What to take on a Golf Trip in 2023 | Complete list

With the spring seasons approaching in full gear, one can’t help but think of a fantastic getaway that comes with unlimited golfing and mojitos. However, most people need clarification on what to take on a golf trip

To ensure you make the most out of your golfcation (see what we did there ;)), our Top Golf Advisor team has done thorough research to help you list all the essentials you’ll need for the trip. 

Long Spring Weekends are a great way to exert stress and enjoy the sun. Therefore, the essentials in your bag should be determined by your destination choice and, most importantly, the weather. 

For example, knowing what to wear golfing in Ireland is crucial if your trip includes a round of Europe. Likewise, if you plan on spending the spring break on some exotic island, town, or even a village, your packing needs to be diverse. 

Hence, in today’s blog, we’ll discuss all the necessities to ensure you don’t miss anything or get embarrassed because you forgot to pack your golf shoes. 

What to Take On a Golf Trip 2023 

What To Take On A Golf Trip

Golf trips can be a one-of-a-kind experience. Going to a different location to kill and pleasant weather can be a rejuvenating process; for both mind and body. Golfing trips can also help you learn a lot with a diverse introduction to the game through various cultural perspectives. 

How we play golf and how others treat us can sometimes come as a shock. However, equipment remains constant, which brings us to a golfing trip’s first and most important factor; the Essentials. 

Before diving right in, we divided all the factors, so it’s easier for everyone to understand what falls under what category. 


This list includes several necessities, which include all of your golf equipment. It also contains travel conditions, including your wallet, passport, and boarding pass. 

Although everything on this list is considered necessary, you must take something to avoid buying some more miniature goods when you arrive.

  • Golf Clubs 

Make sure you have all the necessary clubs and do some research on the golf course you’ll be playing on. Keep in mind that your bag can hold up to 14 clubs.

  • Tees and Golf Balls

To skip paying the extra price for tourists, we suggest taking your tees and some different golf balls to the course. Make sure to mark them in some way so you know which ones are yours. This way, you can play golf anywhere, even in a backyard. 

  • Golf Travel Bag

This one could be the most crucial, especially if you’re travelling by plane. You require a golf travel bag that can accommodate your golf bag. Ensure that your golf clubs are protected in the travel bag.

  • Gloves

No one wants a nasty blister, especially on holiday. Keeping an extra set of golf gloves can help save the day. Or if not, make sure to buy one after you land because they may seem irrelevant, but it’s worth having them around. 

  • Golf Shoes 

Remember what I said up there? Golf shoes are essential and should get treated as such. You want to avoid ending up wearing formal boots or sneakers on a golf course, do you? Keep a pair of black and white to go neutral with all your outfits. 

  • Sunscreen 

As much as we love golf, we hate getting tanned unevenly. Therefore, having sunblock with you is crucial for what to take on a golf trip. It protects your skin’s surface from harmful sun rays and prevents the chances of skin cancer tenfold. Also, keep an eye out for white casts; you don’t want to look like a clown; take it from someone who’s been there. 

  • Clothes 

It’s almost as important as breathing. Make sure to distinguish your local golf courses from international ones because golfers in different countries love this sport. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that your golf apparel falls under the NGF sets. These can include Polo Shirts, Trousers, belts, golf shoes, hats, and more. 

  • Passport & Driver’s License 

We don’t even want to imagine what would happen if you miss your passport. It’s your national identity and can come in almost all situations as a tourist. Hence, keep it with you at all times. 

  • Cash 

Never enough and always less, it’s vital to keep a stack of cash with you in case of emergencies. 

  • Easy-To-Store Golf Umbrella 

Three times you checked the forecast, and it said it wouldn’t rain each time, so that’s fantastic. But no matter what your forecast app says, the summer weather is always unpredictable. You don’t want to get caught off guard. Choose a robust and portable golf umbrella instead of a bulky one. 

2: The Clothes; For all Seasons 

Only some take trips in the spring; some like to travel in different seasons; therefore, we’ll list down the clothes you need to understand what to take on a golf trip for all weather conditions. 

