Where To Donate Used Golf Clubs | 2023 Guide

Here at Top Golf, we love talking about golf clubs. Mainly because of their importance out on the field; however, there’s also so much to uncover with these clubs that we can’t help but keep coming back to the topic. Which in today’s case is; where to donate used golf clubs. 

Millions of people worldwide participate in the popular sport of golf, which has given rise to various golf equipment. Many devoted golfers discover that they have an excess of used clubs they no longer use as they upgrade their equipment. 

There are numerous possibilities to give these clubs to groups that can make good use of them, as opposed to letting them sit around in storage or tossing them in a landfill. 

Moreover, this blog post will examine numerous ways you can donate used golf clubs and how these clubs might help underprivileged people and areas. To find out where to donate your used golf clubs, keep reading.

What Can I Do With Old and Used Golf Clubs?

What Can I Do With Old and Used Golf Clubs

There are various things you may do with old golf clubs which you no longer use or need, including:

  • Give them to a charity or organization
  • Sell them 
  • Trade them in
  • Repurpose or recycle them

Where to Donate Used Golf Clubs? Try A Charity Organisation

You can donate your used golf clubs to many charities and organizations. These groups may use the clubs for fundraising activities or give to people and communities in need.

However, your golf clubs must be in good condition before you offer them up for charities or fundraisers. It primarily represents a good picture of you and how seriously you took the game regardless of how many years have passed since you’ve touched them. 

Secondly, we don’t know who might end up with our used golf clubs after we give them up for charities, So the clubs must maintain their body and performance before going to a new home. 

Why Is it Important to Donate?

Donating a set of used golf clubs can be one of the best decisions you make; because of your contribution, a child in need may start their take on golf early on. 

You are moreover, keeping them on your side wastes time and space when someone else can benefit from it in the long run. Therefore, it’s only natural that you ensure your used clubs can help shape the skills of another potential golfer from an early stage. 

Where to donate Used Golf Clubs?

There are several organizations and charity events where groups and influential personalities collaborate to provide underprivileged kids, teens, and people the opportunity to own extensive sports goods from around the country. 

Moreover, if you’re someone who is on the lookout for authentic charities, we suggest looking into the following: 

  • First Tee collaborates with the 2nd swing club donations, which allows them to get cash value for the golf clubs through this process. The clubs can be either used or new or come from the following brands; Callaway, Cleveland, Adams, Tour Edge, Wilson, PING, PXG, Taylormade, etc. 
  • Tee it up for Troops: This one also partners up with 2nd swing to make donations easier. Moreover, it would help if you shipped your donation to 2nd swing so they can forward it to Tee It Up for the Troops for evaluation. The whole process is straightforward. 

You can also search online for charities and donation centers working near your area. 

Selling Your Used Golf Clubs 

After acknowledging where to donate used golf clubs, it’s time we set foot into another factor of selling your club set. Selling your golf clubs as a set or as individuals is a great way to seek extra cash. Thanks to numerous alternatives, the thought is pretty simple. Here are some of the ways you can sell your clubs. 

What to Know before selling your golf clubs?

  • Highlight all the qualities and drawbacks of your clubs while writing a complete overview. So, the person buying knows what he’s getting for his money’s worth. Moreover, your clubs must be described as close to reality as possible.
  • If you’re thinking of selling a club online, do your homework and check to see if the site is reputable and legit. Online scams are no surprise and can trick you into selling your vintage clubs for lower prices. 
  • Furthermore, remember that buyers don’t like paying for broken grips. So, investing a little to fix the grip before selling can increase your profit. 

What are the reasons for Selling Golf Clubs?

Here are some potential reasons why someone would like to sell their clubs

  • Dealing directly with a buyer can get you more money and negotiation power
  • You don’t have to give up the entire set; clean up some unwanted sticks while keeping your favorites. 
  • You get paid cash, and selling clubs is one of the fastest ways to get easy cash flow. 

Where Can I Sell My Old Golf Clubs?

Even if you have everything down to a tee, not knowing where to start can always be a daunting factor. Therefore, here are some recommendations for online platforms where you can sell used golf clubs. 

1: Craigslist 

Selling golf clubs on craigslist is an ideal way of getting a reasonable price for used equipment that is still in good condition. It also allows you to connect with other golf enthusiasts and build relationships within the golf community. 

Moreover, another benefit of this site is it doesn’t charge any extra commission. Here’s how you can sell almost anything on craigslist

  • Head to Craigslist.com and create a posting 
  • Select the best location for you and then select “for sale by owner.” 
  • Next, add all the essential details, such as price, photos, description, etc
  • Craigslist will send you an email for posting confirmation 
  • After confirming, you’re posting will be live and accessible to thousands of potential buyers. 

