What are left handed golf clubs vs right | Full Guide 2023 

Golf is distinctive in many ways. A golfer can stand on the left or right side of the ball to strike the golf ball. Therefore, golfers need to be aware of what is left handed golf clubs vs right.

A clubhead must be designed to accommodate both right- and left-handed players. In contrast to tennis or croquet, a left-handed golfer must hit the ball with the wrong side of the clubface to swing the club from his usual stance.

If you make any assumptions, you may think that southpaws would prefer to play golf with their left hand, but that isn’t always the case. Controlling eye and eye-to-hand coordination are typically important elements in how a player swings the club.

To play golf well, you must be able to tell a left-handed golf club from a right-handed one and know how to use this knowledge. However, nothing to worry about; this blog will help answer all your queries. So, stick with us till the end, and let’s get started. 

What are Left Handed Golf Clubs vs Right Handed Golf Clubs

What are left handed golf clubs vs right and their differences?

Some of the key differences between left-hand and right-hand golf clubs are: 

Club Head:

Observing the clubface is one of the simplest ways to distinguish a right-handed golf club from a left-handed one. Put the clubface facing you while placing the clubhead of a club for golf on the floor. You carry a right-handed golf club if the hosel is inclined to the right.

A left-handed golf club will also have an angled hosel. In this fashion, a golfer using a right-handed club will strike the ball from the right, while a left-handed club will stand to hit the ball from the left. Keep in mind that everything depends on perception.

Notably, Taylormade has done well in meeting the need for left-handed choices. The heads of the clubs themselves are just mirror images of right-handed clubs.

Callaway does a good job of accommodating left-handed golfers among the most renowned club manufacturers. 

However, it is important to remember that many club manufacturers do not provide a different range of shaft options for lefties than they do for righties. 

The demand is still considerably lower than an assortment of clubs for right-handed people, even if no “left-handed” shaft exists.

What Are Left handed golf clubs vs right; Golf Club Components 

If you enjoy playing golf, you’re familiar with the many types of clubs and the parts that make them up. The right- and left-handed orientation issue does not apply to putters. 

The main reason is that putter shafts are bent and must be might or left-handed.

In contrast, the constructional orientation of all other golf clubs is identical, except the club head. 

No shaft or grip on a golf club (apart from putters) is particularly made to fit a right- or left-handed golf club. Therefore, it is possible to use a left-handed golf club’s shaft and club head without anyone noticing. 

Although left-handed options are available at most golf shops, they could be more constrained. Lefties can get the parts they want and assemble exemplified club fitter or golf pro to receive the proper clubs.

The walls of some of the more well-known fittings shops are covered with a huge range of parts, including clubheads, shafts, and grips. We advise consulting a fitting specialist, especially if you are left-handed, to help you play your best round of golf.

Wrapping It Up! 

Finally, based on the golfer’s dominant hand, what left-handed vs. right-handed clubs depends on various golfers’ needs. Although the basic features of both clubs are the same, some of the elements’ orientation and positioning are changed to better accommodate each golfer. 

Golfers should utilize clubs most appropriate to their dominant hand to perform at their best and prevent damage. The right club can significantly improve a golfer’s performance and ultimately result in a more pleasurable time on the course.


Can A Left Handed Person Use Right-Handed Golf Clubs?

In a word, no. Golf clubs are not interchangeable since a right-handed club is the opposite of a left-handed club. A lefty could only utilize right-handed clubs by turning the toe downward and towards the ground. 

You have undoubtedly witnessed golfers doing this at some point if you follow golf on television. This is necessary only when a player cannot stand on the proper side for their swing.

Do I Need Right Or Left-Handed Golf Clubs?

I usually defer to whatever arm is stronger for this. Having your dominant hand be the last arm in the golf swing makes sense since it aids in squaring the clubface at impact.

Are Left-Handed Or Right-Handed Golf Clubs Worth More?

The SIM2 driver, the model from the prior year, is only available right-handed when I go to the Taylormade website to purchase it. Consequently, the answer to this issue is that they are roughly the same price but not as easily accessible off the shelf.

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