  • Fall Or Winter 

It can still be fantastic if you schedule an early morning tee time, even though most golf vacations get booked in warmer regions of the country like Florida. 

If you’re concerned that you could get cold at the start of your round, layering your clothing is your best strategy. The benefit of layering your clothing is that you can permanently remove some as the temperature rises. These clothes include; Golf shirts, long trousers, beanies, Rain jackets, 

  • Spring Or Summer 

You generally will only need to bring long sleeves if the season is spring or summer. Lightweight golf attire wicks perspiration off your skin and breathes appropriately is the most crucial choice for hot weather. Any short sleeve golf shirt from Under Armour or Nike is a fantastic option for the warmer months.

You can also keep; Polo Shirts, skirts or shorts, and golf hats. Additionally, all the non-golfers can opt for anything light and airy. 

3: Survival Kit (What To Take On A Golf Trip)

We believe we can only survive with our technology in the modern world. You can discover necessary goods like your charger and cell phone on this list. However, it’s no joke that having a first aid kit with you is a must. 

Mobile phones, chargers, Internet Packages, bandages, painkillers, and thermometers are all necessary for what to take on a golf trip. 

We must include a safety kit for a golf trip because one may never know about the unexpected scenarios one might face. Hence, always having your mobile phone and charger with you is crucial. Moreover, always keep a pack of bandages and painkillers with you to avoid any nasty situation. 

4: Personal Belongings 

Although we don’t have to mention this, some people sometimes need to remember the essential things. Some of these include:

  • Drugs for allergies
  • medication that eases muscle
  • Plasters and plastering products
  • Lip balm, Insect repellent, and other toiletries—make sure to pack travel-sized items when necessary.

Are There Any Specific Golf Playing Destinations?

Specific Golf Playing Destinations

Researching the best golf courses in the world can save you a lot of trouble in deciding what to take on a golf trip. 

There are some of the most beautiful golf courses around the world where a true golfer cannot help but dream about going once in their life. Some of these destinations include: 

  • Plantation Course in Maui, Manele Golf Course in Lanai (Hawaii)
  • Cabot Cliffs in Nova Scotia  
  • TPC Danzante Bay in Loreto, Mexico 
  • Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia 
  • Muirfield in East Lothian, Scotland 
  • Whistling Straits in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 

These are just a few of the golf courses that come to mind when we think about planning a golfing trip. Moreover, some of these destinations are already popular among tourists, such as Hawaii, where you can enjoy the beaches, palm trees, and pleasant weather. 

Moreover, Canada and Mexico have so much to offer, with islands, landscapes, and mountain ranges. On the other hand, we don’t need to mention Europe, as everyone knows it as the hub of all things golf. 

Ending Statement 

As much as we hate goodbyes, It’s time for us to part and for you to start packing what to take on a golf trip. Moreover, this blog helped clear all the details on what necessities are crucial for you. Also, if you still need help figuring out how to pack stuff, we suggest categorising your essentials. 

It can help save space and time and leave room for other products. If you loved this blog, tell us in the comment below. Remember to check out related blogs for more in-depth golf knowledge. 


How do I pack for a golf trip in Scotland?

  • There are a lot of golf balls.
  • Rain gear, gloves, layers, long-sleeve microfiber shirts, and one or more vests are all necessary.
  • In case you encounter a few of these 45 degree windy days, bring one stocking hat.
  • Socks, lots of them, warm and thick, and 2 sets of golf shoes.

Do You Have to Dress Up For Golf?

Although not always the case, a polo is often required at most golf courses. Check the dress code ahead of time to avoid any uncomfortable surprises, such as being reprimanded for wearing jeans.

What Should You Not Forget on a Golf Trip?

If you want to travel in style and be ready for anything, make sure to bring these necessities.

a strong travel bag for your clubs. An adaptable sweater; a reliable pair of sunglasses; a blouse that makes you want to go on vacation; statement-making pants; an umbrella that is simple to store; and a stylish day bag.

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