Prospective purchasers should be contacted promptly, and any extra information they require should be provided. To make it simpler for potential purchasers to contact you, consider including your phone number or email address in your advertisement.

2: Brick-and-mortar stores 

Physical outlets are a great way of knowing where you’re conducting business. These brick-and-mortar stores have an extensive experience in buying and selling and, therefore, can offer you the best analysis and overview of your product. 

You can also ask them for evaluation before selling online to estimate how much money you can make off them. Or better yet, where to donate used golf clubs, so you don’t get in a hassle. 

Moreover, you can quickly sell them your set and get a reasonable quota for vintage and rarely used golf clubs. 

3: eBay 

One of the most accessible platforms to sell off your used golf clubs. Ebay has substantially grown in popularity over the years and is among the most talked about buying/selling marketplace. Hence, jumping on the platform to sell used golf clubs can do wonders for you. 

Moreover, for those who don’t know, eBay owns PayPal. Therefore, the deposition and transaction of your money are in safe hands. It’s similar to Craigslist, where you must create a product listing with accurate pictures, titles, descriptions, etc. 

An additional factor is you can choose the selling type between Auction (by placing a bid) or the Buy it now option; whatever works best for you. 

Cons of selling on eBay:

Unlike craigslist, eBay takes a massive chunk of your profit while keeping commission fluctuation in check. However, one big drawback is handling the shipping responsibility. 

4: Social Media 

Another excellent alternative for selling online is using your social media platforms. Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are ideal for grabbing your follower’s attention or joining a sports club where you can find thousands of potential buyers. 

All you have to do is upload a post with your golf clubs and write a description with the price and qualities mentioned. Serious buyers can then respond to you via dms or comments and you can decide to who you wish to sell them.

However, be very aware of cunning and scammy people because you can blindly trust people online. Moreover, plenty of ads do rounds regarding golf clubs, shoes, and other essentials, which means the area of interest is significant to explore. 

Additional Options

After running down some crucial points about where to donate used golf clubs, selling, and donations, here are some additional ways to decide what to do with used golf clubs. 

  1. You can offer your used golf clubs to your friends, family, or colleagues 
  2. Turn your used golf clubs into DIY cleaning items and have an easy time sweeping under the furniture
  3. Wrap some rag on the head of the golf club and turn it into a floor-to-ceiling mop 
  4. There are countless crazy ideas to explore with a used golf club; if you’re one with creativity. 
  5. People can also turn them into decorations by learning to hang a golf club on the wall in 10 easy steps. 
  6. Recycle the clubs by turning them into coat hooks by watching a Youtube Tutorial. 

Where to donate used golf clubs; Reuse & Recycle 

Some businesses are experts at recycling and disposing of debris, even broken clubs, to keep them out of landfills.

LoadUP in the US is an example of such a businesses. They will pick up your used clubs and either donate them to a charity of their choice or dispose of them in an environmentally beneficial manner.

Coat Hooks 

You can insert the golf shaft into an inclined hole on a fixed or standing wood block by cutting it a few inches above the ferrule. Doing this saves money for getting a new one and also helps you reuse the golf clubs more usefully. 

Tools Storage 

Use an old bag with dividers to store and keep your garden tools organized. The garden tools will be safer and easier to transport as a result. Even when you are working in the garden, an old stand bag will keep them upright.

Your creativity only limits several uses for used golf clubs and gear. It may be fashioned into artwork, walking sticks, tables, picture frames, bottle openers, and even accessories for your game room.

What are some of the best Online Golf Stores for Donating or Selling Used Golf Clubs?

Online Golf Stores

You can place your trust in a few well-established online merchants when handling your money.

1: Global golf 

Ed Byman founded GlobalGolf in 2001 with the express purpose of serving the used golf club market. It enables you to trade in your clubs.

They have a 14-day Test Before You Buy program in addition to the trade-in option; everything you need to know, along with how your clubs will be assessed, is available on the website.

They operate retail stores in Greensboro, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, in addition to their website. 

2: 2ND Swing 

Two storefronts in the Twin Cities area were the first locations for 2nd swing when it launched online during the Master’s Tournament week of 2007. It later opened locations in Scottsdale, Arizona, Wilmington, Delaware, and Columbia, Maryland.

Their website offers a 30-day warranty and access to almost 50,000 clubs that are available for purchase. It is user-friendly. Even though you cannot directly sell your clubs, they have a trade-in program.

3: SidelineSwap 

Since its launch in 2012, Sidelineswap has facilitated the inexpensive trade of sporting goods.

You must pay something ahead to advertise your clubs on the website; however, a 12% commission of up to $50 will be taken from the final transaction. Moreover, The website is simple to use and accessible through the iOS app store.

