What Length Golf Clubs Do I Need For My Height | Guide 2023

Knowing the proper golf club length or size is necessary when purchasing a new set of clubs. In such cases, countless people often wonder what length of golf clubs do I need for my height. What length golf clubs for 5’7? This is a frequently asked issue, and the solution is more complex than making a purchase, depending on your height.

The reason it’s such a difficult topic to discuss because you cannot choose a size based on your height. This lengthy, in-depth post is all about how there’s more to it than that.

In general, golf clubs are made to fit a specific size. The only thing left to comprehend is that your legs must be long enough to touch the ground. 

The issue is that golf club sets packaged off-the-shelf, including sets for toddlers, are fitted to standard lengths. But this is challenging because different brands and manufacturers use different measurements for the “standard” size.

Let’s discuss these aspects one by one! 

What Length Golf Clubs Do I Need For My Height in 2023

How Much Is The Golf Club Length For 5’7?

How to determine the golf club length for 5’7 is down below:

1: Measure Your Overall Height 

The process’s first and most fundamental step is measuring your height. However, please remember that more is needed to determine exactly the length of your golf club shaft. The overall height is one of the measurements needed to fit a club properly, but it is only one and must be combined with other measurements that will be covered after this one.

Here is the golf club length table based only on overall height:

Length Based Chart
HeightHeightLength Factor
6-9 to 7-0206 – 213Add 2″
6-6 to 6-9198 – 206Add 1 1/2″
6-3 to 6-6191 – 198Add 1″
6-0 to 6-3183 – 191Add 1/2″
5-9 to 6-0175 – 183Standard Length
5-6 to 5-9168 – 175Subtract 1/2″
5-3 to 5-6160 – 168Subtract 1″
5-0 to 5-3152 – 160Subtract 1 1/2″
4-9 to 5-0145 – 152Subtract 2″

2: Determine Your Wrist-To-Floor Measurement

Now, this measurement method is the one that is most frequently used to determine the correct or precise length of golf clubs. 

It is a more thorough approach. It also explains why two golfers with the same height overall don’t have the same wrist-to-floor distance simply because their legs’ and arms’ lengths differ!

Standing on the ground with your arms freely hanging down next to your torso, take a WTF (wrist-to-floor) measurement. Of course, measure while wearing your trainers or golf shoes.

Measure from the crease of your wrist to the ground. If you want the most exact measurements, have someone else perform this.

The golf club length chart is determined by your height and WTF measurements

HeightHeightWTF HeightHeightWTF
Ft. in.in48.90% Ft. in.in48.90%
4′ 0″48”23.47” 5′ 10″70”34.23”
4′ 2″50”24.45” 6″ 0″72”35.21”
4′ 4″52”25.43” 6′ 2″74”36.19”
4′ 6″54”26.41” 6′ 4″76”37.16”
4′ 8″56”27.38” 6′ 6″78”38.14”
4′ 10″58”28.36” 6′ 8″80”39.12”
5′ 0″60”29.34” 6′ 10″82”40.10”
5′ 2″62”30.32” 7′ 0″84”41.08”
5′ 4″64”31.30” 7′ 2″86”42.05”
5′ 6″66”32.27” 7’ 4”88”43.03”
5′ 8″68”33.25”    

3: Your In-Swing Factors for What Length Golf Clubs do I Need for My Height

The person is measured while standing still and not moving, which is when static fitting measurements like total height and wrist-to-floor are collected. While a “dynamic” fitting means measurements taken while the golfer is making a swing. Thus, when they are striking balls

As a result, during such situations, several factors are taken into account, such as how far a golfer tilts at the waist, stance-related issues, and similar things. 

For instance, excessive waist bending during the golf setup continues through the effect on position, which suggests that this specific player should make up for the error by selecting a shorter shaft length.

Factor For Golf Club Length

what length golf clubs do I need for my height If 5’7?

The typical length of golf clubs ranges between 34 and 35.5 inches based on the standard wrist-to-floor measurement and total height. Although it may seem like it could be more logical to measure golf clubs, it is simple to do with a level surface, a protractor, and a measuring tape.

Static fittings are used to create standard golf club lengths for golfers between 5’7″ and 6’1″. 

What Happens When Golf Clubs Are Too Long?

Most golfers will have the most erratic shots when their clubs are excessively long. With overly-long clubs, you’ll be forced to stand too straight, which can result in heel and toe strokes and a propensity to drag the ball.

The majority use clubs that are too long, which I found to be very fascinating. According to several articles and magazines, 90% of typical golfers can’t use “standard” length clubs because they are too lengthy.

If you observe professional golfers, you’ll notice that many appear to be standing over the ball, have a nice spine-to-ball angle, and occasionally even have small-looking clubs.

However, how often have you observed the typical man striking the driver standing almost entirely erect? They occasionally appear to be waving a tent pole.

The average driver is roughly 45 inches long. Many male and female players utilize shorter clubs while on tour. Ever wondered why?

Below are some small signs that tell you what length golf clubs do i need for my height if they’re too long

  • You approach from a shallow angle and leave a little divot behind.
  • The shooting path is erratic.
  • You often try to block the ball.
  • For a right-handed golfer, most of your shots tend to go left.


Choosing the right size golf clubs is essential for all golfers, regardless of height. If you’re wondering what length golf clubs do i need for my height for people of that height. 

With the help of these clubs, you can swing more easily and naturally, which could improve your performance on the golf course. 

When choosing golf equipment, it’s crucial to consider various aspects, including skill level and swing type, but getting the clubs fitted properly is a fantastic place to start. 

Golfers can put themselves in a position to succeed and enjoy themselves on the course by selecting the proper size golf clubs.


How Not To Measure Golf Club Length?

Leaning a golf club against a wall and measuring it to the sole may seem the simplest way to determine its length, but there are better methods than this one. 

Because the length of the club from head to toe varies from model to model, and occasionally even within the same set of clubs, leaning against the wall could be more effective.

How do you measure club length at home?

If you have a golf club measurement tool, using it for measuring your clubs is the simpler option. If not, measuring your club is as simple as setting it down on some level.

Measure 60 degrees with a protractor from the club sole to the axis of the shaft.

Take a tape measure from the imaginary 60-degree line’s intersection with the shaft’s axis to the tip of the club.

A putter’s length can be determined from the tip of the grip to the sole. Alternately, if your putter is offset, extend the line through the sole and along the axis of the shaft.

How long should golf clubs be for my height?

Considering a height-base chart and wrist-to-floor measurements is the most popular method for determining the right length clubs for your height.

Typically, golfers between 5’7″ and 6’1″ can use standard-length clubs. The clubs must be shortened to fit golfers who are shorter than average properly. In contrast, a golfer’s clubs need to be longer the taller they are.

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