What golf clubs need covers | Full Guide 2023

Golf is fun to play but brings with it a ton of expensive requirements. Especially for golf clubs, the price tends to be slicker than others. Therefore, numerous plates spend their time maintaining the quality and appearance of their clubs. However, knowing what golf clubs need covers beforehand is essential, so you save time on each club. 

Furthermore, there’s nothing worse for a golfer than seeing their precious golf clubs getting exposed or ruined from stains, overuse, or getting banged together with other clubs in the bag. 

Therefore, to ensure you don’t have to keep spending your hard earn money on clubs repeatedly, we will discuss what kind of golf clubs will benefit from covers and which won’t. Additionally, it will save you a lot of time. Hence, read this blog until the end for complete information. 

What Golf Clubs Need Covers 2023

Why Should I Use Golf Covers?

If you’re a newbie at golf, pay extra attention. For any severe golfer, golf club covers are a great purchase because they provide significant advantages. These can be:

  • It is safeguarding the organisations themselves. Quality golf clubs come in full bags that easily cost several thousand dollars. Golf clubs will eventually deteriorate, so there’s no reason to speed up the process! Instead, by spending money on high-quality golf club covers, you can guarantee that your clubs look great and remain durable for many years.
  • Consider this. A golf club with a deformed head or numerous scratches won’t perform well. Still, one that has been meticulously maintained by its proprietor will improve your scores consistently. Golf stick covers are something you’ll use if you want to improve.

Golf stick covers typically cost a few dollars each. However, a complete golf club cover collection generally is available for less than $100. Even better, most brand-new golf clubs include covers compliments of their creators.

What Golf Clubs Need Covers?

Generally. Three clubs need covers more than others; these are respectively: 

  • Fairway Woods. Longer fairway clubs typically have graphite shafts. They become lighter as a result, but they are also more prone to damage, mainly if you store them alongside several heavier irons.
  • Drivers. This is due to a few factors. For instance, your collection’s drivers are typically the most costly. Up to $500, or more can be spent on a good chauffeur. To avoid dents, scrapes, and other surface damage, it is always advisable to safeguard each driver.
  • Putters. Putters are frequently the second most costly piece of equipment after your drivers. It would help to use putter covers as often as feasible because the best putters, such as these face-balanced putters, can cost several hundred dollars.

The golf club covers also prevent the clubs from rattling around while being transported in a vehicle, on the back of a golf cart, or when carrying your bag. They offer security and assist in reducing noise.

What Golf Clubs Need Covers Types

What Materials Are the Golf Covers Made Of?

These club covers have inner rubber or latex linings that reduce friction and guard against scratching or damage to the club heads during transportation.

We advise buying fairway wood club covers with symbols stamped or embroidered on the surface. For example, when you own a 5-wood club, the cover might have the number “5” stamped on top, identifying which club it shields.

Moreover, neoprene, plastic, or fabric are frequently used to create high-quality putter club covers. Finally, to safeguard the metallic components in your putter, they ought to have thick inner padding.

What Clubs Don’t Need Covers At All?

Now that you know what golf clubs need covers, it’s time to focus on the clubs that don’t need covers at all. However, Irons are a common golf club type without covers most of the time.

Heavy metals can be used to create irons. Most golfers, including PGA professionals, utilise clubs with steel shafts, adding to their weight. These clubs are excellent for driving a golf ball down a field, but rust can cause corrosion. 

A club head covers over an iron could cause moisture to build up inside. The head will be far more vulnerable to rust corrosion as a result. Strangely, a head cover could harm an iron more than simply leaving it uncovered!

But you can cover your irons with headgear. The correct coverings can guard against deterioration or physical harm caused by the clubs slamming into one another.

What are the Advantages of Golf Club Covers?

It’s up to individual preference whether or not to use golf club head covers. They can turn away some seldom or seasonal golfers because they are pricey. But, despite the initial overhead expense, using them has more significant benefits. 

They can occasionally be accommodating and help you save money on a new golf club.

What Golf Clubs Need Covers Protection:

The most obvious advantage of using covers is protection. Woods (including hybrids) and putters are the two clubs that receive covers the most frequently.

Because the wood was previously the primary material used for the heads of golf clubs, coverings were traditionally used to protect them. Despite the difference in the subject, today is the same. Putters may additionally be covered, which is less common but still possible.

The clubhead coverings guard against nicks, chips, lousy weather, dings, and general damage. However, if you live somewhere where playing golf is only possible during certain times of the year owing to the weather, covers protect your clubs while in storage from dust, damage, and hungry animals.

If purchasing covers was your only choice, purchasing a brand-new fairway wood would be expensive.


If clubs have covers, it can be effortless to tell them apart when it’s time to hit, and it can be a quick way to find the club you’re searching for.

According to the course, the weather, and occasionally personal taste, some golfers carry many iterations of the same club. Therefore, golf club head covers are an effective technique for them to distinguish between similar clubs.

Easier to Identify 

One bag may be carried much more conveniently when playing with a partner. Or if there is a partnered or couple’s event, one bag can eliminate a lot of hassle.

Also, if your golf clubs are covered, it may be simple to recognise them when it is your turn to swing. Doing this can prevent using the incorrect club, making a mistake, or accidentally breaking someone else’s property.

In either case, having golf club head coverings on hand makes it simple to identify which clubs belong to which golfer. Moreover, what golf clubs need covers according to your preferences expresses a sense of personality. It can either be sleek or stylish, or plain with neutral colours. 

Wrapping It All Up! 

In conclusion, knowing what golf clubs need covers is a necessary accessory for each player who wants to preserve the life of his clubs. Whether a novice or a seasoned pro, investing in high-quality covers will ensure your clubs stay clean and tidy in your golf bag and protect them from dents and scratches. 

Every golfer’s wants and preferences can be accommodated by one of the many available styles and materials. So please don’t put it off any longer; acquire some golf club covers immediately and take to the course with assurance!

Moreover, this blog helped provide you with relevant information and knowledge. Our team at Top Golf Advisor are always on the verge of digging out new and improved golf topics that may interest our readers. Such as, are all golf clubs made in China? Make sure to check it out to learn the truth. 


What is the best way to protect your golf clubs?

There are a few ways to protect and maintain your golf clubs from rusting or breaking, such as:

  • Maintain appropriate club storage.
  • Never store your golf clubs when they are wet.
  • Using a golf towel.
  • Use head coverings in your forests.
  • In between plays, clean the clubheads.
  • Keep in mind to clean the grips.
  • Check the grips frequently for damage and wear.

Do golf club sets come with covers?

Most driver coverings are constructed of neoprene or cloth, and some come with an inner layer of rubber or latex. According to various golf club shops, a driver head cover is reportedly included when buying a new driver. But many styles are readily available off the shelf.

Are golf club covers necessary?

Nonetheless, head coverings are still beneficial for modern metal woods. For example, many wood graphite shafts are prone to damage, which can be avoided by covers with larger necks for the pole. Covers will also lessen club face deterioration, which could impact your shooting.

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