4: GolfWRX 

Founded in 2005, GolfWRX offers a comprehensive golfers forum and a golfing community with a trade store and opportunities for member trades. In addition to selling and trading in golf clubs, it routinely analyzes new gear and offers instructional videos.

Do People Buy Used Golf Clubs?

Purchasing used golf clubs is a smart move for most golfers, especially those on a tight budget. However, a used set of higher-end clubs will typically perform better at the same price range than a brand-new set of lower-quality clubs.

Moreover, for anyone looking to sell their clubs, target youngsters who are inexperienced and looking for clubs on a budget. You can guide them on irons, woods, and putters while ensuring you get the desired cash for their quality and performance. 

Furthermore, countless groups and individuals like to collect sporting goods on a budget for their collection. Therefore, if your used golf clubs come from some renowned brand, the seller can rest assured they’ll get a good deal. 

What is a Thrift Shop Donation?

Taking your old golf clubs to your neighborhood thrift store’s donation drop-off is the simplest way to give them. 

In addition to being simple, donating your clubs to a thrift store has the advantage of selling them for a reasonable price, probably to a beginner or someone just getting started in the sport. 

You will often be given a donation receipt at donation drop-off locations. But, there is no guarantee that your clubs will go to a young golfer in need or will be utilized to support junior golf initiatives. 

The contribution choices mentioned above are more suited for you if those are your primary objectives. The benefits and drawbacks of giving your golf clubs

Learn Repair Skills to Renew Used Golf Clubs 

If you enjoy tinkering in golf, you’ve probably wondered how to improve the performance of your clubs by changing the grips, the shaft, the shaft length, or the amount of weight in the head.

The issue is that most golf clubs need to be more pricey to experiment with without worrying about harming them. 

Your old clubs will come in handy in that situation. A fantastic method to advance your golfing interest is to use your old clubs as a learning tool for club manufacturing and maintenance.

Perhaps you want to replace the outdated 2-iron2-iron shaft with a new graphite one or experiment with your clubs’ weight or length. All of this can virtually be done risk-free on those outdated.

Leave them for the Coming Generation. 

Do you wish to introduce golf to a young member of your family? Well, you can purchase them a brand-new set of cutting-edge junior golf clubs. Alternatively, you may adapt the set that gave you such joy to a young golfer.

You have two choices after determining the right club size for their height. The most straightforward and affordable solution is simply re-gripping the clubs after cutting the shaft to the proper length with a saw.

Get junior-specific modern shafts that are the correct length for the player’s height, and reshift the clubs yourself if you want the best potential performance. Doing this means you won’t have to worry about where to donate used golf clubs. 

Where to Donate Used Golf Clubs? Try High School Donations 

Where To Donate Used Golf Clubs

Unlike most well-liked team sports, golf isn’t typically taken up by young students. They are at a terrific age to start the sport in middle and high school, but many high school golf programs cannot provide team members with golf equipment. 

So, only golfers with prior experience or those with the financial resources to make a sizable upfront investment in a sport they are learning can compete.

Donating their used golf clubs to a nearby middle school or high school golf program is a fantastic method to encourage kids to try golf. 

More kids will attempt golf if the organization can eliminate the requirement that each player owns their clubs.

Final Thoughts! 

In conclusion, giving away used golf clubs is a great way to support your neighborhood and grow the game. There are many possibilities available to people because there are so many programs and organizations that accept donations. 

Donating used clubs may help someone else get into golf and find a lifetime passion. Keeping the clubs out of landfills helps the recipient while also promoting sustainability. 

Your contribution, whether made locally or nationally, can profoundly impact someone’s life. So collect those new clubs and consider giving them to a good cause.

Moreover, if you’re stoked about where to donate used golf clubs’ blog, check out some other writings, such as what clubs make a complete golf set, and leave your honest opinions in the comments below. 

Let us know what you think about used golf clubs and whether or not one should donate them or keep them as a souvenir for themselves. 

Until next time, Hasta La Vista, fellow Golfers! 


Is It Worth Buying ten-year-old golf clubs?

But if it has been five years or more since you started playing with the same clubs, you should consider itching. Irons and drivers, in particular, should take note of this. Fairway woods are used less frequently, and putters are more about feel. Thus they don’t require frequent replacement. 

What is the average life of a golf club?

Three to ten years

Depending on how well you maintain your clubs and how many rounds you play each year, a basic set of golf clubs can last anywhere from three to ten years. 

Your clubs will deteriorate considerably more quickly if you play a few times each month than a few times a year.

How often should a golfer get new clubs?

Amateur and occasional players are advised to switch clubs every two to three years. 

Naturally, this implies that recreational golfers should spend time on the course. Technology advancements allow golfers to use new clubs to enhance many different aspects of their game.

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