weight. Most will post this information for all to see. On the contrary hand, you can speak with a knowledgeable club fitter about the options available. 

Due to its ease and generally reduced cost, ordering boxes online is preferred by many golfers.


How much does a full set of golf clubs weigh?

What’s the weight of a set of golf clubs? Once all 14 clubs are packed into a golf bag, the total weight will range from twenty-five to thirty pounds (11.33 to 13.6 kilograms). Fewer clubs are carried by many golfers, which makes the load less.

How heavy is a golf bag with clubs in KG?

It is crucial to consider its entire weight because of this. How much do the clubs and the typical golf bag weigh together? The total weight of the two is 13.6 kilograms (30 pounds), which is the quick solution to this query.

Should golf clubs be heavy?

Lighter clubs typically generate higher spin rates. Furthermore, you could lose distance if the spin rate is too high. Second, a lighter club can be harder to control, which might ruin your chances of making a fluid, rhythmic swing that speeds through the ball.

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